Christmas Tablescape

silver and blue centerpiece

Confession: This was last year's Christmas tablescape.  And FYI, my spellcheck is lighting up "tablescape", indicating that it is not, in fact, a word but I don't care. Tablescape, tablescape, tablescape. Yeah, so I never shared this last year because the holiday season of 2013 was straight up bananas for me.  I was working my day job, newly … [Read more...]

Card Table Makeover

card table makeover

It's Pinterest Challenge: winter edition time, my friends!  Let's get this party started! My project for this challenge is (drum roll, please) a card table makeover. My pinspiration was this card table which was covered with a vinyl tablecloth.  Very clever.  I would have gone this route had I not had a bunch of extra fabric (Waverly … [Read more...]

Simple Holiday Table Setting

easy christmas centerpiece

It's already time for the second round in the Dare to DIY challenge.  This week's theme?   Entertain. I created this sparkly bird themed centerpiece for our kitchen island.  AND I used everything I already owned so, like my Thanksgiving bunting, this project cost a whole $0.  That meant more money in my pocket for Black Friday sales.  I grabbed … [Read more...]