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Toddler Snack Mix

Do you ever have those days where your toddler is absolutely awesome?

That was yesterday for me. It’s like a patient nun who loves Goldfish crackers and coloring took over my 23 month-old’s body for the day.

He rarely whined. He didn’t throw a fit when I didn’t open his applesauce with enough haste. He ate his entire breakfast, lunch, and dinner without protest. And I wasn’t home at the time, but Brad said he requested to go to bed.

My only complaint is that he made me read the same book five times.

Cross your fingers today is a repeat.

While we’re on the topic of toddlers, I’ll go ahead and share a toddler snack mix I came up with for Owen.


Here’s what’s in it:

mini pretzel chips
mini peanut butter sandwich crackers
whole dried blueberries
whole grain Goldfish crackers
white chocolate chips

I don’t really measure. Unless you count a handful of this and a handful of that as measuring.

Toddler Snack Mix!

I keep the snack mix in a storage container to maintain the freshness because heaven forbid you give a toddler a stale cracker.


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  1. Haha, a perfect day with a toddler is a serious gift! Funny how much we appreciate the LACK of tantrums/outbursts/whining/chaos 😉 Love having some easy snack mixes on hand for my little ones too and know they’d love this!

  2. Omgosh, this is such a smart and creative snack mix. Heck, I wouldn’t mind snacking on this with my kids. Lol. Thanks for sharing with us at Merry Monday this week!

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