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Fall Porch Decor 2013

Every year I share our fallified (yes, totally a word– look it up) front porch. Here’s 2011 and 2012. And today I’m sharing our fall porch decor 2013, so grab your apple cider slushie, take a seat, and get your scrolling finger ready.

I can’t bring myself to throw away our, now massive, fern (look how small he was back in April when I got him), so he’s staying on the front porch for now, along with our never-going-anywhere-because-it-weighs-300-pounds planter.

fall porch decor

The pumpkins are from Kroger, and all the gourds and mums are from our trip to the orchard last week.

fall decor

I had never seen an all-white gourd like this one so I had to snatch it up.


I did some trickery to make the pumpkin in the back of the planter sit taller than the other pumpkin and mum. In this case, I used an old container that I turned over. I moved the dirt around it in an attempt to conceal it. Pumpkin height trickery, you learned it here first.


The mums finally started to open up this weekend. I love this magenta-ish color.

purple mums

I used a couple of old apple baskets we’ve had for years in the display. I just plopped the mum straight into the larger basket. And I did a little trickery with the smaller basket holding the gourds.

apple baskets

Since I didn’t want to have to put three or four extra gourds in the basket to make it look full, I grabbed an old plastic bowl, turned it over, put it on the bottom of the basket, and piled five gourds on top. Gourd-basket trickery, also learned here first.

fall outdoor decor

I also love the peachy-pink color of this mum.


This year my fall porch decor cost a whopping $25. Not too shabby if you ask me.

Pumpkins: $10… Kroger
Mums: $10… Anderson Orchard in Mooresville, IN
Gourds: $5… Anderson Orchard

Fall Porch Display

Do you decorate your front porch (assuming you have one) for fall?
Do you prefer bumpy or non-bumpy gourds?

Stalk away!

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    1. Isn’t it cool!? I had to have it. That stinks about your pooch tearing up our front porch decor. Hah! She may prefer spring to fall.

  1. Very pretty, Chelsea. I think there’s nothing quite as lovely as pumpkins and mums.

    And your fern is amazingly pretty? How often did you water? Mine are still on our porch, but they are looking a little worse for wear. Poor things got a little parched this summer.

    1. Thanks, Kim! I watered it almost daily during the summer, but that’s mostly because it’s on the westside of our house so it gets a lot of afternoon and evening sun. I almost killed it about a month ago but it bounced back.

  2. Lovely! I will be working on our front porch this week/weekend! I have been putting it off, not wanting to get the pumpkins too early, but I can’t hold out anymore!!

  3. You know what I dig? The little gourds in with the mum. Cute touch.

  4. Looks great! I love the bumpy little white gourds, I used them in our fall decorating too! My full basket trick was to use some fake gourds I found in my fall stash in the bottom of the basket and filled the top with my real ones. I always have to pick up a few of the bumpy pumpkins too when we head out to the pumpkin patch.

  5. I love your fall decor! I happened to be stalking you last week and you inspired me! I had not thought of adding pumpkins and gourds IN my flower pots! I love it. So cute!

  6. I stumbled across your blog over at I Heart Organzing. I love it! The mums are gorgeous. I found a bunch in some really pretty shade at Walmart of all places! I had to read more about you after seeing your IU bottle opener in the drawer from your kitchen gadget post. I am a fellow Hoosier. I graduated in 2001. I now live in Arizona but I really do miss Indiana sometimes! I am your newest follower. 🙂

  7. Do you bring your fern inside during the winter?

    1. No, I always throw them away and buy a new one the following year. They’re $10 or less and last 5-6 months so I think I get my money’s worth out of them.

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