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Christmas Tablescape

Confession: This was last year’s Christmas tablescape. And FYI, my spellcheck is lighting up “tablescape”, indicating that it is not, in fact, a word but I don’t care.
Tablescape, tablescape, tablescape.

Yeah, so I never shared this last year because the holiday season of 2013 was straight up bananas for me. I was working my day job, newly impregnated, super busy with blog stuff, my stepdad was in the hospital undergoing surgeries, and it was the holiday season, which is crazy anyway.

To be honest, if I do find the time to set our dining room table this year, I probably won’t stray too far from this look. I basically did the same thing with the buffet this year. Spoiler alert: you can see it on Instagram (I’m @twotwentyone).

christmas table

You know another thing I never officially shared? My Craigslist dining room table and chairs makeover. If you’re interested in reading about that process let me know in the comments, and I’ll do a post on it.

As you can see, this tablescape is pretty simple, BUT since it doesn’t scream “CHRISTMAS!” I kept it out throughout last winter. Silver, white, and snowflakes FTW.

christmas table 2

In case you’re wondering, I’ll break down the table settings for you.

placemats:  Kohl’s
chargers:  Michael’s
china:  thrift store
napkins:  Sorry, I can’t remember
snowflake napkin rings:  Kirkland’s

winter tablesetting

If you’re looking for a cheap set of china, hit up thrift stores or garage sales. I always see them at both.

I got this specific set on half off Saturday at a thrift store I have refused to frequent since July, 2013. It rhymes with “Foodbill”. You can read more about my abstinence here.

snowflake tablesetting

Guess what? I made the executive decision to put up my white Christmas tree again this year but I added some new ornaments.

Another spoiler alert: you can see the new ornaments on Instagram. See, there are perks of following me on Instagram. Plus, I post adorable photos of Owen.

silver Christmas table

I’ve been sticking this manzanita branch in this vase for a couple years now. Why? Because I think it looks awesome.

vase:  Hobby Lobby
manzanita branch:  Craigslist
snowflake ornaments:  Sorry, I can’t remember

silver and blue centerpiece

There you have it, my Christmas tablescape circa 2013. I hope you can forgive me for not sharing it last year.

In case you’re curious about other things shown in the photos, you can read about the buffet here and the Christmas tree here.

winter table

If you enjoyed this post, check out my other Christmas posts. It’s Friday. I’m sure your boss won’t mind.

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  1. Speaking of following you on Instagram, I was scrolling through and noticed your baby on someone else’s Instagram. It took me a second to realize it said nephew. Turns out I know your brother-in-law. We went to college together! Chris was really good friends with several of my sorority sisters and basically a boy Sigma Kappa. Small world.

    Oh and I think you got those snowflake ornaments at Target because I have some identical to them.

    1. I have to admit, when I first started reading your comment I got all panicky and was thinking “What weirdo is posting pics of MY kid!?” Hah! Just Creepy Uncle Chris. Just kidding, I love Chris. Yeah, what a small world!

      Thanks! I thought that’s where I got them but I didn’t want to say the wrong place.

  2. How beautiful! I love all the soft colors you used. So elegant!

  3. Christina says:

    Beautiful holiday table! I’m very interested in your table and chairs. I picked up a similar set of chairs that have been sitting in the garage waiting for some white paint and pretty fabric. I’d also love to know about refinishing a table top so it’s smooth and durable. Thanks!

  4. I absolutely want to see more about the table & chairs refreshing! Waiting for it!

  5. Chelsea, Just read your links to the info about Foodbill. I feel the same way you do. I also learned last week that the attorney general of MN (my state) sued a corporation that runs thrift shops for the benefit of VVA and Lupus, etc. but the money doesn’t necessarily get to the charity. Apparently, they give the charity the money from clothing sales but sales of “stuff” doesn’t get to the charitable organization. Not sure what to do about stuff I want to donate now.

    Thanks for sharing this info and for the posts of your adorable little guy:)

    1. Isn’t it frustrating? When I donate items I want to be helping those in need– not helping people line their pockets by selling my old sweater for $4.95, which is a ridiculous price for a darn sweater. How is that affordable to those in need? I know you can donate certain items to homeless, women’s, and animal shelters but that takes a little extra work to call around and see what those organizations need. I recently donated a 8 pairs of old dress shoes to Dress for Success, which made me feel good because I knew they would going to someone in need for no charge.

  6. Love the merry and bright colors you choose. It’s always nice to see colors other than red, green and white! Visiting from Creative Corner party.

  7. hahaha… That spell check tablescape thing always gets me too!! 🙂 I frequently do last years holidays for this years posts. It’s still fresh content, just a year old, if that makes sense. (like today I posted about a felt nativity I made for my grandson last year. If I would have posted it last year, his mama might have seen it before Christmas on the blog and then no surprise at Christmas.)
    Your dining room is lovely… such fresh colors.

  8. This is very pretty and I love how bright and lively your pictures are. My spell check hates “tablescape” also!

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