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Photography: What do you want to know?

One of the things that I love about blogging is being able to use my camera. Before I started blogging I rarely got out my DSLR, and now I’m using it almost every day. I love it.


A handful of people have asked me to do a photography 101 post. And let me say, I’m always unbelievably honored, not to mention flattered, when anyone comes to me for photography advice.
Seriously, it makes my day.

So, what would you like to know about photography, cameras, editing, etc.?

Post your questions in the comment section, and I’ll write a post answering (or attempting to answer) your questions.

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  1. How do I take a shot like the one in this post – blurry background, clear subject?

    What’s a good place to start learning photography – online? Links?

    Camera advice – which ones do you recommend and why?

    I have SO MANY questions – I’ll try to think of some more! 🙂 Thanks for doing this post!

  2. That would be a great post! I’m always looking for new photography tips. I agree with all those questions above! I’m always curious to see people’s set ups too. How and what they do to prepare to take a shot. And what their lighting source is, time of day they find most helpful, etc.

  3. I want to know the first steps you took learning how to use your camera. I’ve had mine for over a year and I haven’t learned much…

  4. Right now I’m in the market for a new camera, so I’m curious to know what features / qualities you think are important and which are less important? I love this idea!

  5. I’d like to know about editing…I have Photoshop, but still haven’t figured out how to give them a warm glow, without making them look blurry. Also, what is a great method for quickly editing through A LOT of pictures?

  6. I would like to know what camera you have, and how you picked it…I really want a DSLR, and almost bought one to replace my busted auto automatic…but then I chickened uta d bought another power shot.
    I need help!

  7. I’ll take your editing tips please.

    I am going to have the husband teach me to use our camera. It’s going to be an adventure!

  8. Which cameras do you recommend? Is the DSLR the best option?

    Any easy editing tips?


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