More Kitchen Countertop Talk

kitchen countertops test 1

Last week I asked for your guys' opinions on which laminate countertops we should go with in our kitchen.  If you were a naughty reader and missed it, you can catch up here. I put the options up for a vote, and marble won. On Monday I took a trip to the countertop place to see some options in person. And to pet the office puppy, Olive.  We … [Read more...]

Kitchen Countertop Options

Kitchen Option 1

We haven't done anything to our kitchen since adding the under cabinet lighting, replacing all of the outdated almond-colored outlets and switches, and having the cabinets refaced last fall. But we've finally saved up enough to get new kitchen countertops.  (We don't believe in spending money we don't have.) Another reason why we want to knock the … [Read more...]

Organized Coffee Station

coffee drawer

Today's post isn't anything groundbreaking, but since I like seeing how others organize their kitchen, I thought I'd share a little corner of ours.  I've shared how I organize the little cabinet next to our oven, which houses all of my baking sheets and cooling racks.  So if you guys enjoy this kitchen cabinet and drawer organization topic, let me … [Read more...]

Pantry Organization

pantry organized with bins

On Wednesday, I shared my pantry makeover with you guys.  Today I'm back to show you where everything is located in our pantry.  Get excited! I tried to keep like items together.  They may not be on the same shelf, but they're near each other (see "snacks").  I tried to put the items I use most higher on the shelves and the items I use the least … [Read more...]

Pantry Makeover

pantry organization

Thank you, Office Depot, for sponsoring today's post! Hey, friends!  Today I'm sharing a fun before and after makeover with you-- our pantry. Since I've been trapped in our house since Saturday morning (thanks to Snowpocalypse/Polar Vortex/etc.), I figured what better way to spend my time than overhauling our pantry.  Trust me, it needed … [Read more...]

More Kitchen Photos

kitchen island bookshelf

I couldn't think of a witty title for this post so I went the literal route.  Yep, you're getting more kitchen photos today.  In case you missed it, I revealed the kitchen cabinet makeover on Monday.  There's also a pretty awesome $1,000 Home Depot gift card giveaway in combination with that post so make sure you leave a comment and get yourself … [Read more...]