DIY Rustic Centerpiece

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A few months ago I created a DIY wedding card box using items from the David Tutera Bridal Collection, so when I was asked to create something from the new David Tutera Casual Elegance collection (available at JoAnn Fabric and other craft stores) I said you betcha.

Brad and I’s very good friends are getting married soon, so I thought I’d make a mock-up rustic centerpiece for our friend’s bridal shower.  She likes the whole rustic chic look so I thought this would be perfect for her.  Now I’m kind of wishing I came up with this for my shower.

DIY rustic centerpiece

I used the following to create the centerpiece:

• cake stand (wedding gift via Macy’s)
• moss table runner (JoAnn Fabric)
• David Tutera Casual Elegance burlap
• David Tutera Casual Elegance lace ribbon
• 1 mason jar
• 3 votives
• 3 tealights
• fresh flowers
• scissors, Sharpie, double sided tape

I began by cutting the moss table runner into a circle, using a paper plate to trace the circle.  Note: I recommend cutting moss outside– it gets messy.

cutting moss

Then, I got to work on the mason jar, votives, and tealights.

David Tutera Collection

  I started by cutting the burlap to size (see my burlap cutting tip here).  Using double sided tape, I secured the burlap to the mason jar and tealights.  I did the same to secure the lace ribbon to the votives and on top of the burlap on the mason jar.


When the moss, mason jar, votives, tealights were ready I arranged them on top of the cake stand.

rustic centerpiece

I used discounted flowers I picked up from the manager’s special section at Kroger (my favorite part of the store).  I bought a giant bouquet for $6.99 (regular $20) and made this bouquet and two others.  Basically it’s the perfect spot to pick up nice flowers for a good price that will last at least 3-5 days.  Hit up the manager’s special section, people.

floral centerpiece

This centerpiece was super fast and easy to put together.  Perfect for a bridal shower, wedding reception, or even a summer dinner party.  You can easily vary the look by using different flowers– baby’s breath, sunflowers, etc.

rustic moss centerpiece

Can you tell these were next to nearly-dead Gerber daisies?


What do you think about the centerpiece?
Are you a rustic chic fan?
Do you shop the manager’s special section?

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two twenty oneThis post brought to you by Blueprint Social.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Stephanie says

    Thanks for linking back to how to cut burlap!! I bought a long bolt of it for part of my wedding centerpieces and I cut a test square a few weeks back and it was super frustrating. Since then the burlap has been sitting in a pile in the dining room where I glance at it anxiously before turning away in disgust. I’m definitely going to try this technique.

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