Instagram Hop


Hello, beautiful friends!  I've teamed up with some other fine lady bloggers this week for a fun Instagram hop.  Been looking to expand your horizons and make new IG friends?  Well here's your chance!  Follow the simple steps below and have fun! ----------   Please read carefully over the rules for the hop! And don't forget to … [Read more...]

I Have A DSLR Camera, Now What?

I have a DSLR camera now what

Congratulations on your new digital SLR camera!  It's such an exciting grownup toy!   But where do you start?  By reading this post, of course.  I've been practicing photography off and on for 15+ years, and while I'm far from a professional, I compiled my biggest tips for what to do once you have your paws on a shiny, new DSLR camera.  But don't … [Read more...]

A Trip to the Orchard

Hey, friends!  Hope you had a marvelous weekend! Brad and I took our annual trip to Anderson Orchard yesterday.  We went earlier this year than when we went last year so we didn't get to see all the pretty fall leaves.  Bummer.  But I was able to stock up on gourds, little pumpkins, apples, and I even snagged a mum.  Tomorrow, I'll show how I … [Read more...]

Introducing: Photo Editing Service by two twenty one

Hey, friends!  Happy Labor Day! I have a special announcement to make today:  I'm starting a photo editing service!  It's something I've been contemplating for a while, and I've finally decided to pull the trigger.  Why photo editing, you ask?  Because I'm a nerd, and I like it.  Don't get me wrong, I love photography, but I love editing photos … [Read more...]

The Importance of Watermarking

OK, so how would you feel if someone took photos from your blog and posted them on their blog or website and claimed that they did the work in the photos and they took the photos?  I don't know about you, but I'd be livid.  Someone else taking credit for my hard work?  Not cool.  Not cool at all. Seriously, I don't know how many times I've heard … [Read more...]

Photography: You Asked, I’m Answering {Part 2}

Time for me to answer the rest of your photography questions!  I hope you found my answers to Part 1 helpful.  If you didn't, I'm sorry, but you can't say that I didn't warn ya! Question #6How do you take a photo with a clear subject and blurry background?That has to do with depth of field and aperture.  A large depth of field means that most of … [Read more...]