Christmasfied Card Catalog

card catalog for christmas

I never blogged my Christmasfied card catalog last year.  To be honest, it hasn't changed much from how I decorated it in 2012.  I know, like with my Christmas tree, I'm super predictable when it comes to my Christmas decorations.  I'm going to try really hard next year to switch things up. Plus, I'm weird when it comes to decorating the card … [Read more...]

Our 2014 Christmas Tree

white christmas tree 1

I feel like Christmas snuck up on me this year.  It's probably because I'm not nearly as busy this year as I was last year because I was in full on Christmas mode before Thanksgiving last year.  Or maybe it's because I'm too busy being obsessed with my kid.  Whatever the case, I'm lucky I got our Christmas tree up this year.  I just wasn't feeling … [Read more...]

Christmas Cards + Minted Giveaway

owen christmas card

Spoiler alert for family and friends: these are the Christmas cards you'll be receiving from us this holiday season.  Just act surprised when you get yours in the mail. As you can see, I went with a photo of Owen in his adorable fair isle romper.  I couldn't get a smile out of him during the three different photo shoots we had.  Next year we're … [Read more...]

Christmas Tradition: Salt Dough Ornament

o 2

One thing I looked forward to after learning I was pregnant right before Christmas last year was celebrating the holidays with a little one. Friends have told me that Christmas is so much more special once you have a child, and now I can see where they're coming from. With the holidays comes traditions, and I'm looking forward to continuing … [Read more...]

Christmas Front Porch

christmas front porch at night

I finished up our outdoor Christmas decorations over the weekend.  In years past we've decorated the shrubbery in front of our house and garage but this year I'm using the baby as an excuse for scaled back decorations.  Kind of like how I blamed being super busy and tired (didn't know I was pregnant at the time-- hah) last year. Last month I … [Read more...]

Christmas Tablescape

silver and blue centerpiece

Confession: This was last year's Christmas tablescape.  And FYI, my spellcheck is lighting up "tablescape", indicating that it is not, in fact, a word but I don't care. Tablescape, tablescape, tablescape. Yeah, so I never shared this last year because the holiday season of 2013 was straight up bananas for me.  I was working my day job, newly … [Read more...]