Baby Car Kit

baby car kit 1

Since becoming a mom, I've learned that I need to be prepared for anything.  Which is why I put together this baby car kit.  It took me maybe 10 minutes to put the kit together. While I always travel with a well stocked diaper bag whenever I take Owen, out and about, I wanted to be able to have some items in my car just in case. I keep the car … [Read more...]

Diaper Bag Organization

diaper bag organization

Today I thought I'd share how I organize my diaper bag. Do you remember what diaper bags used to look like?  I'm talking circa 1980-90.  The ones I remember were always so bulky and pastel in color.  They weren't very attractive and screamed "THIS IS A DIAPER BAG!"  Thank goodness diaper bags have become more fashionable. I purchased this Kate … [Read more...]

Nursery Closet

land of nod storage bin

Last week I shared Owen's nursery, so today I thought I'd share his nursery closet and how I organized it. It's currently the most organized closet in our entire house so don't think every closet in our house looks like this.  Our master bedroom closet is in shambles but Owen's closet is the epitome of organized.  Such a spoiled baby. FYI, I'll … [Read more...]

Baby Closet Dividers

closet dividers 550

Today I'm sharing a small nursery organization project with you guys-- baby closet dividers.  These are super simple and inexpensive to make.  They would also make great baby shower gifts. It’s also the 10th of the month which means another fabulous themed roundup from this talented bunch of bloggers!  This month’s theme is just for kids-- … [Read more...]

Under The Kitchen Sink Organization

under kitchen sink organization

One small project I tackled before Owen's arrival was organizing under our kitchen sink.  I didn't like how I would knock over things to get to other things in the back of the cabinet.  I also wanted to be able to put items we used often in a more strategic place.  First world problems. I started by clearing everything out.  Then, I put down … [Read more...]