New Back Patio Light

new outdoor light

After making over our back patio, we knew we needed to tackle the world's ugliest and most rusted out outdoor lighting fixture. Let it be known that our house is only 12 years and this is how the light fixture looked.  Let's just say it didn't age gracefully. We wanted a new light fixture that was rust and fade resistant and larger in size. … [Read more...]

Never Accidentally Shrink Your Laundry Again + Free Printable

laundry organization binder

I don't know about you, but I've been known to shrink laundry once in a while.  I would put the clothing in the washer, get busy doing something else, and when the washer would beep I would automatically put all the clothes in the drying, forgetting about my clothes that needed to be line dried or laid flat to dry.  I knew I had to do something … [Read more...]