Christmas Tablescape

silver and blue centerpiece

Confession: This was last year's Christmas tablescape.  And FYI, my spellcheck is lighting up "tablescape", indicating that it is not, in fact, a word but I don't care. Tablescape, tablescape, tablescape. Yeah, so I never shared this last year because the holiday season of 2013 was straight up bananas for me.  I was working my day job, newly … [Read more...]

Card Table Makeover

card table makeover

Card tables are boring.  Here's our snoozefest of a black card table and chairs.  These definitely wouldn't leave an impression at a potluck. Start by flipping the table on its top and removing the screws. Then, pull the black vinyl off the table top.  Try not to let your staples fly everywhere. Flip the table top over.  Lay your fabric on … [Read more...]

Simple Holiday Table Setting

easy christmas centerpiece

It's already time for the second round in the Dare to DIY challenge.  This week's theme?   Entertain. I created this sparkly bird themed centerpiece for our kitchen island.  AND I used everything I already owned so, like my Thanksgiving bunting, this project cost a whole $0.  That meant more money in my pocket for Black Friday sales.  I grabbed … [Read more...]