Stay Or Sell

kitchen island before and after

One question we've been asked by some friends since announcing our nugget news is if we plan to move into a bigger house.  While we'd love to upgrade to a larger home and more outdoor space, it wouldn't be financially smart for us to make that leap right now.  And we're okay with that for the time being. We like our current home, but when we … [Read more...]

Home Office Details

home office chair and side table

Thanks for all your amazingly sweet comments yesterday about my home office makeover reveal.  You guys are the bomb diggity. Today I'm sharing some more details about the makeover and where I purchased everything.  And you know how I like transparency, so I'm also sharing the approximate cost of the makeover.  I'm going to give the prices of … [Read more...]

Home Office: Before

home office before

Tomorrow I'm sharing my home office makeover.  You're on pins and needles, right?  Well, today I'm showing you the former states of the room. When we moved into our house in July, 2009 the every room was painted this shade of beige.  Here's my office before we moved in.  Blank slate in my opinion. I decided to paint my office purple.  My … [Read more...]

2013 Home Goals

green and blue bathroom

I'm sharing my 2013 home goals today in order to hold myself accountable for getting stuff done around the house this year.  It's like those people who resolve to lose weight and tell you to slap the donut from their hand if you see them indulging.  Seriously, I need to be held accountable.  Slap the proverbial donut from my hand. Now, onto the … [Read more...]

Living Room Picture Ledges {Picture Ledge}

ribba picture ledges

I've said it before, I love the vaulted ceilings in our great room, but they plague me.  It's hard to find the right wall art or furniture to fill the large sections of wall.  Well, score one more for me because I figured out another area of wall-- the space above our love seat. A few months back I saw some picture ledges in a magazine, and I was … [Read more...]

Card Catalog Styling

library card catalog

I did a little switcheroo in the living room area of our great room this past weekend.  I gave our dinky bookcase, that housed our DVDs, the boot and replaced it with the card catalog, that was living happily in the dining room area of our great room.  And so far I'm loving the bookcase eviction action plan.     I didn't think … [Read more...]