Gift Ideas For Her

Christmas is quickly approaching, and you know what that means.  Gift giving!  Finding great gifts for those I love is one of my favorite parts of Christmas.  So I compiled some gift ideas for her.  These could be gifts you give to your BFF, sister, cousin, etc.  Or maybe you want to send the link to this post to your partner as a little hint-hint-nudge-nudge.

GREAT gift ideas for her!wall calendar  •  weekend bag •  phone case  •  retro bicycle  •  earrings  •  bangle  •
recipe cards  •  Ryan Gosling coloring book

I actually bought myself the Rifle and Co. Secret Garden wall calendar this past weekend.  Sometimes you have to treat yoself.

And because you guys know I love me some humor (it’s my Love Language).  I also compiled some delightfully humorous gift ideas.  I’d make out with anyone who gifted me any of these treasures.

Humorous gift ideas for her!notepad  •  tote  •  book  •  unicorn head  •  wine sippy cup  •
table saw  •  Channing Tatum life size cutout

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What’s on your Christmas list this year?
If you had to choose one gift from this post to receive which would it be?

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Peppermint Monogram Wreath + The Ultimate Holiday Idea Exchange

Our very good friends host our friend Christmas party every year so I thought I’d plan ahead for once and make them a festive peppermint monogram wreath as a thank you gift for hosting.  They’re also getting married next year, so I think a monogram wreath is appropriate– nothing says two becoming one like a monogram wreath.  Am I right?

How to make a peppermint monogram wreath!  GREAT handmade gift idea!

Here’s what you’ll need:

round peppermints
red hots
12 in. paper mache letter (purchased at JoAnn Fabric)

Note: you won’t need the value bag unless you plan on making a bunch of wreaths.

Peppermint monogram wreath materials

I started by spray painting the letter with Rustoleum paint + primer in Colonial Red (satin).

monogram wreath

Then, I unwrapped what felt like 5,000 peppermints, placed them on the letter to determine the layout, and then I used hot glue to glue them into place.  As you can see, I went with three across.

After all the peppermints were glued down, I glued the Red Hots where the peppermints met.

peppermint wreath

I cut a ~20 inch piece of red, 1-1/2 inch grosgrain ribbon and glued it onto the backside of the letter.

attaching hanger

I made a bow and carefully glued it in the middle knot so it wouldn’t easily come undone.  Do this by putting the glue gun in the knot of the bow.

attaching bow

Then, I hung the wreath on a wreath hanger and glued the bow in the middle of the ribbon hanger.  So it looks like this.


Tadah!  This wreath was pretty easy to make and took about an hour or so to make.

The only catch with this wreath is that if you don’t plan on shellacking it, I suggest displaying it indoors.  Also, don’t hang it in hot, direct sunlight– the glue can melt.

peppermint wreath 1

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20 Handmade Gift Ideas

Last year I shared 10 two twenty one handmade gift ideas, so I decided to continue the tradition this year, but I added 10 additional gift ideas.

Handmade gifts are seriously the best.  They’re great for gift givers on a budget.  All of the the gift ideas below are under $30, but most are under $15.  Handmade gifts are also awesome because the gift recipient will value the time, sweat, and hot glue gun burns you put into their gift.

GREAT inexpensive handmade gift ideas!

DIY gold striped vases


gold dipped vase


braided chain bracelet


infinity scarf


glitter state art


state necklace


fabric covered books


so fresh, so clean print

bathroom print

DIY lucite tray


wine cork candle holders


wedding invitation ornament

ruffled burlap table runner


thrifty hurricanes

jute wrapped monogram wreath

221+monogram+wreath+new copy

fabric wrapped, faux nailhead trimmed cork board

moss covered monograms


mossy wreath


mossy ampersand



how+to+make+a+topiary copy

tomato cage christmas tree

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1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas {Paper Gift Ideas}

It’s another installment of wedding anniversary gift ideas!  Today I’m sharing 1st wedding anniversary gift ideas.  The traditional gift theme for the first wedding anniversary is paper.  The modern gift theme is clocks.  But, as usual, I’m only going to cover the traditional gifts.  Clocks are kind of self-explanatory anyway.

GREAT 1st wedding anniversary gift ideas!

(airline, concert, sports event, museum, musical, etc.)
For our first wedding anniversary, I gave Brad (and myself) Zac Brown Band concert tickets.  It’s one of Brad’s favorite bands, and the concert was a couple weeks after our anniversary so it worked out perfectly.  I even saved our tickets and framed them to always remember the occasion.  When you’re ordering tickets, just make sure to order the paper version of tickets– it’s not really a paper gift if you get the paperless tickets.  Know what I mean?

framed concert tickets

Got a big budget?  Celebrate your first anniversary by jetting off with airline tickets.  It doesn’t have to be a surprise.  You and your husband/wife can plan it out.  If you want to have at least one surprise, give him/her another paper gift mentioned in this post.

Brad gave me an Indiana print (where we both grew up and currently live) I’d been coveting for my 1st anniversary gift.  I framed and hung it in our guest bathroom.

There are tons of sentimental and customizable art prints out there– especially on Etsy.
Here are some of my favorites:

custom house portrait

Custom house portrait by The Art of Michelle

personalized map print
Custom Map Print by Paper Arcadia

custom wedding bouquet painting
Custom Bouquet Painting by Sarah Park Designs

custom family portrait illustration
Custom Family Portrait Illustration by My Little Buffalo

(stationery, business cards, etc.)
This is quite the obvious paper product gift idea.  There’s tons of pretty stationery out there for the ladies.  And there’s tons of manly stationery out there for guys.

Surprise your lover with a custom photo book.  The topic of your photo book is up to you– honeymoon, first year of marriage, etc.  There are tons of online photo book publishers out there where you upload all the photos you’d like to use and select the theme and layout of the book.  Check out Shutterfly, My Publisher, or Blurb.  You could even make a photo book with Instagram photos (here or here).  This is a super sweet and thoughtful gift idea because it’ll show that you took the time to put the book together.

There are some fun journals out there (other than your typical journal), like Line a Day and the Christmas Memories book.  I’m not gonna lie– it’d be ridiculously romantic and Noah-from-The-Notebook-esque if you secretly did a Line a Day journal for your love for the first year of your marriage– writing down things you did together or something sweet about him/her.  I’m pretty sure I would’ve cried if my husband did that for me, and I’m not a big cryer.

Calendars are paper, right?  From wall calendars to custom desktop Instagram photo calendars, you can’t go wrong.  You know what would be awesome?  Giving your husband/wife a calendar with date(s) circled and then handing him/her tickets.  Instant brownie points are sure to be awarded.

book • autograph • poster • magazine subscription • puzzle • paper mache

I hope you found these gift ideas to be helpful in planning your 1st wedding anniversary gift!  Keep in mind, these are also great gift ideas for any occasion.

Happy anniversary to you and yours!

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4th Anniversary Gift Ideas {Fruit and Flower Gift Ideas}

It’s another installment of wedding anniversary gift ideas!  Today I’m sharing 4th anniversary gift ideas for him and her.  The traditional gift theme for the fourth wedding anniversary is fruit or flowers.  The modern gift theme is appliances.  But, as usual, I’m only going to cover the traditional gifts.  I feel like appliances are kind of an obvious topic anyway.

4th anniversary gift ideas

Let’s begin with the ladies.  It’s obviously a lot easier to shop for chicks with this theme.  Basically guys, you can buy your wife anything with a fruit or flower print on it– pillow, clothing, scarf, jewelry, bedding, plates, etc.  As with every anniversary, you best be getting your lady flowers– unless she’s allergic or straight up hates flowers; in that case you can get her an Edible Arrangement or something similar.

One really cool thing I found was custom wedding bouquet paintings.  I think it would be super sweet if my husband surprised me with a painting of my wedding bouquet.  I’d cry.  Probably.

4th anniversary gift ideas for hernecklacefresh flowerspillowcustom wedding bouquet paintingdressscarf

Now on to the guys.  This was a little harder because when I think of flowers and fruit I clearly don’t think of males.  But I found some creative ways to work with the theme,  mainly by playing off the lovely electronic manufacturer Apple.

4th anniversary gift ideas for himiPad • moonshineiHomepieapple TVgourmet caramel applesrose gold watch

Now, I came up with quite a few ideas that are pretty gender neutral and could be used as joint gifts.  Granted some of the gift ideas above are gender neutral.

4th wedding anniversary gift ideaswine making kit • champagne • fondue set • chocolate covered strawberriespotted fruit tree

A great surprise would to plant a flowering plant in your yard as a gift.  Whether your wife likes hydrangeas, tulips, or roses, I’m sure she’d be impressed if you went through the effort to plant one of her favorites to bloom in your yard year after year.

Maybe you and your spouse are more interested in doing something together rather than giving gifts.  If that’s the case, here are some fruit and flower ideas:
tour a botanical garden • wine tasting • weekend getaway at a vineyard b&b • trip to an orchard

Happy 4th anniversary to you and yours!

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Third Anniversary Gift Ideas {Leather Gift Ideas}

Today I’m sharing third anniversary gift ideas.  The traditional gift theme for the 3rd wedding anniversary is leather.  The modern gift theme is crystal.  But I’m only going to cover the traditional gifts so this post is all about leatha.

Let’s begin with the ladies.  While looking for ideas, I noticed that chicks have more colorful leather gift options than guys.  But while the ladies have more colorful options, men have a bigger selection of leather items.

third wedding anniversary gift ideas for herwatch • ballet flats • e-reader case • passport holderwallettotebracelet

Some other ideas for her:
plannerjewelry boxpouchwristlet

third wedding anniversary gift ideas for himwalletjournalpassport holder • iPad case • belt • briefcase • phone casewatch

Some other ideas for him:
valetbeer holstercuff link display casetie display casewatch display case • football • motorcycle jacket • travel kit • gloves

If your budget allows, you can always take your gifts to the next level.  Example: give your husband a football AND tickets to see his favorite college or NFL team.  Another example: give your wife a passport holder AND tickets to a surprise vacation in another country (or a cruise).  Just make sure she has a passport to put in the passport holder.

Since it’s your anniversary and all, it would be sweet to engrave or personalize the gift you purchase for your lover (assuming it can be engraved or personalized).  You could do this on the inside band of a watch, inside lining of a tote or briefcase, etc.

third anniversary gift ideas

Perhaps you and your spouse want to do a mutual gift.  Here are some ideas I came up with:
photo album • furniture • ottomanpicture framewine carrier

Happy third wedding anniversary to you and yours!

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