Home Office Details

Thanks for all your amazingly sweet comments yesterday about my home office makeover reveal.  You guys are the bomb diggity.

Today I’m sharing some more details about the makeover and where I purchased everything.  And you know how I like transparency, so I’m also sharing the approximate cost of the makeover.  I’m going to give the prices of things I specifically purchased for the makeover.

ikea expedit

Wall color: Voyage by Valspar… $30

Workstation: 6×6 Ikea Expedit shelving unit and Expedit desk… $200 + $50 = $250 (BUT it was technically free to me because I cashed out some credit card points I acquired through paying for our wedding expenses.)

White boxes and magazine files: Ikea Kassett… $55

Pink boxes: Hobby Lobby… $35

Bridal bouquet canvas: Canvas On Demand (Groupon)… $45

ball canning jars used for craft storage


Clear Ball mason jelly jars: Goodwill… $12

Turquoise Ball mason jars: Yard sale and Goodwill

Bakers twine: eBay (18 spools)

Washi tape: Target

Vintage thread spools: Grandma

Buttons: JoAnn Fabric

printer cart

Printer cart: Gift

Greeting card organizer: Gift via Amazon.com (read about it here)

Here’s the before and after of the printer cart.  I used spray paint to spruce it up a bit.

printer cart before and after

home office makeover 2

Chair: Craigslist

Table: Goodwill… $9

Whale:  Kohls

Pillow: Home Goods

Blanket: Handmade gift

Curtains: Target… $20

craft room makeover 1

Gallery wall frames: Ikea (full details here)… ~$100

Katie Daisy print: Katie Daisy… $15

Sewing cabinet: Gift… but, the makeover cost around $40 (read about the makeover here)

Pink storage box: Kohls (read about the makeover here)

Apothecary jars: Micheal’s and Home Goods

Pink threads: thrift shop and grandma

craft room makeover

Fabric covered faux nailhead trimmed memo board:  Upcycled old cork board… $12 (read about the makeover here)

home office hydrangeas

Pink vase: Gift

Personalized lucite tray: DIY project… $15 (read about it here)

Gold polka dot candle holder: Target

Small white bowl: Goodwill

stenciled file cabinet

File cabinet: Gift (read about the makeover here)

Calendar: Anne Taintor via Amazon.com… $13

TOTAL AMOUNT SPENT: $651 – $250 (gift card from credit card points) = $401

A room makeover for less than $500?  Not too bad.

Who’s itching to go to Ikea now?
Any other questions?

two twenty one

Home Office Gallery Wall {Decorating Ideas}

A momentous thing happened this weekend.  I completed the gallery wall in my home office.  It’s a small miracle seeing as I’ve been working on this room for well over a year.

gallery wall with white frames

I used three different types of Ikea frames (Ribba, Sondrum, and Virserum).  Seriously you guys, if Ikea is a drive for you, stock up on frames when you go.  It took me months to collect enough frames because I didn’t buy enough the first and second times I went.   Now I’m sitting pretty with a large surplus of Ikea frames.

gallery wall

The gallery wall contains photos, one of my favorite Katie Daisy prints, a Kate Spade card/print, my glitterfied Indiana artwork, and random things I framed like my admission tickets to the Louvre and Eiffel Tower, a card from my best friend, and a dove Christmas ornament my late aunt gave me.   I also framed the cover of our wedding program with two photos of us after being pronounced husband and wife.

white gallery wall

gallery wall with ikea picture frames

The wall was fairly easy to assemble.  Arranging frames for a gallery wall is a lot like Tetris.  So if you’re a Tetris pro creating a gallery wall shouldn’t be too difficult for you.  But I found it was best for my sanity to do it over time– as in multiple days.  Sometimes it’s best to walk away, regain your marbles, and then get back to work.

First, I put the things I wanted to frame into the frames.  Then, I traced the frames onto craft paper, cut out the shapes, and started working on the layout of the frames by using the actual frames.

how to arrange a gallery wall

But then I deviated and used the craft paper frames on the wall to create the layout I desired.  The kicker was making sure I was properly hanging the paper frames– whether the content in the frame was horizontal or vertical in nature.  I found it helpful to arrange the frames accordingly on the floor as I assembled the paper frames on the wall.  Still following me?

how to make a gallery wall

Once I was happy with the paper frame arrangement I started hanging the frames.  I’m pretty good at eyeballing where to put nails in regards to picture frame hooks so I went with the ‘eyeballing method’.  It worked out well.  Out of 20 frames I only had to redo 2 nails.  I think 90% accuracy is pretty good for wingin’ it.

how to create a gallery wall

Now, if you’ve ever attempted to hang an Ikea ribba frame you know how pesky they are.  I don’t know whose idea it was to make a frame with an inch of space between the nail hook and where the frame meets the wall.  When I asked an Ikea sales associate about it he said, “I guess you’ll have to use a long nail”.  I may or may not have replied, “well that’s just silly”.  But do not fear, my friends, do not fear.  I developed a cutting edge way to hang these irksome frames.  Make a loop with picture hanging wire.  But don’t make your loop too large or you’ll be able to see the loop when you hang it on the nail.  If it’s too big, simply twist the loop to make it a little smaller.

how to hang an ikea ribba frame

So there you have it.  One more home office/craft room item knocked off my to-do list.  If everything goes as planned, I’ll be able to reveal the entire room makeover next week.
Get excited.

home office gallery wall

how to create a gallery wall 2

Have you tackled a gallery wall in your home?  How’d it go?
Has a room makeover taken you well over a year to complete?  Don’t be ashamed, you’re not alone.

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Glitter State Art {DIY}

In an attempt to build up my artwork for the gallery wall I’m putting in my home office/craft room, I came up with this glitter bombed piece of work.  It’s Andy Warhol meets Liberace.  Or something like that.  I was going to say Andy Warhol meets Kesha.  But I’m not a fan.  Homegirl has got to go.

Anyway, I came up with the idea to pay homage to my state by covering it in glitter.  You can never go wrong with copious amounts of gold glitter.  Never.

glitter state art

I started by finding an image of my lovely state through a google images search.  Then I sized and flipped the image in Photoshop.  Why?  Because when I cut it out I didn’t want any of the black outline to show.   You can flip images in Word.  Just google it.

I printed it out on card stock.  The card stock is important.  This won’t work very well with regular ole paper.

diy glitter state art tutorial

Then I cut it out (see how there aren’t any black lines on this side?) and grabbed my Mod Podge.  I put a thick layer of Mod Podge on the cut out with a foam brush.  Make sure you put enough Mod Podge on, but don’t go too crazy.

glitter art

I grabbed my gold glitter and covered the Mod Podge covered state.  You can go crazy with this step.

indiana glitter art

I waited until the Mod Podge had dried and shook off the excess glitter.  There were some spots where the glitter didn’t stick well so I dabbed some Mod Podge on with a toothpick, poured on some more glitter, and let it dry.

glittery indiana art

I didn’t take a photo of this, but I also sprayed it with Rustoleum clear gloss to seal the glitter.  Tip: Spray from at least 2 feet away.  Don’t go overboard.  Spray a light layer and go back and do another layer if needed.  If you spray too much it’ll look bad.  Read more about this step here.

glitter art diy

Then I took my goldified Indiana and attached it to a piece of pink card stock with double sided tape.  I went with pink because it’s what I had and gold and pink look good together.  But this would also look great with emerald green, navy, or turquoise paper.

diy glitter state art

I grabbed an Ikea picture frame with an 8×10 opening and slapped the bad boy in it.

state art

I think it turned out pretty well for a spur of the moment idea.

glitter state art

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Living Room Picture Ledges {Picture Ledge}

I’ve said it before, I love the vaulted ceilings in our great room, but they plague me.  It’s hard to find the right wall art or furniture to fill the large sections of wall.  Well, score one more for me because I figured out another area of wall– the space above our love seat.

A few months back I saw some picture ledges in a magazine, and I was all “Oh, I can make those.”  Then, on my last trip to Ikea I spotted these 45 inch, white Ribba picture ledges.  For $15 each.  Sold.  Sometimes it’s easier to pony up the cash than to do-it-yourself.  If I would have done this project I probably would have spent close to $30 on the wood and paint.  And not to mention the 2-3 hours of work I’d have to put into them.  There’s a little DIY cost-benefit analysis for ya.

ikea ribba picture ledge

Before we get into all the details let me show you what I was working with before.  The before and after image made me laugh because it totally looks like one of those weight loss before and afters.

I was basically trying to work with what I had.  But as you can see, it definitely wasn’t working.  To say I love the ‘after’ is a definite given.  The white ledges and frames and the colorful prints brighten up the space.  Even the throw pillows I swapped in made this small area more fresh and less dated.

living room picture ledge before and after

Securing the ledges to the wall was pretty easy.  Each ledge comes with three pre-drilled holes.  We managed to get the middle screw into a stud, and we used drywall anchors to secure the other two screws.  If you plan to install these ledges I highly recommend getting your middle screw into a stud.  I don’t think the ledges would hold if they were installed with only drywall anchors and screws.

living room picture ledges

Putting up the picture ledges was a breeze.  Styling the ledges was another thing.  You wouldn’t think it’d take much time but it did.  My need to create visual triangles can be time consuming.  So pairing my perfectionist ways and my will to include only images that have some sort of meaning to us resulted in an hour or so of switching photos around.

ribba picture ledges 1

Here’s a breakdown of all the photos I used, in case you’re interested.

1.  Sketch of Jack I created in Photoshop.
2.  Reprint of watercolor painting I picked up in St. Martin while on a cruise we took in 2008.
3.  Wedding print (where we got engaged and had our first look).
4.  I made this custom monogram on the Wedding Chicks blog.
5.  Black and white photo of a street sign– it’s where Brad and I met in Bloomington.  Well, not on a street corner– Brad’s fraternity live out house was at the corner of 18th and Lincoln, so the house was always called ’18th and Lincoln’.  Unfortunately, we don’t have a Pretty Woman love story.
6.  Wedding print (again, where we got engaged and had our first look).
7.  Wedding photo of our rings with Scrabble tiles that make out the word ‘love’.  Awww.
8.  Our wedding guest book tree.  I flippin’ love that thing.
9.  Black and white photo of Jack as a pup.

All of the frames are from Ikea.

white picture ledges

In the end, I spent less than $75 for the entire display.  I haven’t figured out how to secure everything to the wall yet.  But we’ve had this up for over a month and nothing has fallen off.  I’ll get around to the securing part eventually.  But if you happen to come over and sit on the love seat, you’ve been warned.

What do you think about the picture ledges?
Have you ever purchased a piece rather than doing it yourself?
Who watched the Downton Abbey premiere last night?  Thoughts?

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First Ikea Pilgrimage

Hey guys!  Hope you had a splendid weekend and Mother’s Day!  Our weekend was jammed packed with fun.  The highlight has to be our first pilgrimage to Ikea in Cincinnati.  Brad even took off work Friday for this momentous occasion.  You bet we filled up the back of Brad’s SUV before voyaging back to Indiana.

In case you’re concerned, I’m not driving in this photo.  My phone went all wonky on me and swapped the photo to look like I’m in the driver’s seat, taking photos of myself while, apparently, driving with no hands.  

So I committed a royal blogger fail.  I went to Ikea, and the only photos I have to show you are of our food.  I’m sorry.  I got so sucked in to looking that I completely forgot to take photos.  But I’ll assume that many of you have been to an Ikea, and you know what it looks like inside.

We had to try the meatballs and chocolate cake.  No disappointment there.
I’ll offer you some tips to make up for my lack of photos.  Sound good?  OK, so if you’re a first-timer, take a list.  I went on Ikea’s website and used my snipping tool to capture the photo, name, and price of each item I wanted.  (I also browsed their online catalog and snipped images of things that I wanted to look at.)  Then I inserted the images into a Word document and printed it off.  I’m so happy I did this.  It’s very easy to get distracted in there.  The list helped me stay focused on the things that I really wanted to get.  Not gonna lie, I’ll probably take a list every time I go.

Another tip?  Go on a weekday.  We left our house around 9AM on Friday morning and arrived at Ikea around 11AM, an hour after it opened.  The place was practically empty for the 3 hours we were there.  I couldn’t imagine going in there on a Saturday.

If you’re driving 100+ miles like us, I’d suggest going on their website and making sure that they have your item(s) in stock.  I got a very large, sometimes out of stock item, so I went online Thursday night and made sure that my item was, indeed, in stock.

I can’t wait to show you guys what we got!  I figure seeing the final products of what we purchased will be more exciting than the items in their boxes.

Have you been to Ikea?
What’s your favorite Ikea purchase?  If you’ve never been, what would you purchase?
Do you have to drive 100+ miles and take a day off of work to get there?
Who thinks Indianapolis should get an Ikea?