Halloween Decor

A couple weeks ago I asked Brad to get the Halloween tote down from the attic.
I learned a valuable lesson that day: never put candles in a tote that goes up in the attic,
 especially when it’s not climate controlled and there’s a record setting heat wave that summer.

RIP candy corn-esque candles. I enjoyed you the 2 years I was able to use you.

Yeah, so I’m hoping that I don’t have many more candles that made their way up into the attic…

Moving on… We don’t have a fireplace, therefore we don’t have a mantel. Instead, I use our entryway table as my mantel.

For the past couple years I’ve been going with a glittery purple, black, and silver theme. This year I decided to jazz things up a bit with a purple boa and a black light. Yeah, a black light. Try not to be jealous.

(Honestly, who has ever been to a highlighter party? You know, where you go to a frat in a white t-shirt and there are highlighters galore and everyone writes obscene compliments on everyone else’s shirts– mostly only visible in black light… but mostly not. Anybody? Anybody?)

Sorry it’s not the best photo, but I had to share the magic that is the black light.

Here’s a rundown of my Halloween “mantel” decor.

black light: Walmart
purple pumpkin: Hobby Lobby
boo: Kohl’s
spiders: I want to say Kohl’s
fake tealights: Dollar Tree
purple boa: Hobby Lobby
 big black pumpkin: Target
little black pumpkin: Michael’s
haunted: Target
skull: Dollar Tree
ghost: Hobby Lobby

How are you decorating for Halloween this year?
Feel free to share your highlighter party stories here. We’re all friends.

Check out more entryway table vignettes I’ve put together!

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  1. Wow, you get serious about Halloween decor! I sadly will admit I’ve been to a “highlighter” party (as we called them) or two back in the day. Pretty ridiculous. Even more ridiculous are foam parties ~ where the frats fill their living rooms with foam and you dance in it. Gross. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Both of my kids have blacklights in their rooms as their nightlights. I love your decor. I want you to come decorate my house. 🙂

  3. I am LOVING the purple/black/silver theme! (Maybe because it’s also the colors of my alma mater? 🙂

    It looks fantastic on your entry table (we don’t have a fireplace mantel either…boo).

    Stopping by from the Serenity Now link party. And I’m a new follower!

  4. I haven’t done any decorating this year and probably won’t. I think I have a problem with laziness. Plus, from October through Christmas we’re gone or busy almost every weekend. Ugh. I think in our 5 yrs of marriage we’ve only had a Christmas tree up twice. Yikes. A shame really. I hope to enjoy/get into holiday decorating more when we have kiddos but for now it seems more work than worth.

  5. I am in love with your mantel!!! It came out so good!

    I’m guilty of putting candles in the attic as well. Luckily, I was reminded not to do that before I put the wedding box up there with the candles! I would have cried! So instead I have a big box in my dining room until August 2013 lol

  6. Great decor! I really like the colors.

    I’d love for you to stop by and link up at my Friday Favorites party!

  7. I love it!!! Purple is a great Halloween color!

  8. I don’t have a fireplace either so I use my sofa table(s) for decor. Too bad your candy corn candles got disfigured! They are cute. Great decor. Thanks for sharing!

  9. love your decor!!! The highlighter party sounds similar to some swaps we had at alabama! Ok first off a swap is a theme party with a sorority and fraternity (some people don’t know that word, swap… so I guess it’s a southern thing). Anyways.. it sounds like a combination of two swaps. 1 being the grafitti swap where everyone wears white shirts and writes obscene things but with sharpies. and 2. being the classic “Rave” party. All the girls spray paint white shirts w/ their sorority letters and such w/ neon spray paint and wear glow stick necklaces, bracelets and neon things. ha thought you would like to know all these details 🙂

  10. I love the touch of purple and all the sparkle, my kind of decor 🙂

  11. That happened to my candles too. Mine were those layer candles with black, orange & white. Last year we pulled them down & they were all mixed together, I was bummed! Lesson learned, lol

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