Springified Card Catalog Vignette

spring card catalog

Guess what?  I got my camera back.  Woot!  The camera body and both of my lenses had issues.  (Not my fault.)  Craziness.  Now that I have it back I'm able to get down to business.  Blogging without a functioning camera is very limiting, as you can imagine.  Although, I'm very proud of my iPhone 4s for standing in for this post and this … [Read more...]

Living Room Picture Ledges {Picture Ledge}

ribba picture ledges

I've said it before, I love the vaulted ceilings in our great room, but they plague me.  It's hard to find the right wall art or furniture to fill the large sections of wall.  Well, score one more for me because I figured out another area of wall-- the space above our love seat. A few months back I saw some picture ledges in a magazine, and I was … [Read more...]

Card Catalog Styling

library card catalog

I did a little switcheroo in the living room area of our great room this past weekend.  I gave our dinky bookcase, that housed our DVDs, the boot and replaced it with the card catalog, that was living happily in the dining room area of our great room.  And so far I'm loving the bookcase eviction action plan.     I didn't think … [Read more...]

And Then The Craigslist Gods Shined Down On Me…


  Remember last week when I showed you my card catalog that I found on Craigslist for $85?  Remember how I told you that it was missing a drawer?  Well, if you don't remember, here's a refresher. Well, the Craigslist powers from above shined down on me late last Thursday night.  (Cue the angelic "Ahhhhhhh".)  Because do you know what … [Read more...]