Hi, I’m Chelsea!

(pronounced chel-see… you know, like Chelsea Clinton or Chelsea Handler.)

I’m a twenty-something Hoosier, working as an infant & toddler developmental therapist by day and blogger by night.  This little slice of the Internet is where I share my home improvement projects, furniture makeovers, crafts, recipes, and home & seasonal decor ideas.

No, I’m not really naked in my head shot photo to the left.  Or am I?

5 random tidbits about me:

• I’m 5’10″, which is why I may look like a giant standing next to others in photos.
• I’m a sarcastic/humorous person.  That often comes through in my posts.  If you don’t care for sarcastic people or you have a difficult time reading sarcasm you probably won’t care for me or this blog.  You’ve been warned.
• I have naturally curly hair.  Sometimes people will walk up to me and ask to touch it.  If they appear to be trustworthy, I oblige.
• Much of my creativity was developed during my 13 years in 4-H.  My projects of choice were cake decorating, photography, foods, tin punch, recycled articles, and flower arranging.  I get the rest of my creativity from my mom.  (She get it from her mama.)
• I grew up in a small, Mayberry-esque town in Northwest Indiana.  Michiana, represent!

Want to know what I sound like?  You know you do.  Watch my very first (and currently, only) vlog.

That’s my husband, Brad, and I K-I-S-S-I-N-G in some trees.
We met and began dating in 2005 while attending Indiana University. Go Hoosiers!
He was in a fraternity.  I was in a sorority {Phi Mu♥}.
Ours paths crossed because of our “Greekness”, and the rest is history!

photo by anya albonetti


We married on June 25, 2011 after five and a half years together.

You can read about our wedding and see the photos here:

Before the Ceremony
The Details

photo by anya albonetti

 We’re expecting our first baby (currently named “nugget”) in August, 2014!

Pregnancy announcement

 We have a 6 year old puggle mix/mutt named Jack.  We got him from an animal shelter when he was a pup.  He loves his giant tennis ball, chewing on sticks, napping in the sun, long walks in the park, and snuggling with us.  We love him to pieces.

In June, 2009, we bought our first home in Indianapolis.

It’s a 4 bedroom, 2 bath ranch.  We’re attempting to make it a little less cookie cutter and a lot more awesome.  Read about our house by clicking here.

(Please don’t stalk me.  If you do, be warned that we are gun owners.)


  1. I stumbled upon your website thru Pinterest and saw something about Niles Michigan. I too am from Michiana….born and raised! It’s a small world. I currently live in Columbus Ohio…..every once in awhile I get home sick.

    • Hey, Jenny! So glad you found me– I love running into Michiana people. I hear ya on the homesick thing. Every time I go back home I mandate a trip to New Buffalo to get ice cream at Oinks, followed by a walk on the beach.

  2. How fun! I used to have a blog that played off our then-address which was 2222. Close to 2221. Excited to dive into your blog!

  3. Hi Chelsea! I happened to find your blog through Pinterest and LOVE it! Your beautiful photos and entertaining writing make it such a pleasure to read…I have like 10 of your projects on my to do list.

    I also love that you have a dog named Jack…because I too have a dog named Jack :)

  4. Pam Spaur says:

    Hello fellow Hoosier. I am a transplant, originally from Baltimore. I currently reside in Muncie, but have lived in Indy, Fortville, Griffith, and Hammond…all Indiana towns. Love your blog. LOVE your pooch. Too cute. Wishing you much success in the future.

  5. I just found out about your blog due to a guest post you did (and for the life of me can’t remember which – I follow like 100!). Love this about page – I hate the word “panties” too! That and “moisture”. Looking forward to getting know you through the blog as I am now following you too!
    Sarah recently posted..Cooking with London: S’mores CookiesMy Profile

  6. Just found your blog on Pinterest. I am from Elkhart. I love your site!

  7. Love the blog.
    Fort Wayne here ;)

  8. No way! Another Hoosier Phi Mu Blogger?!! Stop on by and check us out – we are class of 2002/2003 (you may remember Em). Love the blog!

  9. Suzanne Cartmill says:

    Recently found you blog and love it. What products do you use on your naturally curly hair? My stuff has changed and I am always searching for good “curl” products!


  10. Hi Chelsea,
    I just started blogging about 2 months ago and I’m so impressed by your posts, design, and stats! I also have an almost 9 month old boy so your day job sounds really interesting. I’ll start following your blog today!
    Lindsay recently posted..Waking up is really hardMy Profile

  11. Just want to assist since you are hopefully read by hundreds…,please check your use of pronouns, i.e., “me, my, I.” In your post regarding your grandmother you mentioned “I’s.” There is no such thing.

  12. Hi Chelsea – it’s Alli Stolper, we were in Phi Mu together! I love following your photos on Instagram and am constantly in awe of them. I am an aspiring blogger myself – do you have any tips or tricks for newbie photographers? What do you shoot with? Hope all is well!

  13. I just stumbled over here from iHeart Organizing, just wanted to say I love your blog, and congrats on getting married and the new house. Will visit often (the blog!) :)

    p.s. The fact that you explained how to say your name leads me to believe that I am not the only Chelsea that has to correct people that say Chel-see-ah!

  14. Hi Chelsea! I’ve been following your blog for a little while now and love it! Really enjoy the projects and the layout as a (brand) newbie blogger myself. I just realized you’re a Hoosier!! ME TOO! Born and raised and was at IU from 2004-2008. Just wanted to say hi!
    Maggie recently posted..DIY Ribbon RosesMy Profile

  15. Wow! Another Hoosier! I just stumbled on your site from Pinterest (packing a suitcase). I love your style and decorating ideas/theme. After browsing around and hitting on your About page, I was thrilled beyond belief that you are in Indy! Me too!! “Southside” (picture it sounding all ganglike)…Ha!!

  16. I love sarcasm! :)

  17. Amy Haywood Monroe says:

    Hi Chelsea, I live in Indianapolis as well. I stumbled onto your blog when I googled “How to make curtains” . I love it. I will be following you…online that is. :)
    Thanks for sharing your sweet home/and ideas with us.

  18. Valarie Johnson says:

    Well…. I was scouring Pinterest for the right DIY dresser to TV stand and here you are! And, I believe it was fated as I am also in Indy (well Greenwood) to be exact;) Anyway… the dresser came today and as soon as I decide on a paint color for the living area, its next on the list! Keep posting I love your ideas! The jute monogram is on my list too;)

  19. wondering if you could post the links of the bloggers you met at Haven. I couldn’t quite catch the names when you were chatting. I loved the vlog and your posts. You totally say so many things I do. It was fun to watch.

  20. MelodyofBeauty says:

    I would like to know what camera do you use? Pictures are perfect, as the whole blog.

  21. Hi Chelsea, I love your blog! I recently found you on Pinterest, as I was searching for sugar cookie recipes. I made your recipe and it was great! After a long hiatus, I just restarted my blog. And as my inaugural post, I made your cookies, with a few tweaks. I shaped them as flowers, but they came out a little funny looking. But they taste great! Thanks so much, keep up the great work!
    Gloria recently posted..Flower Blossom Sugar CookiesMy Profile

  22. I have an interest in flower arranging and cake decorating too! They’re definitely both something I want to try my hand in but I don’t have the time while I’m in architecture school. As you can see I’m big on design. Haha.
    Michelle recently posted..Wise Words…My Profile

  23. Hi, I just came across your blog through Pinterest. I enjoy looking at home blogs and wanted to say that I really like yours so far because of how practical everything looks–some people’s houses are so full of decor that it’s hard for me to get any sort of inspiration! But yours is much more down my alley. :) Speaking of alleys, I also notice you’re from not too far from me. I see you’re from “Michiana” (those of us on the other side of the border don’t use that term… ha! :P) and saw a post mentioning New Buffalo. I live up 94 a little bit more, in a small town a bit past St. Joseph. But anyway, thought that was neat. And maybe it really doesn’t have anything to do with alleys? :)

  24. Hi there,
    Stumbled upon your blog today and I’m glad I did. Nice to know that there is someone else out there that gets what Goodwill is doing in the name of “charity” Thanks for not being afraid to publicly call them out!
    Dee Dee

  25. Lindsay says:

    I stumbled upon your blog on Pinterest and loved it! Started reading your about me and realized we’re from the same state and I was in Phi Mu at IUPUI and IU until I moved back home! I love your remodels and the way you decorate everything on a great budget! Can’t wait to reference your blog when I get my own place!!

  26. I came across your blog today to read your article on DSLR newbie tips and tricks, and then cruised around a bit on the rest of your blog (love all the home inspiration!). I ended up here and see that you are originally from NW Indiana – same here! My husband and I both grew up in Valparaiso :) (Shout out to all the other Hoosiers who commented above!) We recently moved from Indianapolis to Vancouver, WA and since I went from working full time to part time, I decided to start a blog. I’ve always wanted to write about food/home/crafting and my goal is to write a family cookbook – even if they are the only ones who buy it, LOL!

    Anyway, enough rambling – thanks for the great article! Do stop by my blog if you’d like :)
    Lindsey recently posted..Hard Boiled Eggs on ToastMy Profile

  27. Darling website and thought I’d share a possible subject: taking care of naturally curly hair for us curlies.

  28. Mellissa says:

    Just found you on Pinterest, then stalked your blog, FB, etc….I am a Hoosier too (from the region) who moved to South Bend (another Michiana-er) and just moved to Indy! So far, loving your posts-congrats on the baby! I’ve got 4 kids, so welcome to the other side ;)

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