Halloween Finds

Halloween season is in full-swing. Shoot, I was telling a friend the other day I should start posting about Christmas next week because it feels like holiday merchandise is rolling out earlier with each passing year.

But I won’t. I’ll wait until at least November 1st to start with Christmas-related posts.

Today I thought I’d share some fun Halloween finds I’ve spotted.

I’m starting off home decor– wreaths, signs, and pillows. Can you believe that some of these things are only $4-5 each?

Great Halloween decor!

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I’m slightly obsessed with holiday pajamas for Owen. Last year I shared Halloween pajamas, and it was a big hit, and rightfully so. Because who can resist a cutie in jack-o-lantern jammies?

Since it was popular last year, I figured I should do it again this year.

Here are some cute boy pajamas. Owen is the proud wearer of numbers 1 and 2.

Adorable boy Halloween pajamas!

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Even though I don’t have a girl, I couldn’t leave out these cute girl pajamas. I kinda wish they made #2 in my size.

Cute toddler girl Halloween pajamas!

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And let’s not forget about Halloween-themed books.

Owen loves Where Is Baby’s Pumpkin? I’d also like to add that he “reads” it, mimicking our expressions and all, and it’s the most adorable thing ever. If you haven’t yet, check out all the Where Is Baby’s? books.

halloween board books

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Owen is a HUGE Little Blue Truck fan, so I had to buy him this Halloween edition. Wanna guess how many times we’ve read it in the few short weeks that we’ve had it? I’m guessing 60. I also went ahead and ordered the Christmas edition. I almost immediately regretted that when Owen spotted the book and wanted me to read it to him. Let’s just say the book is now hiding in my sock drawer until at least mid-November.

Little Blue Truck's Halloween

 In closing, I posed this question on the two twenty one Facebook page, but I’ll post it here in case you missed it:

Tips for getting my kid to wear a Halloween costume other than showing him pictures of kids wearing costumes and simultaneously feeding him M&Ms in an attempt to condition him?

You see, Owen is sort of particular about what he wears. He doesn’t like things on his head– no hats, sunglasses, etc. I started showing him photos of children dressed as things he likes: trains, cars, trucks, Daniel Tiger. I’d ask him if he would want to wear those things, and he’d say “no” for every costume. I obviously wanted to make his Halloween costume but I don’t want to slave over a costume for him to be all “nope”.

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  1. My kids never liked masks or head pieces, so I resorted to face makeup! They were OK with that and thought it was funny.

  2. My nephew is the same way with costumes, he flat out refuses to wear anything ‘dress up’ related. I think he doesn’t like the attention it brings. Last year, we had his uncle show up wearing the same Hulk costume. It helped convince him to put his Hulk costume on too. It didn’t last long, but at least we got a handful of cute pictures!

  3. My little guy is the same way. He is going as Charlie Brown. Such an easy consume.

  4. I always let my daughter pick her costume. We go to Marshall’s or somewhere we can look at them in person. I have even made her costumes after her picking something she liked in the store. I also let her try it on several times and wear it around the house so she gets used to it and more comfortable with it before a bunch of people will look at her. It also helps to add an element they love. Almost every year she has worn a tutu as part of her costume because she loves them so much. So it’s easier to get her to put on the rest of the costume when she knows a tutu is part of the deal. Maybe if he gets to carry around a ball he loves of some kind or something that goes with the costume…?

  5. My son will be three in December. He didn’t care for his Halloween costumes last year at all! We did a train conductor costume since it was just the overalls and a bandana and a hat. He didn’t keep the hat on, but he was still cute in the overalls! This year I let him pick his costume and he is so excited to be Daniel Tiger! He has been asking to wear it everyday to school. I would just say keep it simple and more like everyday clothes! Here is where I got his train conductor hat last year: https://www.etsy.com/listing/243728542/toddler-boy-outfit-toddler-christmas

  6. My son is 18 months old and loves Star Wars but hates hats and masks. We ordered him a Yoda costume and he started screaming and ripped it off as soon as we put it on him. I left the “hat” portion of it out and he has been putting it on himself from time to time during the day and running to look in the mirror. I am hoping he will warm up to the whole outfit by Halloween. Every time we read a Star Wars book I point at Yoda and ask who is Going to be Yoda. He gets excited and points at himself.

    Thanks for reminding me about the Halloween Little Blue Truck book. I couldn’t find it locally and forgot to order it online. Pretty sure we need the Christmas one too.

  7. My little guy is also in LOVE with the Little Blue Truck! We have the original and the book about his travels to the city. I had no idea that there were Halloween and Christmas editions. I have a feeling that once we get them, we’ll be reading them multiple times a day too. 😉 Cute roundup!

  8. My son last year was really not interested in wearing anything new (he was 22 months at the time). I decided that I would early on get him use to wearing a new black hoodie. I later transformed the hoodie into Toothless from How to Train your Dragon and fortunately my little guy rolled with it. I didn’t put the hood on at first as he was rather grumpy. Once we got outside we talked about how it was chilly and to warm up he should put his hood on. Needless to say he was rather grumpy at first, but once he figured out that he got treats going door to door is frown turned around and it was a great evening.

  9. I went through this last year with my (then) 2 year old… He wanted to be a minion for Halloween but freaked out when we put the costume on him for a trial run. I finally ditched the glasses and hat and managed to distract him enough to get the body part on and then lots of donuts and eventually he forgot about it. I don’t have the strength this year so I bought a football jersey and he’s going to wear that (hopefully). Not for nothing but Halloween costumes are always made of the cheapest, hottest, itchiest, most uncomfortable fabrics so I can’t even blame kids for not wanting to wear them! Good luck!!

  10. Great finds! I especially like looking at the books. I bought my 3-year-old two Halloween books and I can’t wait to give them to her. We are huge readers and fans of books from all seasons over here!

    I would like it if you would share this post at The Crafty Corner link party this week. Hope to see you there 🙂

  11. Fun Halloween ideas! Some of those books are my kid’s favorites!

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