Second Anniversary Gift Ideas {Cotton Gift Ideas}

Our second wedding anniversary is coming up in less than a month.  I’ll save you the whole “Where has the time gone? It feels like we were married a week ago!” schpeel.

With anniversaries come anniversary gifts, and I’m all into the traditional gift ideas.  Call me crazy, but I like traditions.  Last year, for our first anniversary, the traditional gift was paper.  Brad got me an Indiana print I had been swooning over, and I got him (and me) tickets to a Zac Brown Band concert.

This year we’re moving on to cotton– the traditional second anniversary gift.  Apparently, cotton was chosen because by the time a couple reaches their second anniversary, they are more comfortable with each other.   Awww.  So I thought I’d share some cotton themed gift ideas with you.

second wedding anniversary gift ideas

This is a fun idea.  Take a map and stitch a heart around where you live, where you married, where you met, or whatever.  You could also stitch a little house around where your first home is located.

Cotton anniversary gift: Vintage map framed in 6" wooden hoop. Symbol hand-embroidered round your chosen location.source

Print something anniversary-ish onto cotton fabric and display it in a frame.

New- Modern Font Cotton Anniversary Gift-  Mr. and Mrs. Announcement, Perfect for Weddings, Engagements, Showers, Announcement

Give your love muffin a wedding photo printed on canvas.  Go an extra step and have your first dance song lyrics or vows printed on top of the canvas.

Gift Personalized Cotton Anniversary Gift photo words, lyrics, vows, memories Bridal 18X24

Nothing says “I love you, happy anniversary” like a monogrammed handkerchief.  Your beloved will no doubt think of you every time he or she cries or blows his or her nose.

Custom Embroidered Handkerchief Bridal Accessory Valentines Day Gift source

cable knit throw, a classic and timeless gift.  Go the extra mile and have it monogrammed.  This is one of my favorite cotton gift ideas because if you treat a blanket right (i.e. you don’t let your dog lay on it) it can last a lifetime.  If you’re a knitter, crocheter, or quilter you could make your own blanket to present to your lover.

ralph lauren blanketsource

For the fun-loving couple, Mr. and Mrs. mustache and lips throw pillows.

Mr and Mrs - Moustache and Lips Throw Pillow Cushion Cover - Perfect Wedding Gift For a Trendy Modern Couple

Keeping with the pillow theme, why not a monogrammed throw pillow?  Or you could get a pillow with your wedding date or last name or first names or initials printed or stitched on it.

MEMORIAL DAY SALE Monogrammed Coral Chevron Pillow Cover Monogram With Insert Embroidered Monogram 12 x 16 Personalized Gift Housewarming B

Brad and I aren’t robe people.  The only robes we own are from the Alaskan cruise we took with Brad’s family in 2006.  (They were a gift– we didn’t steal them.)  But, if you and your love are robe people, you can’t go wrong with Mr. and Mrs., His and Hers, or monogrammed robes.

Mr. and Mrs. Waffle Weave Robe Set wrap yourself in cotton luxury.

This one is for the ladies: a cotton clutch.  Just send this blog post to your husband and hint that you really like the last image.

gold pin dot clutch collection : bridal clutch, bridesmaid gift, evening bag, ivory, dusty rose and gray with metallic gold pin dots

Here are some other ideas I cooked up:
bedding setquilt • womens apronsheetsbath towelstea towelstablecloth

Over-achiever?  Check out these great third wedding anniversary gift ideas.  There’s no shame in planning next year’s anniversary gift.

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My Ugly Christmas Sweater (& More) Shop is Open!

That’s right, the ugly Christmas sweater (& more) shop is open!  You may remember that I opened the shop last year after wanting to open one for a year and a half.  I plan on using this year’s profits to invest in a new camera.  My current DSLR is going on 7 years.  It’s time for retirement.

I’m still adding sweaters and other items, so if you’re in the market for some fugliness, keep checking the shop.

Want to see some of my wares?  Of course you do!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

Ugly Christmas Vests!

Ugly Christmas Sweatshirts!

Ugly Christmas Turtlenecks!

Ugly Christmas Dresses and Overall Shorts!

If you or your friends are looking for a fabulous ugly Christmas sweater to wear this holiday season please visit my shop.

Are you attending an ugly Christmas sweater party this year?
Have you been to an ugly Christmas sweater party?  Pretty good time, right?

Single Rosette Necklace

Hey, friends!  Let me start by saying THANK YOU for all your wonderful comments and emails in regards to yesterday’s post.  I was apprehensive about publishing that post, but I’m thankful I did.  The blogging community (bloggers and non-bloggers alike) never ceases to amaze me.  I love you guys like emo boys love tight pants.

Now, on to today’s post.  My bloggy/Instagram/Twitter friend Jen, from Rellas Bellas, revealed her new brand redesign and an awesome new product this week.


She was kind enough to send me her new product– a single rosette necklace.  And I love it!  It’s perfect for adding a punch of color to any outfit, especially a boring t-shirt.  Seriously, add it to a plain t-shirt, and it will appear to others that you’re actually trying to look put together.  No one will even notice that you haven’t washed your hair in days, and you’re only wearing concealer.  All they’ll notice is the pretty necklace you’re wearing.  Trust me, I’m speaking from experience here.

Jen offers the necklace in a variety of colors and they’re only $12 each.
A handmade necklace for only $12, you say?  I know.  That’s basically unheard of.

4 single with logo

single back w logo

And because Jen is awesome, she’s offering you 10% off!  Just enter “SINGLEROSETTE10″ when you checkout.  The coupon code is good until Saturday, July 28th, so don’t dilly-dally.

I don’t know about you, but Christmas is coming faster than you know it (they already have Christmas stuff displayed at Hobby Lobby, people!).  Knock some of that shopping out of the way now and support small businesses like Rellas Bellas.

Feel free to stalk Jen!  Tell her I sent ya!  I’m sure she’ll be flattered.
What do you think of Jen’s new single rosette necklace?
Have you started Christmas shopping yet, you over-achiever, you?
How many days do you go between hair washings?
(I have curly hair so I have a legit excuse.)

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post.  All opinions are my own.  Boom.  

Colorful Bathroom Printable {Free Printable} {Word Art}

Last Monday I showed you our guest bathroom makeover.  Well, I’m back today to share the So Fresh, So Clean bathroom print with you.  

The print is an 8×10.  You can print it at your house or at a local print place like Costco or FedEx Office.  I recommend printing on card stock.  Please don’t ask me if you can print it at specific stores because I don’t know.  Call the store and ask.  There was your Chelsea keeps it real moment of the day.

Click on the image to go to the download page.  Don’t worry, the two twenty one watermark and grey border will not be on the download version.

Interested in other colors?  Fantastic!  I’ve got you covered.  I’m offering more colors in my Etsy shop. The $3.49 digital downloads (you download ‘em, you print ‘em) are 8×10.If you see one you like below, click on it and it will take you to that listing in my Etsy shop.

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Etsy Window Shopping

Sometimes when I get bored I go window shopping on Etsy.  You should try it.  I went window shopping the other day and found some pretty fantastic stuff.  And because I’m nice person who believes in sharing, I’m going to show you some of the things I found.  You’re welcome.

I love this pillow.  Actually, I love all the pillows by Honey Pie Designs.

If you haven’t heard of 
Katie Daisy (or seen her work) you probably live under a rock.  I love her prints.  I don’t see how anyone can look at them and not be happy.

It would be super if these fleur de sel caramels appeared in my mailbox one day.  They wouldn’t last very long though.

Did you know that you can get a custom portrait of your pet?  Jack won’t stop asking us to get one for him.  Such a vain dog he is.

An Indiana shaped pillow?  Yes, please!

You guys.  This handbag would look amazing on my shoulder.

I love this love sign.

Do you ever aimlessly browse Etsy?
What’s your favorite Etsy shop?
Any big plans for Valentine’s Day?
I have a date with my hair stylist.  I love her and the things she does to my hair, so I figured why not see her on V Day.  Just kidding.  Well, kinda.  She straightens my hair, and Brad likes that, so my hair will be his Valentine’s Day present.  Double-duty!

Open: My Ugly Christmas Sweater Shop!

I did it.  I finally opened my ugly Christmas sweater shop on Etsy!

  This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a year and a half, but I was always too busy (wedding, job, wedding) to do it.  I decided to take the plunge because I wanted to share my fugtastic finds with other jolly people.  Well, that, and let’s face it, Brad graduates from grad school next month (yay, student loans!), and I took a mandatory pay cut this year (yay, budget cuts!).  So the potential added income from these festive creations would be nice.

Wanna see some of my wares?  

Teddy Bear SweaterDancing Reindeer Sweater
Snowmen SweaterSanta Sweater
A his and hers matching sweater set!
Matching Sweaters
I look like a total hillbilly in these vests.  Next time I’ll wear more than a tank underneath.
Christmas Vest 1Christmas Vest 2
Maybe I should have put on one of these festive turtlenecks first.

Christmas TreesPoinsettias

So if you or your friends are looking for a fabulous ugly Christmas sweater to wear this holiday season please visit my shop.  And because I love you all so much, I’m including a free gift with each sweater purchased by one of my blog followers!  Just include in the “message to seller” section that you’re a two twenty one follower.