My Very 1st Vlog & Haven Recap (Part Two)

Today is a momentous occasion, friends.  It’s my very first vlog!  

I’m sharing some tidbits about Haven.  Like how to greet other bloggers, how Sherry from Young House Love and I are now best friends and have an inside joke, and how my jewelry served as ice breakers.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy 10 minutes of Chelsea blabbering.

Seriously, YouTube, could you have chosen a worse thumbnail photo of me?

Please note: I get a screechy at 2:20.  You’ve been warned.

Here’s that 
abscess photo I was telling you about.  Pin this image and I’ll kick you in the shin.  Just kidding.  Not really.

Ah, the much better non-abscess photo with Sherry.  I’m sad I didn’t get a non-abscess photo with Katie.

So there you have it, my very first vlog.  I hope we can still be friends.  I made Brad watch it and asked him if I’m like that in real life.  His reply?  “Oh yeah.  Especially the talking-with-your-hands thing, but it’s cute.”  My hand model hands are good for something by golly.

What did you think of the vlog?  (Be nice.)
Is my voice how you would imagine it to sound?
Do you squeal when you meet someone, or do you take the laid back approach?
Would you like to join the Sherry, Katie, and Chelsea wolf pack?
Any other questions? 


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    Okay, you are SO cute. I love vlogs because it’s so much easier to get a sense of the person. I keep saying I’m going to do one, then wimping out because I can’t come up with a good topic/look scary and horrifying in videos. You should do this again!
    Kelly at View Along the Way

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    You did such a great job with your first vlog!! You’re a natural, girl! 😉 Loved hearing all about your adventures with Sherry. Since her & I are practically neighbors (not really…actually about 20 minutes away) I’m still holding out hope of becoming her bestie!! haha

    Can’t wait for Vlog Part 2!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

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    Great vlog! You are so funny! I enjoyed your recap of Haven! I also follow you on IG and I’m from B-town, super jealous of you going to Oliver the other day:)

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    I am so glad I picked you up at the airport and gave you the little squeal pep talk! I’m sure that’s really what caught Sherry and John’s attention! I love your first vlog, love everything about it especially when you say the word “vlog” in a singy kind of way. You rock the vlogging world! I’m headed over to share this with my FB fans 😉

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    Okay, first, just to get this out of the way, Friendship Status: Intact. Second, majorly disappointed over here that you didn’t wear your wedding dress to mark the momentous occasion of your very first vlog, but I appreciated the lace as a consolation gift/outfit. And the necklace is quite awesome, I’m looking forward to learning where you got it from so I can buy it and copy your outfit exactly. Thirdly, your voice doesn’t sound even CLOSE to how I imagined it. Weird, huh? As soon as you started talking, I was thinking, wait, that’s not right. Who dubbed over her voice in this video? WHAT HAVE THEY DONE WITH CHELSEA? I guess I’ll have to come to terms with your real voice not sounding how I’ve been imagining it in my head. It’s a lovely voice. Just not what I’ve been reading your posts like. And I loved what you said about the squealing when you meet bloggers . . . ahahahhahaa :-) When I was at the market for Snap, geez, it was a freaking squealfest. And I wasn’t even really in attendance, just kind of standing around at the market, but OH the squealing. I guess I didn’t know you were supposed to squeal when you met bloggers, either, because I just did the “Hey Oprah” deal and was probably very disappointing. And 500 million points to you for using the word “jubilation” in that video!

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    First things first: you’re adorable! Your vlog was hysterical and the whole time I kept trying to figure out who you reminded me of and it’s Laurie from Cougar Town! I hope that’s not offensive haha I think it’s just your look/style and sarcasm/wit :)

    PS: Totally down to join your wolf pack but only if we can skip the cutting of the hand part 😉

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    Chelsea, So I don’t know if I’ve ever commented on your blog. I found your blog several months ago via pinterest, of course, and now have read all of your posts (Insert psycho stalker music).
    When I watched your vlog I absolutely couldn’t resist commenting! My first lol moment was when you mentioned eye contact. How awkward is it to have to look directly at the camera the whole time?! Your sense of humor shines through in your writing but to hear how dry you are makes you even funnier. I love the thumbnail pic of you! Should totally be your profile pic! I hope you continue to do the occasional vlog BUT you should totally glam it up a bit and wear your wedding dress. That would be awesome.
    Many blessings,Misty

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    I definitely pronounce vlog as “V-LOG” so I think it’s awesome the way you say it. I’m jealous you got to meet Sherry, John, and Katie. I definitely wouldn’t be screechy either. I would probably be super shy. Oh, and your vlog was awesome.

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    I loved your vlog! You don’t sound anything like I thought you would. Getting to see your personality lets me enjoy your blog even more!

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    I like your style, the way you talk, the way your mouth moves from side to side, your wrinkle on your forehead when you move your eyebrows. (Yeah, I am very observant! LOL)
    Anyways, I HATE people who squeal and go all nuts when they meet others, I just think they want the attention on themselves while they squeal real loud so everybody hears, and turns to see them… so be yourself and don’t worry about what everyone else thinks. If you’re like everybody else and squealing and screaming, you’re just like everyone else… not Chelsea. I liked taking part of your survey. And I do love your blog.

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