How To Choose Abstract Art for Your Home

Michelle Schneider at work in her studio

I'm a big fan of abstract art, and I'm trying to incorporate more into our home, but it can be hard deciding what to go with.  So I asked my talented friend Michelle from The Art Of Michelle (she painted our custom house portrait and my 4th wedding anniversary present) to stop by and share some tips on how to choose abstract art for your home. … [Read more...]

I Love Lamp

target threshold mint glass lamp

Whew, what a week it's been.  We attended a baby program at the library, lunch and a long walk with a friend, lunch with family, swim lessons, walks in the park, walks around the neighborhood, and trips to the mall, Costco and Trader Joe's.  I just consulted my Fitbit, and I've logged 48,500 steps since Monday morning.  No wonder my feet are kind … [Read more...]

Preppy Christmas Wreath

green and pink holiday wreath

Remember the preppy spring wreath I whipped up back in March?  It was very Kate Spade-esque.  Well, I decided to extend its life and turn it into a preppy Christmas wreath with the magic of a hairdryer and hot glue. I removed the pink peonies I used on the original wreath and replaced them with pink poinsettias.  Why not get more use out of … [Read more...]

How To Make Blackout Curtains

jo jo corn yellow slub curtains

Today I'm sharing how my mom and I made the blackout curtains for Owen's nursery. These were pretty simple to make once we figured out our game plan on how we were going to sew them. I tried my best to show the steps with photos but it was kind of hard because we were dealing with so much fabric. Here's everything that I used and where I got … [Read more...]