1. Brittany says

    Congrats!! It seems like everyone is having boys except for us! We’re having a little lady. <3 So excited to see more baby posts!!! Have you started registering yet? We started an amazon registry and when my husband returns from his work trip we'll go to an actual store and register. Eeeps! I'm pumped. I showed him the registry thus far and he was like dang you're on a roll LOL! So many Aden & Anais things o_o…have you felt those? I'm slightly obsessed after reading that they're super awesome and then feeling them in a store lol. Lovely! But yes!! CONGRATS DEAR!

  2. Shantel Hickle says

    Congrats!! That is what I guessed because your symptoms were similar to mine… It does, indeed, seem to be the year of the boy! :)

  3. Natalie says

    That’s so exciting!!! Will you be posting how you put this party together? (or maybe you already have). I would love to do this with our next pregnancy, as it will be our last and I would love to be surprised! THANK YOU for all your wonderful ideas!

  4. says

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! We had 3 boys before we had our daughter! It’s always good to have a boy first…a big brother for any kids that follow! Can’t wait to see vests and bow ties and mustache projects from you!

  5. Michelle says

    Gosh, they didn’t do things like this when my girls, or even when my son was born. Such a fun way to tell family. First one was a surprise, and I found out with the other two. I am not partial to one or the other. I have two daughters and a son. My girls are older, oldest will be 26 soon, and my middle turned 16 over the weekend. I miss the days of dresses and dolls and fixing their hair. I had so much fun with them when they were little. My son, he’s 7, is also a lot of fun. Middle child was a mama’s girl until a few years ago. So, I am enjoying that my sweet boy is a mama’s boy. Lots of legos and Star Wars, dinosaurs and cars. At 7, he has a huge desire to learn and loves history as well. I will say, you do learn a lot of things you never knew before(I know more about dinosaurs than I ever knew before! :) ), or you brush up on things, like Am. History. LOL Congratulations!!!

  6. says

    Congrats!! I should have known it was a boy, since I guessed girl. I am terrible at guessing these things! :) I can already see him in his little IU jersey and candy striped pants.

  7. says

    Congratulations!!!! How exciting! Most if the people I know are having girls, this evens out the score a little 😉
    How fun!!
    I can’t wait to find out what we’re having in a few short weeks!
    My mind says girl and that’s all I can imagine for names, but I can imagine decorating the nursery for either!

    Can’t wait to see what you do!
    xo- k

  8. says

    Yahooooo! So excited for you, and boys are awesome. They’re feisty, dirty, frustrating, exhausting, but those hugs and those kisses are the BEST :-)

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