Entryway Update + Giveaway

Happy Friday, friends!

Remember a while back when I put together the mini gallery wall in our entryway how I mentioned that I wanted to get a small bench for the space?  Well, I found one at Target that I liked and could fit in the space.  I also added some fun pillows and a pretty boxwood wreath to the mix.

Jack agreed to model the space, in exchange for a treat, of course.


And I had to share this photo of him because it’s too funny not to.  On our first attempt he decided to face the coat closet door and whip his head around.

Apparently he wanted you guys to check out the junk in his trunk.


I love the lifelike boxwood wreath from Balsam Hill.  It looks so real I could barely tell whether it was real or fake when I took it out of the box.

I know some people have a thing about buying lifelike greenery, but this one is so lifelike everyone will think it’s real.  And I love that because I won’t have to worry about it fading.  I also like how I can use it year round– adding bows to make it match the seasons or holidays.

balsam hill boxwood wreath

The pillows were Etsy finds.  I wanted an abstract watercolor pillow and a pillow with stripes so that’s what I got.  I didn’t want anything too matchy-matchy.

I love the colors in the watercolor pillow.  And I think the bold navy and white stripes look great next to the watercolor pillow.


Here’s the condensed list of where I got everything:

bench… Target
wreath… Balsam Hill
watercolor pillow… Etsy– Limezinnias Designs
navy and white pillow… Etsy– Castaway Cove Decor
prints and frames… see this post

Now, if I could just get my stuff together and hire a painter to tackle our entryway and great room.

entryway bench

Alright, how about a giveaway?

Balsam Hill is helping me give away a boxwood wreath, like the one I have, and a $100 Etsy gift card to one lucky reader.

You must use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter the giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Amanda says

    I have heard a lot of good things about those boxwoods and it looks great! We’re in the process of buying a new house, and I think this would look great on my new front door!

  2. Christie R. says

    I’d hang the wreath on the door going out to the patio. Kind of a nice entry into what I hope to be is our little oasis. Gosh the $100 Etsy card–there are so many favorite shops on there! I’m sure my hardest decision would be narrowing it down!

  3. Regan says

    I love your whole entryway! I’ve been planning a gallery wall for a while now and this gives me some good inspiration!
    I’d love the wreath for our front door (been shopping around for several months but just can’t commit to one) and could burn through that gift card in a hot minute buying some art I’ve had my eye on for my daughter’s nursery!

  4. Danielle says

    I would use the wreath on the door to my patio – sort of like a picture frame to nature! :) I’ve been dying for some bracelets from an Etsy seller, so I would use the gift card to treat both myself and my mom! Thanks!

  5. Alycia says

    Not to brag, but I’m a tad famous on the floor of my apartment building for changing my front door wreath with the seasons. I have actually seen people taking pictures in front of my door. This would be a perfect spring wreath to add to the collection!

  6. Linda romer says

    I would display my wreath on my front door. I would use gift card for home furnishings.

  7. Mrs. Yancey says

    I would put the wreath on my bright yellow front door- it would look so fabulous! I’m really feeling the throw pillows you showed, so I might use the gift card on some new throw pillows. Though let’s be honest, I’m probably going to spend it on jewelry. #sorrynotsorry

  8. Katelyn says

    My wreath would either go on my mantle above my fireplace ( I have been searching for one) or on my front door because it could really use some dressing up. I would use an etsy gift card towards some wall art as we have absolutely nothing on our walls and it is driving me crazy. Our poor house needs some interior decorating TLC, that’s for sure!

  9. says

    Since my laundry room is the room most people have to go through when visiting our home, I would hang it there to brighten up the place. I would use the etsy card to purchase home decor for my son and his fiancée’s new home they will be setting up soon.
    Thanks for the chance!

  10. says

    Love your entryway! You do such a wonderful job at putting things together. I would hang the wreath in my living room and with the gift card, I would buy clothing patterns and fabric.

  11. says

    I would use the wreath on our yellow door or during Christmas with a bow over our mirror in the dining room. The etsy gift card would most definitely be used on jewelry!

  12. erin says

    I love those pillows! Our entryway is in some serious need of help since we are still trying to spruce the place up after buying our first home last November.

  13. Lynndee says

    Love the boxwood wreath. It is unique! And I love the stripes pillow as well. I love stripes and I love blue. Perfect!

  14. Brenda B. says

    I would hang the wreath probably on my front door, tho I might hang it on my big mirror in my entry way.. The Etsy gift card–wow–I love those pillows.. I might just look into them! Thanks for the chance to win your lovely giveaway! (I love your pictures by the way–cute doggie!)

  15. says

    I have been dying for a boxwood wreath! I have a mirror over our fireplace and I think hanging the boxwood wreath on it would be beautiful! I also have a million things on my Etsy wishlist so that $100 would be spent fast :)

  16. Noel M says

    I might hold the wreath until I have a mirror to hang it on! On ETSY I have some art I have been crushing on for my 5 month-olds room. It’s about time I work on his walls!

  17. Kristen B. says

    I love etsy and would use it toward cute items for my daughter!! The wreath would go on the wall in our kitchen!

  18. Ashley Bee says

    I would use the Etsy gift card to finally purchase some art that I have drooled over forever. I really want to start a gallery wall in my stairwell with meaningful/funny prints! (Love the portrait of your family – what a great Etsy artist! Added to my faves.) As for the boxwood… I am not sure. But I do have a powder bath that is in desperate need of SOMETHING. :)

  19. says

    That wreath is so cute! And I love the idea of hanging it inside! We have a HUGE blank wall above our couch that’s in serious need of a gallery wall….I’d love to use the Etsy gift card to tackle that project!

  20. says

    Beautiful entryway space! I think I’d put the boxwood wreath over the antique window I have hanging in my front room–I think it would be such a great burst of color there!

  21. Kristin Kriegler says

    So cute, perfect for a small space! I would put the wreath on my front door and spend the etsy card on lots of pillows!! :)

  22. Megan says

    Oooh, I’ve been wanting one of those wreath’s! I would probably hang it on my front door. $100 could buy a whole lot of cute things on etsy, I won’t start dreaming until I get the email saying I won. :)

  23. says

    I would put my boxwood wreath on my front door! I need a little pop of color right now. 😉 And my Etsy card would probably go towards some awesome art!

    • Kristen says

      It would hang in front of my large square mirror inside and I’d probably use the etsy gift card to buy some cute jewelry :)

  24. shelley says

    that boxwood wreath is gorgeous, love the addition of the bench as well. Totally pulls it all together!

  25. Brittany Landwer says

    I have been dying to get that bench from Target! SOOO pretty! Love the update! I would totally jazz up our dining room with the beautiful boxwood wreath! I would use the Etsy giftcard for some pretty prints for our kitchen and guest bedroom! They both need some fun lovin :)

  26. Jessie C. says

    I would display in our living room entry. As for Etsy gift card, I would get some pillow cases.

  27. says

    How fun to choose! I would liove to also add to my bed pillows, a cute summer sign and I adore your boxwood wreath. It would be so hard-yet totally fun-to choose!

  28. Cindy Greenleaf says

    I love what you’re doing with your house and love reading your blog. I j wonder how far the door opens with the bench so close to it. Is that a problem? Just curious.

  29. Christeen says

    I would display the wreath in an alcove in the hall. As for the Etsy gift card, I would buy a purse that I have been eyeing for awhile.

  30. Stephanie B. says

    The wreath would go on the main door we use as an entry to our house. It leads in from our breezeway (connecting the garage and house). It’s the door we always use to enter/exit and it needs some love! As for the giftcard…I know part of it would go to an awesome handmade compass-themed ring that I’ve been admiring on Etsy for awhile now!

  31. carol jane says

    I would display the boxwood wreath on my mantel. I would use the Etsy gift card for some pretty art prints.

  32. Teresa says

    The wreath would go on my front door, and I probably would buy something frivolous with the Etsy gift card!

  33. says

    I’m pretty sure in the second picture Jack is saying… “Now? Do I get my treat now, mom? I’m trying so hard to sit still.” Haha! I would display the wreath over a mirror in my own entryway. I wold probably hold on to the Etsy gift card for a while until I found something I couldn’t live without! Maybe a personalized stamp? Not sure! Have a great weekend!

  34. Rebecca says

    The wreath would go…somewhere in the living room we’re frantically renovating before this baby comes (so that our current bedroom/living room combo can be turned into a bedroom/nursery!) Definitely decorations…or adorable baby things from Etsy!

  35. Amber MacNeil says

    I’d put the wreath on the outside of my front door senses protected from the elements. Then I can decorate it for the seasons!!
    As for the gift card, I have to carefully comb through my wish list to decide what spent on. LOL :-)

  36. Jody says

    The bench looks so perfect there! Love the wreath for the entry and could use some accent pillows to spruce up our deck which is about to get some TLC in the way of staining and new (to us) furniture.

  37. says

    I think the wreath would look great over a mirror in my entryway, and as for the Etsy giftcard.. I have a LONG list of “favorites” on there but I think towards some art and some bath bombs.

  38. lindsay m says

    loving that bench! and you’re right, that wreath is perfect to dress up or dress down for any and all holidays!

  39. Sue says

    I love the boxwood wreath. It would go on my front door.
    Okay, where to start with the etsy money? The possibilities are endless.

  40. Kay Shive says

    I would use the balsam wreath in my bathroom. I’ve been looking for something lovely to hang over the silver clothes hanger on the back of the door. The Etsy gift certificate wouldn’t even have a chance to burn a hole in my pocket as I’d have it spent in a nana-second.

  41. Denise says

    Great mini makeover! I would use the balsam wreath on my front door, I think, and oh, there are so many great pillows on Etsy, I’d use the gift certificate for that. Great inspiration.

  42. Safire Waldron says

    I would definitely use the wreath inside our front door to change up with the seasons. The gift card will be used to buy all the fun, unique items I see on Etsy that scream to be given to a certain person in my life!

  43. Jen says

    Love that boxwood wreath! I’d probably put it on my door just like you did…love how it won’t need to be replaced! And as for Esty, I’ll use the gift card to purchase some fabric. Gotta feed my sewing addiction!

  44. Sarah Sandiford says

    I would hang the wreath in my living room, & use the gift card for some new pillows for my couch.

  45. Lauren K says

    Wreath on the front door (naturally)! Gift card would probably be used on new pillow covers… or artwork… or cookie cutters… Etsy is so dangerous.

  46. Phyllicia Faieta says

    I would hang the boxwood wreath on the old window that’s hanging on the wall in my entryway! And if I had that much to spend on etsy, I’d probably buy a canvas print of my home state… I have been wanting that print for months now 😉

  47. holly says

    i would hang the boxwood wreath in my entry or possibly main guest powder room. I love the way you can dress it up for any season too! I would use the etsy gift card for a pillow for my new chair in our master bedroom, and for fun party things for my daughter’s upcoming birthday!

  48. Sarah says

    Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway! I would hang the boxwood wreath on my front door. There are so many great choices on Etsy but I have been craving some new bracelets, so I think I would spend the gift card on that!

  49. Amie says

    The wreath would go on the front door, and the etsy gc would go towards decorating my baby’s room.

  50. Gina M says

    I would love to display it in my foyer! I would spend the gift card on custom throw pillows for my living room!

    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  51. says

    I have beenlooking for a great looking faux Boxwood anything for a while. This wreath is perfect and you’re absolutely right! You can use it year-round. LOVE! I hope I win!

  52. Bredd says

    I would display the wreath on my mirror in the entry hall. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  53. Rachel says

    Love the bench and the pillow setup! I wish I had the decorative eye like you do. My house doesnt look as “magazine worthy”. Haha. Id just be worried about having to move that bench constantly to open the closet door, but maybe it is just the way the picture is that makes them look close.

  54. Danielle K says

    I love how you have the wreath on the inside of your door. Might have to copy that :) And the Etsy gift card would be great for some birthday gifts!

  55. Elizabeth says

    I would love this! I am searching for a wreath for the closet door in our living room. This would be adorable and I would add ribbon! I would love to purchase some pillow covers and curtains on Etsy.

  56. Teresa S says

    The boxwood would look great on my front door. There is some jewelry on Etsy that I have been wanting to get.

  57. Staci says

    My entry table has a spot above it that I’ve been trying to find a wreath for. This would be perfect for it!!!

  58. says

    I have the same bench and love it! I would use the wreath ony front door and use the Etsy card to but throw pillows! I have a pillow addiction…

  59. Shatzi says

    The wreath would make its home on our front door and the Etsy gift I would spend on some personalized jewelry.

  60. Kendra says

    My entry way also needs a little touching up. I’d love the Etsy giftcard to get my daughter some new accessories for her “big girl room”. Thanks for the giveaway!

  61. Erin P says

    The wreath would go in my entryway as well. I love boxwood! I would more than likely get pillow or pillow covers but it’s hard to say… its easy to get distracted when shopping on Etsy! :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  62. Liz says

    I would put the wreath on our front door. I would spend the Etsy gift card on cute baby stuff I have been checking out. We’re expecting out first in 8 weeks!

  63. Amy h says

    I would hang the wreath in my living room and buy accessories from etsy to update my mantel bookshelves. Thanks!

  64. Vicki Austad says

    Thanks for offering such a nice giveaway! I’d hang the beautiful wreath on the entry door of our apartment. It’s so classy and welcoming, plus I’d enjoy embellishing it occasionally for holidays. The Etsy gift card would make it fun to buy some of the things I’ve been checking out- like some crafting supplies, stationary and jewelry.

  65. says

    I would hang this wreath in my entryway as well! We just remodeling, and all I’m missing is something like this to hang on the wall to pretty up the home :) The Etsy giftcard would be perfect because I need to get some new hole punches for my Etsy Shop! Thanks for considering me in the drawing.

  66. Jaclyn Reynolds says

    Would love it on the inside of our back door and I would look for any home decor items on etsy! !

  67. says

    I would put the boxwood wreath on my front door. With the $100 Etsy gift card, I would probably buy some new art for the master bedroom!

  68. Brie says

    Lovely entryway! :) That wreath is adorable; I’d love it for my front door (empty since I haven’t made a spring wreath), and it’d be fun to dress it up at Christmastime. And if I were to win $100 Etsy card, I’d stalk the site to find some prints for our little one’s nursery (#1 due in October)! :)

  69. Carolyn S says

    I would hang in on ny back door that leads to the deck. Need something to jazz it up..we are renting and cont do too much. Oh Etsy…you are my downfall!

  70. Amanda Byrum says

    Love your entryway and your handsome fella! The boxwood wreath would be perfect in my dining room and I have about a zillion things on my Etsy list, including a custom family portrait like the one y’all have.

  71. Kathy E. says

    I love your newly decorated corner…it’s so inviting and fresh! I would put the boxwood wreath on a closet door in my entryway too. It’s time I take down the Valentine wreath I have there, don’t you think? Well, it’s always time for love! On Etsy, I’d buy several PDF clothing patterns I’ve been spying, plus a few personalized pieces of jewelry. Thanks for the giveaway!

  72. Colleen says

    The wreath would look perfect over any door and I think I would use the Etsy gift card to treat myself to a necklace I’ve been eyeing on there!

  73. says

    I would use the boxwood wreath on the front door! I absolutely love it and have been looking for one just like this for a long time now! The Esty gift card would go to either art or throw pillows. We just finished a HUGE dining bench project that now needs to be filled will pillows, but I am also starting on a picture wall near our stairs and would love to get a custom drawing/painting of our home exterior. Like this one! http://etsy.me/1jgpRtu

  74. Sonia says

    I would hang the wreath in my kitchen or on my front door. The $100 etsy gift card would be used to buy things for my baby.

  75. says

    I’d hang that gorgeous wreath right on my front door. I live in an apartment,and we don’t have garden space so our front door is where we do all our creative expressions!

  76. Karly Eileen says

    I would take inspiration from you, and display the boxwood wreath on the inside of my front door; it would go absolutely perfectly next to the birdcage I filled with mini faux topiaries. I would spend the etsy gift card towards a leather briefcase my husband has been eyeing.

  77. Denny C says

    Love the boxwood wreath! It would go on a freshly painted front door! And I’d look for an amazing wreath hanger on Etsy!

  78. says

    I would display the wreath on the door of our front entry closet and I would use the etsy card to buy some new throw pillow covers for our living room pillows!

  79. Cheryl Newton says

    I have a blue table just inside the front door, but the wall behind it is still sadly naked. This wreath would look pretty.

    • Cheryl Newton says

      Ooops! Just saw I was supposed to tell how’d I spend the Etsy gift card. There’s a saying I’d like to display in my kitchen: “Cooking is love made visible”; so I’d buy just the saying and frame it myself. Or, with $100, I could probably get it already done for me.

  80. Katie Contests says

    I’d place the wreath in my entry way, and I’d use the gift card for gardening decor!

  81. Katie says

    I love the shape of the wreath – always nice to see something different. It would look beautiful on our front door. I’d use the etsy card for nursery decor for our son (due in two weeks!)

  82. Calli says

    I would use the wreath on our front door. I think I would decorate it for the season, maybe silver stars for the 4th of july coming up! I’d use the etsy card to decorate our mantle and get a cool mirror for the entryway.

  83. Ashley C says

    I’d display it above my fireplace! And I’d use the gift card for a subway art piece I’ve been wanting to get


  84. says

    I love the wreath! Our home has a very natural/earthy vibe to it and I LOVE how real the wreath looks. Plus! who couldn’t use a gift certificate for Etsy?? Love! Thanks for sharing your entryway photos.

  85. Karen says

    I love displaying wreaths on the door to my half bathroom on the main floor. It really perks up my hallway. if I had $100 to spend on Etsy, I would put it towards some custom art for our home. We’ve been here almost a year, and the walls are still pretty bare :\

  86. says

    I would do a gallery wall with the wreath and get new art-work with the etsy card to use within the gallery wall. I have been wanting an Elizabeth Mayville print so I would start by ordering one of those!

  87. Cindy A. says

    I would display the wreath on my front door, buy some fun pillow covers for the outdoor bench, and maybe a sassy new welcome mat.

  88. amanda s. says

    I would display my wreath on the front door and have lots of fun spending that etsy card on fun home decor.

  89. Darlene says

    I would display my wreath in our family room. It would add some beautiful greenery and go well with the rest of the decor.

  90. Carolsue says

    I would hang the wreath in my family room.
    I would get lots of soap and body cream stuff on Etsy!

  91. Anna says

    I would hang the wreath on our front door (we live in an apartment) because it’s empty right now and so lonely.
    I would use the Etsy card to score some awesome pillows for my couch like what you have displayed here…I love the contrast of the structured stripe with the very unstructured ad beautiful watercolor pillow! Such a unique look!

  92. Christina C says

    Very whimsical. Only one question, how do you open the door to that closet now? It looks pretty much blocked.

  93. says

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