How To Keep Ribbon From Fraying

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Ever spend a good 5 to 10 minutes wrapping a present?  You want it to look perfect because it's for someone special.  You use pretty wrapping paper and ribbon.  Real ribbon, not some cheapo plastic ribbon.  But after you cut the ribbon it frays.  So you cut it and it frays again.  Finally you give up and are like, "Whatever, the recipient can deal … [Read more...]

New Back Patio Light

new outdoor light

After making over our back patio, we knew we needed to tackle the world's ugliest and most rusted out outdoor lighting fixture. Let it be known that our house is only 12 years and this is how the light fixture looked.  Let's just say it didn't age gracefully. We wanted a new light fixture that was rust and fade resistant and larger in size. … [Read more...]