Organized Cleaning And Gardening Caddies

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With spring comes spring cleaning and organization.  So I decided to whip up some organized cleaning and gardening caddies to help me stay organized and to make household tasks a little more streamlined.  To give them a little more flare (and for it to be obvious to Brad when I ask him to grab the bathroom caddy), I created stencils and labeled each caddy.

Organized cleaning and gardening caddies!  Easy to make and inexpensive!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own stenciled caddies:

• cleaning caddy (you can find them here)
• wax paper
• ScotchBlue Edge Lock painter’s tape
• spray paint

I started by grabbing the wax paper and painter’s tape.  I adhered the tape to the wax paper, slightly overlapping the tape.

painters tape stencil

This is how the backside looked.

making a stencil out of painters tape

Then, I cut the stencil out using my electronic cutting machine.  If you don’t have one, you can either stencil the letters onto the tape/wax paper and cut them out or print the word, cut it out, trace it onto the tape/wax paper, and cut it out.

scotchblue painters tape stencil

Then I carefully peeled the wax paper off of the painter’s tape.

making a stencil

This is what it looked like when I was done peeling.

scotchblue painters tape stencil

Next, I adhered the painter’s tape stencil to the caddy.

how to stencil with painters tape

Then it was time for some spray paint.  I’m a Rustoleum girl all the way, so I used their Ultra Cover 2X coverage spray paint in satin blossom white.  See, it even binds to plastic.

label cleaning caddy

Here’s how it looked after one coat.

I ended up doing two coats, and removing the stencil before the second coat dried.  This is important.  If you wait too long, and let the paint dry, you can risk pulling the paint off with the stencil.

bath stencil

I filled the bathroom caddy with all my bathroom cleaning supplies– Windex, paper towels, magic erasers, toilet bowl cleaner, disinfecting spray, disinfecting wipes, gloves, and a cleaning brush.  Using the caddy is so much easier than lugging all those supplies into our bathrooms by the armful.

organized bathroom cleaning caddy

I decided to make another caddy– an organized gardening caddy.  Now I can just grab the caddy and work in the flower beds.  The gardening caddy has everything I need– kneeling pad, hedge trimmers, garden shears, scissors, trowel, transplanter, cultivator, and gloves.  This will make going from plant to plant so much easier.

garden caddy

I also made a car washing caddy.  We used to store everything in a bucket, but we would always have to take all of the stuff out of the bucket to put the water and soap in to wash the cars, and then we’d have to wait for the bucket to dry to put everything back in.  Annoying.  Now, we can just grab the caddy and a bucket and we’re ready to clean our cars– inside and out.

car wash caddy

To help with your spring cleaning, organizing, and gardening, I’m giving away a $50 The Home Depot eGiftCard!

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  1. Ashley Bee says

    I would use a $50 Home Depot gift card to replace a few bushes that did not survive the epic winter. Gotta keep up the curb appeal! :)

  2. Diana Boso says

    We would use the $50 to buy some plants for the walkway up to our house. We are renters, but still want/need to make the place beautiful :)

  3. says

    I actually have one of those caddies and I need a few more! They’re so handy! I would join, but I don’t have a personal FB page, just my shop. BTW, if you’re interested, I’m having a HomemadeSoapnSuch Giveaway, open until Friday night, three winners, no hoops to jump through. Check CranberryMorning, any post, all this week.

    LOVE your stenciling job on those caddies. I need to do that!

    • Jada Baker says

      I would use the $50 gift card to spruce up my front yard area. Perhaps some flowers in hanging pots to use on my double shepherd’s hook. I’m out of a job, so this would be a fun way to spend some dollars!

  4. says

    My husband would want me to save this for when we move from apartment to house in 5 months, but I’d want to spend on plants RIGHT NOW!

  5. Renee Johnson says

    I just moved into my new house two days ago… I’ve found a few things I need from Home Depot… 😉

  6. Hannah says

    I would buy shelves! My boyfriend and I are moving in together in August, and our apartment is tiiiiiiny. We need all the storage we can get!

  7. Amie says

    I like the gardening caddy. My husband and I anyways make 50 tedious to the garage for different tools when we work in the yard, and invariably we leave some tool in the yard and it rains. The caddy would make it easier to get everything back in the garage.

  8. Kaitlyn says

    We would use the gift card toward our long and growing list of home improvement projects! Sprucing up the yard, retiling the fireplace, building side tables…and much more!

    Love the blog!!

  9. Katherine Kelly says

    We’re buying a house! I think I’d spend the $50 on some great new plants & shrubs so we can have fun landscaping this summer. :)

  10. says

    I would use the gift card to buy some plants for my window boxes. My house was originally white then sometime before we bought it, the previous owners had it painted a brownish green (sounds gross, but it’s actually not bad). But they didn’t bother taking the six screws out of the iron window boxes to paint behind them; therefore, when the window boxes are empty (as they have been for the entire 4 years we’ve lived there) you can see the white paint peeking out from behind them. Not too pretty. So, I would use the gift card to buy pretty flowers to distract from the horrible paint job (or lack thereof). Thanks for doing this giveaway!! :)

  11. Ryan Nicole says

    We are currently remodeling our basement bathroom, and Home Depot is our go-to spot weekely! We could use this to help purchase the fixtures!

  12. Katelynn says

    I would use it to spruce up our front yard, we just bought our first home (and had our second baby) and the front of the house needs some serious TLC! :)

  13. Carrie Robinson says

    I iust rented a bldg. To open my own nail salon. Just about ready to do some serious cleaning and painting. This gift card would be a blessing!

  14. robyn says

    we would use the gift card to repaint our terrace and buy flowers/ plants for out there! Trying to spruce it up and make it pretty after the long awful winter we had up here in NYC!

  15. Kendra says

    Our flowerbeds need a serious makeover. $50 would be disappear in minutes in the HD garden dept!

  16. says

    We are starting to do some work to our back yard, so I would put the gift card toward some new flowers or pavers to line the flower bed!

  17. Katherine T says

    What a cute idea to organize the not so cute or fun cleaning supplies! I would use the $50 gift card to buy paint – lots of paint.

  18. Hannah C. says

    We’re waiting to hear if an offer on our first house was accepted – so, hopefully *fingers crossed* it will be used for paint :)

  19. Angie h. says

    I’d get some much-needed paint! The weather is getting so much warmer and I’d love to re-do my bedroom set. I know exactly which color I’d choose too.

  20. Sonda says

    I would use the $50 Home Depot card to buy paint for my new craft room and a blind for my kitchen window :)

  21. Linda says

    Great ideas!
    I would use the gift card for my hubby’s father’s day gift. He needs a new lawn chair & table.

  22. april says

    We are house hunting right now, so we would put it towards something for a new house….like locks, paint, etc.

  23. Staci says

    I would love to get our outdoors spruced up! We have nothing out there now and it’s a little sad.

  24. Vicki Austad says

    A Home Depot gift card would help me take care of a long overdue project. I’d buy some paint + supplies to spruce up an old, but well loved bookshelf. I bought it at a garage sale in 1985 – (almost 30 years ago!) for just five dollars! Someone built it by hand and did a great job because it’s (still) very sturdy. It’s big too, at almost 5′ tall and over 3′ wide. But it is UGLY! Prior to me owning the bookshelf It was painted at least 3 times, 3 different colors (yellow, light brown and gray). I plan to remove all the old paint, fill in scratches and nicks, sand it, and then paint it Navy blue. I’m so excited to finally give this old piece some TLC. Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. Lori says

    New shrubs in front of our bay window. Doesn’t look like the Holly bushes survived the rough winter we had!

  26. Sarah says

    I especially like the gardening caddy! I’d definitely be spending that Home Depot money on some gardening supplies. I could spend every other day there, ogling the plants and such.

  27. says

    Love this project! Although I do vinyl for my biz, I love that you chose to paint this! I have several of these bins with a variety of items (cleaning, car, pets, even a separate one for the bathroom cleaning supplies). This is a great use for marking each one without having to look at the contents! Thank you for sharing!

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