Holiday Printables

I’m starting to wonder if I’m ever going to finish decorating for Christmas.  It seems to be taking me forever to get all of our decorations up.  Anyone else struggling this year?

Instead of working on Christmas decorations I decided to make some holiday printables yesterday.  My priorities are all kinds of messed up right now.  My Christmas tree may be half-decorated, but hey, there’s printables!

So here you are.  I went with chevron/zig zag pattern because people seemed to like them for Halloween.  I stuck with your “typical” Christmas colors.

Simply click on the name of the printable you’d like to have to download it.  I sized them to be 8×10’s.  Don’t fret, the two twenty one logo won’t show up on your printable.

Let me know if you use these!  I’d love to share what you did in a follow-up post.

I’ll be linking up here!

The chevron/zig zag patterns are from Amy at Sprik Space.


    • chelsea says

      Hi Kellye! Weird, I’ve never had anyone have this problem. Did you download them from the 4shared site? It could have something to do with your printer or computer. Try printing them from another printer or computer.

  1. Mindy says

    I love these printables! I’ve been searching pinterest for weeks, and these are by far my favorites. Thank you for creating and offering them for free! Unfortunately, the links to all of the downloads are not working for me. They each just bring up a white document with a black square in them. Am I doing something wrong, or have you removed the images? I know they’re a couple years old, so that would make sense. If you can still help me download them, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks so much, and Merry Christmastime!!

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