Card Table Makeover

It’s Pinterest Challenge: winter edition time, my friends!  Let’s get this party started!

My project for this challenge is (drum roll, please) a card table makeover.

card table makeover

My pinspiration was this card table which was covered with a vinyl tablecloth.  Very clever.  I would have gone this route had I not had a bunch of extra fabric (Waverly Parterre) from a recent project.  I saw this as being responsible and putting the fabric to use instead of hoarding storing it.  A trip to JoAnn Fabric for some vinyl, and I was ready to glam up the table.

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Card tables are boring.  Here’s our snoozefest of a black card table and chairs.  These definitely wouldn’t leave an impression at a potluck.

black card table

Start by flipping the table on its top and removing the screws.

how to reupholster a card table

Then, pull the black vinyl off the table top.  Try not to let your staples fly everywhere.

how to recover card table

Flip the table top over.  Lay your fabric on top of the thin layer of padding.  Situate your fabric accordingly.  This will be more difficult if you have a large, symmetrical pattern– keep your tape measure and sanity handy.

fabric covered card table

Once you have your fabric aligned, flip the table top over and begin to hot glue the fabric.  You can staple the fabric, but I felt more comfortable hot gluing the fabric.

how to make over a card table

Flip over your table top once you’ve glued down the edges of the fabric.

reupholstered card table

Optional: lint roll your fabric.  Recommended if you own a shed-tastic dog or cat.

recover a card table

Grab your vinyl, lay it on your table top, and trim it so there’s about an inch of overhang.

I bought one and a half yards of 4 gauge clear vinyl from JoAnn Fabric.  I believe it was $3-4 per yard.  I used a 40% off coupon so I got mine for less than $5.  Use those 40% off coupons, people.

how do you reupholster a card table

Flip the table top over again.  Staple the edges of the vinyl to the bottom of the table top.  Make sure your staples are the appropriate length.

card table makeover

Once you’ve stapled down the vinyl, flip over the table top, and reattach the table top to the frame with the screws.  And you’re done!

Your revamped card table will be the talk of Bunco, bridge, Pinochle, or whatever it is you play with your peeps.

card table makeover with fabric

And because everyone loves a before and after side by side image.

card table makeover before and after

You could also recover the chairs but I’m not that ambitious.  The table was enough for me.


The Pinterest Challege: Winter Edition is hosted by Katie from Bower Power, Sherry from Young House Love (my BFF), Megan from The Remodeled Life, and my blog buddy Michelle from Decor and the Dog.

What do you think about the card table makeover?
Think it’s something you’d try?
Did you participate in the Pinterest Challenge?  If so, I’m excited to check out what you created!

two twenty one

Fabric Covered Book {DIY}

It’s Pinterest Challenge time, people!  A few months ago I participated in the winter Pinterest Challenge with my button monogram.  I’m partying it up with Michelle, Kate, Katie, and my new BFF Sherry this time around with my fabric covered book.

I was pinspired by this fabric covered book made by Amy from Delightful Distractions.  Her tutorial is so easy to follow you could make a couple fabric covered books on a few glasses of wine.  I wouldn’t know from experience.  I’m totally guessing.
I used a hardback book I had laying around.  I was afraid that some of the text and the graphic on the front of the book would show through the fabric so I sprayed some primer on it first.  Easy fix.

I made my snazzy fabric covered book for about $1.  The book was free.  The fabric cost about a buck.   Not too shabby.

Why yes, the books are stacked on the back of our guest bathroom toilet.  And why yes, that is a book entirely about pigeons underneath the fabric covered book.  I mean, who doesn’t want to read a 239 page book about pigeons while tending to their business in the lavatory?  If you’re shaking your head ‘no’, then you sir, are not American.

Note:  I bought the pigeon book at a thrift store because I liked the color, not the content.


Have you ever covered a book with fabric?
Have you ever read a 239 page book about pigeons?

Pinterest Challenge: Button Monogram

I love a good challenge, which is why I’m participating in the winter Pinterest Challenge hosted by Erin, Katie, Sherry, and Cassie.

For this challenge, I created a button monogram.  (Check out my other projects, both Pinterest-inspired and not, here.  And speaking of Pinterest, you can follow me, here.)

I was “pinspired” by a button monogram that caught my attention a while ago.  I loved it!  I mean, who wouldn’t love a button covered monogram?  The original is by Jen Jockisch.

I grabbed a wooden letter from the Hob Lob and painted it white.

I rounded up my
unhealthy/borderline hoarder button collection and chose some corresponding colors.  I went with shades of pink and green, and turquoise because I’m a 13 year old girl they’re my favorite colors.  Hello, I talked my husband into a pink and green wedding.  (I promise I’ll stop talking about my wedding when I have an offspring.)

Then I started the mindless task of hot gluing the buttons onto the letter.  Listen-watching Jersey Shore and The Real Housewives of Atlanta got me through it.

Things got a little hairy when I ran out of light pink and light green buttons.  So I had to run out and get more buttons.  But it was cool because Chick-fil-A is very close to JoAnn Fabric so I was able to get some lunch too.

I like how it turned out.  I think it’ll look pretty good next to my Justin Bieber poster on the gallery wall that I’m planning for my home office.

Are you participating in the Pinterest Challenge?  What’d ya make?

What do you think of my button-tastic creation?

Pinterest Wednesday: Untitled 2

How is it November already?  It feels like yesterday we were getting married, and that was over 4 months ago.  And hey!  I’ve stayed married longer than Kim Kardashian!  High five, me.  Too bad we didn’t make $17.9 million off of our wedding.  Dangit.

I’ll be linking up at The Vintage Apple for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday.

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I’m loving this whole set-up, but especially the photo wall.

I mean, I guess I could cook and bake in this kitchen. (See the bread box?  I love it.)

I bet I could get a lot of work done in this pink home office.

Wood table runner.  Fabulous idea.

A magnetic strip to organize all those rogue bobby pins.  Brilliant! That’s all I’m gonna say about these bad boys.

Sorry, Kim K, but that’s what you get for marrying for TV ratings.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Pinterest Wednesday: Untitled

Happy Wednesday!

I don’t have much to say so let’s get down to business.  Shall we?
I’ll be linking up at The Vintage Apple for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday.

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Aren’t these sparkly branches GORgeous?  These gems are going on my Christmas decor to-do list.

Super cute way to hang curtains, huh?

Who would have thought to write on a lampshade with a Sharpie?  Genius!

I want to steal Caitlin Wilson’s bed.  Who wants to be my lookout?

Cute wreath for that awkward time between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Had I seen these before our wedding I would have made them mine– flower arrangements and all.
Maybe recreate for our back patio?

I love bright and cherry pillows like these (also by Caitlin Wilson).  I’d swipe these while I’m there for her bed.  Kill two birds with one stone, right?

Which one is your favorite pin?  I bet it’s the sparkilicious branches.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Pinterest Wednesday: Randomness!

Hello friends, and happy Wednesday!

The theme this week is randomness.  You’ll like it.  Trust me.

I’ll be linking up at the The Vintage Apple for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday.

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Shut up.  A monogrammed corn hole set?  I.need.this.
That button lampshade is so fun and funky.

Fabulous tutorial on how to make a circle scarf… and how to wear it!
Those lace and jute wrapped jars and tumblers would be perfect for a wedding or mantel.  So pretty!

I love both of these wreaths.  LOVE!
The color of that dress is ah-mazing.  Love me some coral!
#8 is the perfect fall outfit.

Sooo I’d really like to try out #9.
Be honest.  As you’re tossin’ your cookies you’ve thought, “Well, at least I’m going to lose a few pounds”.

My name is Chelsea and I have post-nuptial depression.  It’s true.  I miss planning our wedding.  Which is why I’m still pinning images onto my wedding board.  May I live vicariously through some of you engaged folks?

What are you loving on Pinterest this week?