12 Baking Gadgets You Should Own

The other day my best friend called, wanting to know any tricks to making my pumpkin chocolate chip whoopie pies. When I mentioned using a cookie scoop, and she was all “Huh, what’s that?” and I was all, “Uh, it’s pretty much the greatest thing ever, besides Channing Tatum.”

The above conversation led to today’s post topic– 12 baking gadgets you should own, according to yours truly. And just so you know, this isn’t a promotional post– these are things I use religiously when I bake. I’ll even include some of my own photos as proof.

12 Baking Gadgets You Should Own

1. KitchenAid Stand Mixer
It’s basically the smartphone of kitchen appliances– I don’t know what I would do without it, and I don’t remember life without it. Last Christmas I was baking cookies with my mom in her KitchenAid-stand-mixer-less kitchen, and I was moaning in pain from having to mix the dough with my delicate lady hands. I love my mixer because it speeds up the prep process, it saves me from having to exert additional energy, and I can use the mixer for other things, like shredding chicken (omg– life changing).

I love my KitchenAid stand mixer so much it has its own spotlight.

kitchenaid stand mixer

2. KitchenAid Flex Edge Beater
If you’re going to own a KitchenAid stand mixer, you need a Flex Edge Beater. It’s the only attachment I use when making cookies and other doughy concoctions. Oh, and this puppy lasts. I’ve used it relentlessly for over 2 years and it still looks brand new.

easy peach cobblerpeach cobbler

3. Cookie scoop
I don’t know where I’d be without my cookie scoop. A cookie scoop helps keep the size of your cookies (and other scoopable treats) uniform. It keeps your fingers from getting messy, too. It also helps maintain shape which is important for things like whoopie pies.

making trufflesmalbec chocolate truffles

4. Silicone spatulas
I own approximately 200 silicone spatulas (as you can see below). I use them for baking and cooking (mostly when I make scrambled eggs). Also, if I need to whip up a brownie mix I’ll use a silicone spatula versus a spoon because I can easily scrape the sides of the bowl while mixing.

kitchen utensil drawer

5. Cooling racks
I couldn’t function without my cooling racks. I don’t even waste my time with potholders when it comes to baked goods. Cooling racks allow air to circulate around every side of your baking pan/sheet or baked good, allowing the item to cool much faster. When it comes to cookies, I typically allow them to cool (and firm up) on the baking sheet for a few minutes before transferring them directly to the cooling racks.

chocolate chip pumpkin cookiespumpkin chocolate chip cookies

6. AirBake baking sheets and pans
I’ve declared my love of AirBake baking sheets and pans in the past, and I’m still madly in love with them. Without getting all Bill Nye the Science Guy on you, they’re made of two sheets of aluminum with air space in between. “The air reduces the temperature of the metal that comes in contact with the food. This ensures that the food is heated evenly all around.” (I took that directly from the AirBake site because I’m too lazy to paraphrase.)  Basically, these baking sheets make it really difficult for you to burn something. And if you happen to overcook something it won’t necessarily burn, it’ll just be really hard. But I wouldn’t know anything about that because I’m the world’s best amateur baker.

Click here to read about my unexpected baking sheet organizer!

how to organize cookie sheetsYes, I own 8 AirBake baking sheets.

7. lettuce knife
This knife is my go-to brownie cutting knife. It glides through gooey brownies with a breeze! Here’s a knife that’s nearly identical to mine, and it’s half the price.

8. Offset spatula
I’ve been using offset spatulas since I was 10 years old. This dates back to the 4-H cake decorating days. The offset spatula is essential when it comes to icing anything– cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc. Offset spatulas come in various sizes, but I think the 9 inch offset spatula is the best beginner model.

9. Cake decorating kit
You don’t need anything too fancy, but a basic cake decorating kit (like this one) is great to have on hand. They’re perfect for beginners. You could easily decorate a cake or get a little fancy with icing your cupcakes with only a little bit of practice.

10. Quality measuring cups
Having measuring cups and spoons in your kitchen is a given. But if you’re going to spend your money you might as well spend it on quality measuring cups (dry and liquid) and measuring spoons. I love these liquid measuring cups because you can read the measurements from the side and above.

measuring cups lquid

11. Quality measuring spoons
Like above, quality measuring spoons are also a necessity. I love these measuring spoons because the narrow ends are designed to fit most spice containers and the round ends are perfect for liquids. They’re also magnetized, which helps when it comes to storing them.

measuring spoons

12. Quality mixing bowls
I’ve had these OXO Good Grips mixing bowls for years. I’m pretty sure I’ve used and washed the small blue bowl hundreds of times. It’s the perfect size. I love these bowls because of the nonslip bottoms. When I’m forced to mix something by hand I don’t have to worry about the bowl slipping around the countertop. I also love how they have spouts, making it easier to pour batter into a pan without making a huge mess.

mixing bowls

Well, there you have it, the 12 baking gadgets you should own. Obviously there are more baking gadgets you can invest in, but I decided to keep it simple with my most favorite gadgets.

What 3 kitchen gadgets could you not live without?

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  1. Man, now that my wedding is over I’ve been a crazy baker. I’ve made cupcakes twice and a cake once… and the fall cookie possibilities are blowing my mind!

    I do have to confess I’m not one for air bake…. but I’m gonna have to try it out a couple more times before I completely rule it out. We have 1 sheet like that.

    I also need to restock my parchment paper. I always forget!

  2. Love this post. I’ve gotten into baking more recently and NEED a kitchenaid mixer, right? We have a Ninja Kitchen System which unfortunately does everything a kitchenaid would (so far) so my husband isn’t convinced I need one….. I’m a Pampered Chef fan and use the stoneware for everything, but I may try this AirBake thing out!

    1. Pati Gulat says:

      I FINALLY got my dream Kitchen Aid mixer about 2 months ago !! It’s a Red 600 Professional Series with a 6 qt. bowl ! It is the greatest thing since sliced bread !! My mom, sister and daughter got me the pasta attachment this past Christmas. I L..O.V.E. IT !!!!!!!!!!

      1. Patricia Gulat says:

        I got one EXACTLY like yours and I tell everyone it’s my BFF ! LOL !

  3. I also have a love for parchment paper… Love the quick “cleanup”. I definitely need to get more spatulas though!

  4. Great list 🙂 I can’t wait to have a home of my own where I can actually cook and have cool things like this!

  5. Carol from Texas says:

    Not bragging here, but I own everything on this list. Down to the matching KitchenAid Color. Feeling very accomplished this morning – it’s the little things in life.

  6. thanks for sharing!! I added a few of these items to my wedding registry. :o)

  7. I have a lot of the same tools and favorites. Great list for people just building their kitchen!

  8. Love this post! I have a lot of the items mentioned, but I will now have to check out the ones I don’t have yet! I couldn’t live without my kitchen aid mixer. I don’t know how I survived so long without it in my life, but now there’s no going back!!

    Jamie @
    The Growing Up Diaries

  9. My bright red KitchenAid is one of my favorite kitchen tools, and I love a good rubber spatula too. Other favorites that aren’t on your list are mini loaf pans from Sur la Table (small loaves are better for sharing, so I don’t eat the entire batch of banana bread I just made…) and a silicone-coated whisk (so much better than the old all metal ones!) Oh, and my covered baking pans from NordicWare so I can bring my treats to work/parties.

    My hound dog got at the last batch of banana bread that I made (he seemed to think it was delish) but I’m planning to make some oatmeal-raisin cookies and maybe some dog treats while I’m furloughed for the government shutdown. In fact, I have a whole list of things to do:

  10. I could not live without my kitchen aid mixer, measuring cups and rolling pin.

    1. Lol my hubby was the same way. I’ve wanted one since my high school catering class. For Christmas this year, his mom convinced him to go in with her halvsies to get me one!! Then he saw the list of attachments and gadgets at target and was like “Wow. I thought it was just for mixing” haha!

  11. I love this post! I am moving soon and looking to replace a few things in the kitchen. Thanks to this awesome post I will take your advice and buy a few things off your links! Thanks!

  12. I love this post. I really want to get more into baking, these gadgets would help so much.


  13. Shredding chicken in the stand mixer is so life changing and fabulous.

    Ohh I don’t have that edge beater…he needs to go on my Christmas list!

  14. Krista Hansen says:

    I love my kitchen aid. I don’t know what I’d do without it. But it looks like I need a new attachment for Christmas! I’ve had two cookie scoops and they have both gotten ruined. I had a pampered chef one and one from Smith’s but the metal gears wore themselves down and made groves and then the gears started skipping and they don’t work anymore. GRRRR! I love a good cookie scoop but I’m still on the hunt for one that can keep up with me.

    1. I have the one from wilton and believe it or not i have had it years and still works like a charm. I paid $3 at Michael’s for it and I once paid $15 for a cookie scoop and it broke 2 weeks later. I bake everyday.

  15. Tell me more about shredding chicken in the Kitchen Aide. Do I just toss it in and turn it on? Also, what makes the Flex Edge beater so special? I love my Kitchen Aide and if I could make it more functional my love would grow and grow.

  16. Ooo, I’m going to have to get one of those cookie scoops!

  17. Yes, yes, yes! All of these are great. Couldn’t agree more!

  18. I love all these colorful kitchen gadgets I keep seeing! You should love to look at your kitchen stuff especially if you need inspiration to get in the kitchen and make stuff like me!!


  19. I also love my kitchen aide and would love to know about shredding chicken in it

  20. totally, 100% agree on everything! you also enlightened me re: the flex edge beater. Just put that on my bday list – woot!

  21. Wow, you just made my wedding registry list SO much easier!! I’m definitely gonna have to try those baking sheets, I am liking the idea of “burn-proof” cookies 😉

  22. Girl after my own heart… this list could have come DIRECTLY out of my kitchen.

    The only thing I’ll add is this Silicone Blunt End spoon from William-Sonoma http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/ici-silicone-blunt-end-spoon/?pkey=cspoons-ladles&cm_src=spoons-ladles||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_–_-

    Hands down the best utensil I have in my kitchen: it works as a spoon, spatula, totally heat proof, fabulous. I’ve used it to death for 3 years and it still looks brand new. I like to make it a topper on wedding gifts!

  23. Wendy Riddel says:

    Scales, you forgot a good quality set of digital scales.
    I would put this above the cookie scoop.
    Scales give a much more accurate measure than measuring cups or spoons.
    100 grams is a 100 grams every time but a Tablespoon measure can be 15 ml or 20 ml in different parts of the world.
    Still loved reading your baking list.

  24. Good list… I just need to add one more thing. This is what I cannot live without, and is much better than parchment paper… It’s Silpat. A silicone baking mat. Nothing sticks to it, I even use it for caramel corn, and even delicate meringue cookies. It makes my life so much easier. 🙂

  25. I couldn’t live without my Kitchen Aid! Someone bought me one for my wedding (almost 7 years ago) and I still email her all the time to thank her for it! Amazing! Thanks for sharing this great list, Chelsea! Have a wonderful week!

    ~Abby =)

  26. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my bright red KitchenAid stand mixer! I had been wanting one for so long and last Christmas I killed my hand mixer making cheddar cheesestraws. The boyfriend promptly said, “lets go get your KitchenAid” and we went to Target that afternoon for it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE him, too 🙂

  27. I love my Kitchen Aid and I now buy Parchment paper at Costco but I love the King Arthur Flour measuring cups and spoons, normal and odd sized. I am one of those weird people who measure everything, so I even have measuring spoons in 1/8. 1/16 and 1/32 for pinches and dashes. 😉

  28. I cannot bake without my danish dough whisk, parchment paper, air bake pans and a kitchen scale. I know how much everyone loves the Kitchenaid stand mixer but, I like the power of the Bosch.

  29. I share a kitchen and the equipment with my Mum, who has a fabulous Kenwood Patisserie Mixer, but I’ve never used it! I’d hate to drop it getting it down to use it, ‘cos its so big and impressive!
    I generally just use a good old spatula, balloon whisk, or hand-held electric beaters.
    Those along with baking (parchment) paper, electric scales and plenty of Pyrex mixing bowls, measuring cups and jugs are my kitchen essentials.
    I’m glad to hear I’m not the only person with a thing for spatulas though. I thought having a dozen was getting excessive, but if you’re okay about having more then I’m not gonna stop buying those I like when I see them.
    By the way, I came here from Pinterest, and followed through to your Pumpkin Choc-chip Cookie recipe, which I pinned to bake later this Autumn. Thanks for the entertaining blog, I’ll be back to see what you’re doing again…

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  31. Baking really isn’t my thing but I love buying things so maybe my love of shopping can help grow my love of baking. 😉

  32. I got a gorgeous black KitchenAid pro series for Christmas and I’ve been using it like crazy! I didn’t know about the flex paddle, though. I feel like I must have one now! Does it scrape the bowl as it mixes? That would be amazing.

  33. I own everything but the flex paddle. I love love love my raspberry ice kitchen aid. I searched and saved and found just the right price on it and got it and it’s AMAZING!!!! Like you…the fact that it shreds meat has changed my life forever. Really. I use my Silpat liners for rolling things out because I have a conditioned butcher block countertop. And I could never live without a really good rolling pin. I love the yellow one from Wilton so much that it actually is part of my kitchen decor.

  34. Kim Thomas says:

    HI. I was wondering what brand the measuring spoons and measuring cups are. Thank you for sharing. Take care, Kim 🙂

  35. its funny, I own everything on this list, flex paddle, air baking sheets, mixer, everything. Great list and totally agree. However the one thing I cannot live without in my kitchen is my santoku knife. It’s not really a “gadget”, but I cannot work in a kitchen without it.

  36. I love YOUR site. I’m so happy I found it a few months ago. I must say I LOVE my Kitchen Aid and if you spend any time baking it’s a must.
    But I cannot live without my Pampered Chef stones and my Silpat mat. It bakes the most even cookies ever! I, too would like to know where you found the measuring spoons.

    1. Thanks so much! I linked all the products, so if you click on the blue text it will take you right to them on Amazon (where I purchased them). 🙂

  37. My MIL introduced me to AirbBake…life changing! I love my stackable cooling racks (great space saver!) and kitchen scale to weight baking ingredients (I think it’s more accurate than measuring).

  38. I LOVE baking, so I LOVED this post! I’m definitely getting me some of these items! Christmas wish list! Thanks for posting! P.S. Go IU! (Saw your bottle opener in a photo)

  39. i use my microplane grater almost everyday!! Lots of new things for me to try though on this list

  40. I have to say I own a majority of things on this list. Not necessarily these brands (with the baking sheets and the baking rack) but I totally agree! I can’t live without a cookie scoop. I go through them often–I’ve gotten a couple cheap ones given to me–but they’re great for cookies and cupcakes. If you want something that makes it easy to scoop cupcake batter it’s perfect! I have anchor ware nesting bowls…LOVE them. They’re glass so they’re easy to use as a double boiler, easy to microwave, and I like the tiny bowls for cooking…Measuring spices, sauces/marinades…the list goes on and on;)

  41. So I was reading your post and falling in love with all this cool stuff… then I saw your IU gear with your spatulas and I am fully convinced you are 100% awesome! Thanks for your great post and go Hoosiers!! 🙂

  42. This is a very belated response to the original post, but I can skip the plastic mixing bowls and can’t live without my metal mixing bowls as they can also be used as a double boiler and I can melt my butter directly in them over the stove (I don’t own a microwave).

  43. Have all of these items . Would add a good quality glass measuring cup. Also use the Kitchen Aid pasta roller all the time for rolling fondant. A real timesaver.

  44. I haven’t tried airbake pans but love my stoneware for the same reason! Just got my Kitchen Aid for Christmas and while I still own a Bosch I’m finding that I love it! I think you hit on just about everything that I love to have while cooking and baking! In addition to the rubber spatulas, I would have to say that the narrow rubber spatulas are a favorite for me as well! The ones that can fit into jars and get every last drop out. I just broke my last one so I am missing mine! Time to go shopping! Ohhh and not so much for baking but….. I love my cast iron cookware! Great post!

  45. Great list and lots of tips as well. Thanks for such a nice post.

  46. I totally agree with your selections. I have had my Kitchenaid for 15 years and my Airbake pans for decades. Great post. I don’t the flex.edge blade so maybe I need to get one.

  47. Tara Griffin says:

    In my kitchen, I would be flat lost without my pizza cutter! Thanks for all these helpful hints, now I know what to ask for when people want to get me a gift!

  48. I have most of these items but a few questions on how you have your baking pans raises so you have room for the baking mats underneath them??

    Just reno’d my kitchen and that would work great!!

    Also, do you use your mats often or the parchment paper instead?

  49. Dennis D. says:

    I would differ on the OXO measuring cups. I have them in four sizes and the graduation from an overhead view does NOT match that on the side. The one thing a measuring cup should do is measure accurately.

  50. Planning to get a Kitchen Aid after the move, everyone’s responses have me feeling like a 4 year old waiting for Christmas. You know something great is coming, just not the exact day! Electronic things don’t travel well, so I choose to wait for the new house.
    Also cannot live without my Instant Pot. What an amazing invention! I out-cooked the cook in our social group with the Chicken Enchiladas, the recipe on Pinterest is approved! My latest is cooking artichokes now that they’re in season. Water at the bottom, steam tray on top, clean up the chokers, and pressure cook for 20 minutes. They cook evenly and being steamed instead of boiled, what a difference. I also lose two pounds the following morning after I eat them, so yeah I’m a fan big time, this includes unsalted butter!
    Another prize is my Vitamix. They use this at Dairy Queen, and are great for smoothies, chopping up nuts to make nut butters, a Vitamix is tougher than any blender out there. The Vitamix even has a great Mexican soup recipe included, very yummy. I also like the Silpat, use parchment, and prefer my metal bowls, to get a good Meringue the bowl needs to be chilled first. I cook with Le Creuset ware, the Dutch Oven makes food wicked good. My husband became a fan when I got him to start cooking, he calls my kitchen wares tools! In guy-eze, that’s a compliment!

  51. Oh!! I own the OXO Good grips bowls and I have to say.. I love them too!!! They are awesome and stay in place when you are mixing and stirring. They are super easy to clean up as well! My hand mixer is another staple in the kitchen. Couldn’t live without!

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