Free Printable: Medications Allowed During Pregnancy

When I first found out I was knocked up I wasn’t taking any medications, other than my daily vitamin.  I’ve always been one of those people who goes by the mantra the less medications, the better.  Obviously, if I had a medical condition I’d take medication recommended to me by my doctor but since I don’t have a medical condition I try to limit my pill popping.  I plan to continue this less is better mantra throughout my pregnancy.  I take my prenatal vitamins daily, and I’ve had Tylenol a few times for headaches and Tums for heartburn, but that’s about it.

But I was curious about what medications I could take while pregnant because I’ve heard so many preggos complain about not being able to take anything.  When I googled what medications were allowed during pregnancy I found it hard to find a concise, printable list.  So I was happy when the nurse at my OB/GYN’s office gave me a hand out with a list of medications allowed during pregnancy in my welcome packet, but it wasn’t the prettiest.  I’ll give them one bonus point for using a colored of piece of paper though.  But I decided to take it upon myself to create a jazzy version of the handout.

And because sharing is caring, here is the list for you or for that special preggo in your life.
(Click on the image to go to the download page.)

medications allowed during pregnancy

I have to say, I don’t know what all these preggos were whining about.  You can take pain relievers (Tylenol), cold medicine (Robitussin, etc.), antibiotics (Amoxicillin), and even Ambien (although I don’t require Ambien).  What else could one need?

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a doctor.  I received this list of allowed medications from my OB/GYN.  If you’re concerned, take this list to your doctor and have him/her approve it for you.  I am not liable if you use Tucks (or any of the other medications listed on the printable) and you’re not supposed to.


  1. says

    I think that the complaints come from people like me who don’t necessarily want to use lots of the medications, even if they make the list. It’s just not something I felt comfortable with and I was very cautious about what I put in my body. Mostly, I just sucked it up and when it got really bad, I texted my pharmacist on call. (Ha. Thank God for Michelle.)

    Hopefully you won’t have any sicknesses or issues this pregnancy and you don’t have to worry about the list at all. =) Fingers crossed.

    • says

      Oh yeah, I totally get that. But if I was miserable with a cold and couldn’t sleep, I’d take some approved cough syrup and Mucinex in order to have some relief. I don’t think a couple days of using some cough medicines and throat lozenges is going to be that detrimental. I’ve been congested during the majority of my pregnancy (hello, mouth breathing at night) but I haven’t taken anything because it hasn’t gotten bad enough.

  2. says

    Well, none of those fix a migraine! I had to go 100% off all my migraine preventatives and pain relievers if I actually got one, and since I’m prone to them multiple times a week, it was incredibly rough.

    Lucky you that you have practically zero pain or illnesses so far!

  3. says

    You’re awesome! I’m not pregant (yet), but this is so helpful and I’m certain I will print it off, and probably the save the image on my phone for a quick reference. Thanks, Chelsea!

  4. Brittany says

    Your doctor lets you take a lot more than my doctor takes which is proof that everyone doctor is different! I can still take something for each of those issues but some of my options are different from yours. Like, my doctor said absolutely no “D” form of allergy medicine because it can make your heart race which I already knew about since I had an issue with it before. I wish my printout looked as cute, lol!

    A week or so ago I had AWFUL heartburn and consulted my list of options and my doctor had a list of ingredients as well as medicines I could take. We didn’t have the recommended meds so I consulted the ingredients list but with what felt like a dragon breathing fire into my chest it was hard to focus LOL! I ended up calling my dad and having him go get me tums since I didn’t have a vehicle to get myself there. Pharmacist recommended tums smoothies mixed berry and they are THE BEST. Regular tums can suck it — so I just wanted to add that out there for anyone who hates regular tums. Smoothies are less chalky and taste better ladies!!

    • says

      You’re completely right– every doctor is different. And I’m sure every pharmacist is different. If I do get sick I’ll consult my personal pharmacist (my stepdad) just to be sure of what I should take. In my opinion, you can never be too safe and it doesn’t hurt to double check.

      Really? I got mixed berry Smoothies (I HATE the chalkiness of regular Tums) and I didn’t feel like they were as effective as the regular off-brand Tums I have. Glad the Smoothies have worked for you though! I have to say that I didn’t think I’d have heartburn this bad so early on. I can only imagine what it’ll be like toward the end.

      • Brittany says

        I wasn’t expecting heartburn this early on either. I’ve really only had it twice and I think it was brought on by the fact that I was eating something spicy FAST because I was super hungry. I say FAST because I’ve been chowing down on these southwest egg rolls like it’s nobodys business and never had a problem until I ate them fast. I’ve since had them and no issues, lol. I thought the mixed berry smoothie tums were way better because they were less chalky and therefore more got into my system versus regular chalky tums that always seem to be in my teeth and blegh. Thinking about it just grosses me out. I hate tums lol.

  5. andrea says

    you are so lucky to not have needed much medication. I get terrible migraines (sometimes lasting multiple days), and the only medication that helps me is definitely not safe to take while pregnant. the only thing my doctor recommended to safely provide migraine relief is an ice pack over my eyes, temples, and forehead. maybe this can help other migraine sufferers out there…
    thank you so much for posting all the safe meds in one place for all to see :)

  6. Emily says

    Thanks for sharing…I’m definitely saving this for when I am (hopefully) pregnant someday and will run it by my doctor just to make sure.

  7. Bukky says

    I’m also not prone to pop meds unless absolutely needed. But I’ll be preggo during my heaviest allergy seasons, so I needed to clarify what I could take. Can take my Zyrtec but none of my nasal spray. :-( But the list my OB/Gyn office gave was super helpful. Not as pretty to look at though, so I’m def printing yours. Thanks!!

  8. says

    Just for clarification, this is for the first trimester on through to the end, right? I am currently pregnant with my second baby and was not given any options with my first as we were overseas, so horrible headaches and heartburn weren’t what I had in mind or looking forward to dealing with without some slight help.

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