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Chelsea Goes to Ireland (Part Two)

On Friday I told you a little bit about my student teaching experience in Ireland. Today I’m sharing some photos from my trip around Ireland. I got a 2 week spring break (holla!), so the first week of break my mom and step-dad flew over. We rented a car and drove around Ireland, staying in bed and breakfasts for the most part.
We started by heading east to County Mead where we hit up Newgrange, a prehistoric monument built in 3200 BC. This photo is of a little building that sits beside the actual monument. Sorry, I had to start with your typical Irish countryside with sheep photo.
We headed to Northern Ireland, getting lost passing through Belfast on our way to Giant’s Causeway, an area with 40,000 basalt columns. It’s such an amazingly cool place. You’ll definitely love it if you’re a big nerd like me and got an A+ in geology.
chelsea in ireland
One cannot visit Ireland without touring Bushmills whiskey distillery, the oldest licensed distillery in the world. Have I mentioned that my go-to cocktail is whiskey with diet coke?
After getting my drank on, we headed south to County Galway to tour Kylemore Abbey. I love this photo. Doesn’t that guy on the shore look like Bates from Downton Abbey?

We continued to head south, hitting up the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare. It’s a breathtaking sight. If you look close enough you’ll see some wahoos walking a trail on the first cliff. No, thank you. (Sorry about the photo, it was hazy that day.)

After leaving the Cliffs of Moher, we headed back to Limerick, where I was living. I showed my parents around the town. One of the first things I showed them was the beautiful, yet feisty, swans that hung out on the river by where I lived. I would pass them when I would go for jogs on a trail that runs parallel to the river.

I took them to St. Mary’s Cathedral in Limerick. It was built in 1168. The stained glass is beautiful. I actually attended a choir concert there on one of my first nights in Limerick. Coincidentally, the choir was on the plane I took from Chicago to Limerick. They were a university choir group from Texas that was touring Ireland, singing in various churches.

We left Limerick and headed south to Blarney Castle in County Cork so we could kiss the Blarney Stone.

Then we headed to Cobh, the last port of call for the Titanic. We wanted to visit the Cobh museum, but it was closed by the time we got there. Bummer.

We left Cobh and headed back to Limerick for a Medieval Banquet at Bunratty Castle. We ate food with our hands and a dagger, were entertained by people dressed in Medieval garb, and drank unlimited wine. Yes, please. My parents flew back home the following day.

I went on day trips to Dublin and Cork while I was living there. Here’s a photo of Temple Bar, Dublin for your viewing pleasure.

Well that’s it for Ireland, friends. Let me know if you want to see photos from my trips to London, Paris, Venice, and Florence. Maybe I’ll start a “Where in the World is Chelsea?” series.

Have you ever been to Ireland?
If not, is Ireland on your places-to-visit list?
Have you ever eaten food with your hands and a dagger?

If you haven’t eaten with your hands and a dagger then you clearly haven’t been to Medieval Times. My brother was knighted there… while wearing a Krusty the Clown t-shirt. He was like 10 years old, but it would make for a better story if he was 25. (Happy 29th Birthday tomorrow, Sir Ryan!)

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  1. I really had no desire to go to Ireland until I saw these photos. The place looks fantastic!

    I vote yes for Where in the World is Chelsea!

  2. I love the idea of continuing the travel series. We absolutely loved our trip to Ireland but weren’t able to hit up Giant’s Causeway or the Cliffs of Moher. Your pics reminded me how much I NEED to see that in person. Gorgeous shots.

  3. I love this series 🙂
    1. More whiskey, please. But just with water. Thanks.
    2. That’s what is missing at Medieval Times – unlimited wine!!!

  4. WOW- GORGEOUS! I definitely want to visit Ireland some day, and now I know who to ask to get all the good inside info! I absolutely would love to see your recaps from other places in the world! “Where in the World is Chelsea?” series sounds awesome!

  5. Lovely photos! Did you visit the rope bridge while in co. Anterim? If I remember correctly, it’s somewhat near Giant’s Causeway. These photos are making me want to take another trip!

  6. Just beautiful! I hope one day to go there. My husband hasn’t been to Medieval Times and I suggested we go, lol. He was like ‘Isn’t that for kids?’ I still think he should have the experience.

  7. I’m SO jealous of your time in Ireland! Giant’s Causeway looks amazing (I’m into geography) and I’ve always wanted to kiss the Blarney Stone! We went to Medieval Times while on our honeymoon and it was a blast!

    And I also vote yes for a “Where In the World Is Chelsea?” series! I love seeing peoples’ travel pictures.

  8. YES, please please please give us more posts about your travels. I think it’s amazing. I’m partial to Ireland. My mom traced her ancestry there in the mid 1600’s. That explains my red hair, fair skin & freckles. 😉 I can only hope to travel there one day!!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  9. Yes, we want to see all of your travel photos! These are amazing! Makes me want to go to Ireland even more now!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  10. Love the pictures! I went for a week of study abroad during my sophmore year spring break at Purdue in 2005. Go Boilers! 😉 We went to many of the same places you did and were also in Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day. It was a whirlwind time, but I loved every minute of it. I’d love to go back and looking at your pictures make me want to go even more! Guess I better go home and go through my pictures and reminise!

  11. Chelsea, I feel like we are living parallel lives:) I just read through your posts this week and you and I had very similar experiences. I also am an IU alum and student taught abroad! Looks like I went a year after you {in 2008} and I went to New Zealand. Love your pictures-looks like you had a fabulous experience!

  12. When my sister was living in Ireland, my daughter and I went for a visit. She was 5 when we left home and turned 6 in Ireland. On her birthday we were at Bunratty Castle for the feast and they sang Happy Birthday to her along with about 100 Irish folks. That is a birthday she will never forget! One of the things they served was ribs. They were the best I have EVER had. My brother-in-law and I wanted to cry when the took the platters away that still had ribs on them. I love it over there!

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