Anniversary Picnic

A few weeks ago World Market asked me to try out their summer picnic products for their summer getaway challenge. The timing was perfect  because this past weekend Brad and I headed out of town to celebrate our second wedding anniversary, which is tomorrow, but more on that later. We figured a picnic would be perfect because where we stayed has beautiful grounds. So we found an area under some trees near a creek to set up shop.

anniversary picnic

Everything, excluding the cutting board and grapes, was purchased at World Market– even the food and champagne. I love the white and orange picnic blanket, which rolls up, and the insulated picnic basket.– perfect for picnics or taking chilled food to cookouts or tailgates.


I grabbed some non-perishable cheese and salami (perfect for a picnic), crackers, and artichoke spread. I also picked up two plastic champagne flutes, also great for a picnic. And an anniversary picnic isn’t complete with champagne to fill those flutes. If you didn’t know, World Market has a great wine and beer selection. I must have spent 15 minutes trying to decide what to get.

anniversary picnic

Because we all know bugs are an issue at picnics and cookouts, I bought a collapsible food tent, which easily fit in the picnic basket. Seriously, whoever invented these is a genius. I’m going to go back to WM and buy some more.


All in all it was a great picnic, minus the crazy humidity and a few bugs.

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  1. I love World Market, I was just there the other day all their summer stuff is so cool!

  2. I’ve never been to a World Market, our closest one is almost an hour away, but now I totally want to go check it out!

    Looks like an adorable picnic!

  3. My mom just discovered that you have a World Market in Indy. She actually called me while I was at work just to let me know how excited she was to find one (even if she has to drive all the way to Carmel to get there). 🙂

  4. I like that picnic blanket! Makes me want to watch fireworks.

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