Target Cartwheel App + $1,000 Target Gift Card Giveaway

Have you heard about the new(ish) Target Cartwheel program? If you haven’t, you’re missing out. I discovered it a couple months ago through a friend, and it’s pretty awesome.

What is this Target greatness? It’s a money-saving program that can be used on your computer, tablet, mobile web, or iPhone and Droid. The program includes over 700 coupons to use on in-store purchases. And if you’re a big couponer, you’re able to use Cartwheel with any other Target discounts or coupons, manufacturers’ coupons, and your REDcard discount.

Target Cartwheel App

I use the iPhone Cartwheel app. Here’s what it looks like on my phone.

Each barcode generated by Cartwheel is unique to the guest and holds all of the offers on their Cartwheel list.

Target cartwheel app

There are categories for every section in the store– from grocery to the Target cafe.

photo 5

Here are some of the offers available in the home section.

target cartwheel

If you find a coupon you think you’ll use, add it to your Cartwheel and you’re ready to go. When you’re checking out, have the guest services person scan the barcode (after scanning any other coupons, discounts, etc.) and all the discounts on your list will be applied.

photo 1

Another cool feature is when you’re shopping in the store, using either the iPhone or Droid apps, you can scan any barcode in store to see if that item has a Cartwheel offer on it. Pretty cool, huh?

There are different extras with the app, like collections and badges.

Cartwheel collections are curated lists of offers that make it easy for you on the go to add items to your list. The collections are created to support seasonal offerings and categorical offers (grocery, women’s apparel, baby items, etc.).

Badges are a fun way to earn more spots on your Cartwheel list. They are awarded for reaching savings milestones ($10, $25, $50, etc.), interacting with Cartwheel (example: adding an offer from a collection to your list), and via social sharing (an invited friend who joins Cartwheel). For each badge that is earned, a new spot on your Cartwheel list is opened.

photo 4

One more thing, you are able to use your Facebook login to sign up with Cartwheel. This enables you to see what offers your friends have on their Cartwheel lists in the app experience as well as via Facebook’s open graph stories. I, personally, don’t log in through Facebook (I log in with my account) because I don’t want my business all over Facebook. But if you want to use your Facebook login, but do not want your Cartwheel activity posted to Facebook, you can manage that by not allowing Facebook to post on your behalf during the authentication process. You can manage this at any time via the app privacy settings. You can also add any offer to your list as “private.” This will keep from any story being posted to Facebook about that offer.

Now, who wants to win a $1,000 Target GiftCard®?

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment and tell me, your favorite offers in Cartwheel!

Sweepstakes Rules:

No duplicate comments.

You may receive (2) total entries by selecting from the following entry methods:

  1. Leave a comment in response to the sweepstakes prompt on this post
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This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older. Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. The notification email will come directly from BlogHer via the sweeps@blogher email address. You will have 72 hours to respond; otherwise a new winner will be selected.

The Official Rules are available here.

This sweepstakes runs from 1/30 – 2/28.

Be sure to visit the Target Cartwheel brand page on where you can read other bloggers’ posts!


Stalk away!


  1. Tracey says

    I love this app! I have used it many times. My current favorite offers on threshold rugs as I have been eyeing a rug for my laundry room for a while.

  2. says

    I LOVE CARTWHEEL! I’ve saved about $150 since I started using it in July! (And I love that it tells me how much I’ve saved–genius!)

    My favorite offers are the one day onlys because they are usually 25%+ off items and are often stacked with other coupon/sale offers. Since I am at Target a few times a week, I love taking advantage of these offers. Thanks!

  3. christine says

    I love Cartwheel! It just expired, but I used the 5% off Simply Balanced Organic milk offer so many times, I lost count!

  4. Lisa says

    LOVE Cartwheel! I’ve been using it since the fall and have saved close to $30. I used it MANY times to receive 5% off the Simply Balanced organic milk. It just expired. Boo…..

  5. Trilby says

    Can’t wait to start using this! It makes saving money much more accessible to the working person who doesn’t have time to scour the paper for coupons or the best deals. Thanks for the info!

  6. Megan says

    Um, I would LOVE $1k to Target! I’ve been using Cartwheel since it was released. I love the deals on home decor, especially from their Threshold line.

  7. Lisa says

    I just started using cartwheel and am loving it! I love that there are discounts for everything from clothes to food.

  8. says

    I love Cartwheel! I had no idea you could scan items to see if they had an offer – that’s awesome! My favorite offer right now is the 20% of the One Spot :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Julie says

    I love Cartwheel! Can’t wait to get my hands on one of the 15% off Smith & Hawken baskets to hold books in my baby’s nursery (due in 2 weeks)! I’m thinking a Threshold Area Rug would look good in there too…!

  10. Lauren says

    Cartwheel + REDCard is a great combination! I love that eggs and milk are always on there. Plus fresh fruits and veggies, which you can never clip coupons for the grocery store.

  11. Lauren k says

    My favorite deals are the ones for things I’m already going to buy. It was PRICELESS around Christmas time with all of my baking – EVERYTHING – from flour to butter to sugar to sprinkles – was an extra 5-15% off!

  12. Melissa Saenz says

    I am also one of the many who love using Cartwheel and my REDCard to save even more! I love the coupons for clothes! I have an obsession with cardigans, lol. Thanks for the giveaway! : )

  13. Christine McDonald says

    I just started using the cartwheel app also & love it. I love when Coke products are on the app. I’m a diet coke addict!

  14. Erin says

    I love this app! My favorite part is that i can check right there in the aisle if something I want is on sale – helps curb (or justify) impulse buys!

  15. Brandi Tay says

    I have saved a lot with Cartwheel and stacking coupons! I recently used their Valentine’s Day offers to get some great items for my son to give his classmates :)

  16. STEPHANIE says

    my favorite cartwheel offers always include anything in the home department? i LOVE everything threshold :) unfortunately, i dont live near a store so i hope cartwheel comes to soon!

  17. Elizabeth Rose says

    I’m happy to finally know what this app is all about. I just installed it and felt like I was able to make my shopping list right it in–there were so many household offers! My favorite was 20% off Hasbro Mousetrap game–I’ve been wanting to buy that one for my kiddos birthdays! :)

  18. Susan R says

    I like that cartwheel is offering Valentine’s day discounts. I also like the new feature of being able to scan an item and it will show if there are any cartwheel discounts. It is great that you can you manufacturer coupons, text coupons, website coupons and cartwheel all together!

  19. says

    I love this app, I seem to use it a lot for my baby with his diapers, food and clothing and of course I have a red card to get additional savings, I like to tell my husband how much I’m “saving” by shopping at Target!!

  20. Jennifer McClenny says

    I mostly use cartwheel for groceries, but I have used it towards c
    lothing purchases for my kids. I’ve even used it in the cafe to get a discount on popcorn and soda!

  21. Allison@ Hadley and Hudson says

    I LOVE the Cartwheel app! I use it all of the time to buy little things for the kids. I recently bought random things like a belt and socks, looked in the app, and both were on sale : )

  22. Kelly Alexander says

    Love this app!! I use it all the time, my favorite coupon got me 50% off 600 thread count Threshold sheets!

  23. Kristy Taylor says

    I love love love Target Cart wheel!! I just used the 25% brand and got my girls some clothes:) I love using my Target debit card to save the additional 5%! Let’s be honest I just LOVE target!! 😉

  24. says

    Whooo! I love Cartwheel, almost as much as I love Target! I love using it for household items.

    I didn’t know you could scan the barc odes on items, thanks for that!!

  25. says

    My favorite coupon so far on the Cartwheel app was when they had towels and rugs on sale-I was buying for my new house and saved a lot of money with the combo! I use it frequently and always check if what I am buying has a coupon.

  26. Amy says

    I love this app!! I’m probably going to use the 15% off of Merona Women’s assorted shirts. I’m digging the button down look under cardis!

  27. Julie says

    I’m obsessed with this app!!! My husband hates it of course but he should be glad that I’m trying to save money!,

  28. Kendra says

    Not that I needed another reason to love Target or visit weekly, but I love a cartwheel! I earned my $25 badge yesterday!

  29. Kristen W. says

    I’m excited about the 15% off Cherokee for kids because my daughter needs some new clothes for spring and summer!

  30. Jill Cote says

    Love the Cartwheel app! They always have great items for 20%+ off. I’ve already saved almost $75.00! Love the 20% off One Spot :)

  31. Jennifer Mautz says

    I absolutely LOVE the Cartwheel app! Since I frequently shop at Target (a little too much) I love that you can stack the cartwheel savings on top of Manufacture coupons as well as Target coupons allowing to save BIG!!!
    My favorite offers are the one day offers, you can usually snatch up really good savings. Also, the offers that are ending soon are great too, I usually search for those first because if you wait a little til right before they end, those items sometimes are on sale saving you even more money. .. Such a great app!

  32. Shantel Hickle says

    I love Target and the cartwheel app! I’ve been using it for months. It’s awesome that it can be combined with store sales, coupons, and the Red card discount!!

  33. Alena says

    I have been using the Cartwheel app for awhile. I love the savings and stacking with other coupons. I like it when they have a 10% Target Cafe ICEE discount!

  34. Noel M says

    I just updated my cartwheel coupons this morning! I especially appreciate the discounts on target brand diapers since becoming a mom :)

  35. Tiara Lynn says

    I’ve only just started to figure it out and I’ve used Cartwheel a couple times now. Just the other day I picked up some new clothes for my kiddos and saved an extra 25%, and saved 20% off all the fun one spot items I grabbed. :-)

  36. brit says

    Cartwheel is awesome! I always seem to score household products like dish soap at a discount with Cartwheel. It often prompts me to try something new too, which is always fun!

  37. christina Tuohey says

    I just used the 20% off any car seat coupon on cartwheel! Saved $20! I love that you can add coupons, on your phone or desktop.

  38. Miranda says

    I love, love, love Target and their Cartwheel app. I have saved $70.00 since about August. I Love the discounts on produce. 5% off berries. Heck yeah! Where else are you going to get a discount on produce and get 5% off with your RedCard too. N ♥ w/ Target

  39. marin d says

    I haven’t ever used the Cartwheel App. I had it on my old phone but never tried it because I got a new phone shortly after. I guess I will have to check it out again. I like anything that saves me money on household stuff.

  40. Marcia says

    I like the discounts for frozen food and veggies. Except I always forget to use the app when I’m actually at Target. Oops!

  41. says

    I’ve been using Target Cartwheel for months. It’s such a great way to boost savings when coupons might be a little dried up, alternatively, I love that you can stack the cartwheel on top of both manu and store coupons. Between the cartwheel, target coupons, manu coupons, pharmacy rewards, AND the redcard – I save 45-50% on each trip to Target.

  42. Emily says

    I love shopping at target, but the closest store is an hour away. Therefore, I don’t shop there often. I haven’t tried this appbut it looks worthwhile.

  43. Karen McAdams says

    Love the discounts off produce (though I must admit, I shop at aldi because it is so much cheaper!), but I may just have to use the 15% off threshold rugs! I just got rid of my living room one and haven’t purchased yet.

  44. Kristin De Guzman says

    Love this app! Best part is being able to use your phone vs. clipping/sorting through a mess of coupons. Also, you can update while you’re in the store!

  45. Susan says

    I did not realize you earned extra spots with the badges. Great info!
    I’m all about the grocery section, it’s crazy the amount I can save.
    I love that I can use manufacturer coupons, printable coupons, my REDcard and now Cartwheel all at the same time. That’s 4X the savings :)

  46. Hannah says

    I just got the cartwheel app a couple weeks ago and I love it! The best part id that you can usr it with other coupons as well!

  47. says

    I love the grocery offers. I have saved so much since a lot of the cartwheel offers cover things that there usually aren’t coupons for (produce, baking supplies, etc.)

  48. Amy says

    I love the Target Cartwheel app. I check it before I shop at Target to find the best discounts available. No more juggling paper coupons which I normally end up losing before I get to the store. So handy to have it right on my iphone.

  49. Alyssa D says

    I have been using this app for a couple of months now. In the beginning, I had a few glitches with it but they seem to be worked out now! My favorite offer I redeemed was for 25% off a handbag, but I use the ones for canned goods and frozen vegetables on pretty much a weekly basis!

  50. Rachel says

    Favorite used coupon: 50% off 500 thread count sheets.
    Favorite currently available: 5% off TVs! Gonna go get one Friday!

  51. Jessica Homan says

    I didn’t know about the feature to scan an item in store, and it will tell you if it’s on cartwheel. That’s handy. :)

    For my entry:
    We use the UP and UP coupon the most. Our favorite, the diapers. We would use them even without the coupon, so it’s nice to save a little more with them.

    Love love the 20% off the little section in the front of the store.

    The 20% of the tassimo coffee, even though it’s hard to find said coffee in store.

    Also want to take advantage of the 15% Rubbermaid lunch blox sets, the sets we use for our kids bento boxes.

    And was looking at the 5% off cupcake goldfish Graham’s for the kids to take as valentines this year.

  52. Terry says

    I recently learned about this app. I love all things Target. I hit the home decor before I hit any other department.

  53. Suzanne T. says

    Love this app, have a hard time remembering to since a lot of my trips are last minute. Use it mostly for savings on groceries, but I find a lot of savings on other things I “need” while I’m looking.

  54. Kathryn Campbell says

    Thanks for telling me about this app. Guess I’ve been living under a rock cause I didn’t know about it!
    The 20% off one spot sounds good!

  55. says

    My favorite offer was last week when they had a bunch of baby sales. I got some circo onsies for 25% off. I figured that was a good place to start hoarding things for baby.

  56. Jenna P says

    I love Cartwheel! I’ve already saved almost $30 in the last couple of months. My favotrite savings are on groceries….so many great deals :)

  57. Alexandra leftwich says

    I use cartwheel every time I shop at target! I love when they offer 40% off women’s clothes. Plus they always have eggs and milk on there.

  58. Jessica says

    I love this app! I love the threshold offers, though I don’t discriminate! I’ve saved over $260 so far! It’s so addicting!

  59. says

    I love shopping at Target (a.k.a. my Happy Place) AND saving money there with Cartwheel. Combine that with deals, mobile coupons, Target coupons and manufacturer coupons. …wowza! Talk about savings. Some of my favorite Cartwheel offers are for the dollar section. :-)

  60. sarah says

    I love love love the cartwheel app. My favorite save was over Christmas for my little pony. I use it all the time for milk and laundry detergent and I have been eyeing some new rugs with the latest discount.

  61. Liz says

    I love it! Just saved a few dollars with it last night. My favorite current offers are the 10% off orbit 3 packs and the 10% off Method hand soaps.

  62. Janelle says

    Before reading this, I didn’t know that Cartwheel could be used on your home computer too! I’m probably one of the last people without a smart phone, so didn’t know I could use Cartwheel. I’d love to use it on home décor and/or if they have any savings for groceries!

  63. Amanda F says

    I love the Cartwheel app! I usually use it to add to my grocery savings but today I used it on some frames too!

  64. Sam McIntyre says

    My husband and I are expecting our first child this summer and I love using the Cartwheel app to get discounts off of baby supplies that I will be using when the baby comes!!!!

  65. Tricia C says

    I pretty much love everything about it :) Anything that makes life easier and saves me money is awesome in my world! LOL! But if I had to choose 1 thing, it would be saving in my kids’ clothing!

  66. Karen K-H says

    I love using the Cartwheel app. I literally search everything before I add it to my cart while walking around the store!

  67. kelly jackson says

    LOVE it! I’ve saved over $250 since last May using the Cartwheel app. I use it for groceries, home decor, clothing…you name it :)

  68. Brie says

    I think it’ll be harder to not visit Target more often! I’m drawn to the Smith and Hawken home décor on the Cartwheel site. :)

  69. Alyson says

    Oh how I love the Target Cartwheel app, let me count the ways… I saved a ton of money on clothes for my toddler just recently cartwheel had 15% off Cherokee and Ciro clothing that was already marked down on clearance plus I was able to take an additional 5% with my Target Red Card! I have never been so excited replenish my sons wardrobe after a crazy growth spurt!
    I feel like no matter what I’m shopping for there is always a coupon on Cartwheel and for that I’m so very thankful for!

  70. Lisa says

    I love cartwheel! I have saved over $150 using it and it couldn’t be easier! My current favorite offer is the 15% off women’s outerwear. I got an $80 winter coat on clearance with the cartwheel for $20!!!

  71. Carol says

    I love the Target Cartwheel App! I have used it for many different things and with my Target Red Card to get an extra 5% off as well! One of my favorite ways to save with the Cartwheel app is on something that is on sale or clearance and then use the cartwheel app and the red card on top of that for maximum savings. My husband and I just purchased our first home so we have been taking advantage of a lot of the home essentials and furniture savings. Right now we are replacing light bulbs and there is a great 25% GE Reveal Light Bulbs on the cartwheel app that we will be taking full advantage of!

  72. Amy B says

    I have Cartwheel and LOVE it. Target is so great to help us save in so many ways and letting us “stack” our discounts.

  73. Natalie C says

    Great app, I was not familiar with it, but this will be useful, I love all the deals on home items, very helpful as my fiance and I will be starting with the bare minimum when we move in together in June

  74. Cheryl Newton says

    I like the 15% off Threshold rugs, because the floors under the dining table and in the kitchen are naked!

  75. says

    Seriously, it’s kind of embarrassing to say I’ve saved almost $70 in Cartwheel in less than 6 months. But I’ll take it because saving money is soo cool

    I usually check it most mornings and check to make sure there aren’t any KILLER deals – if there’s a 40% off or bigger coupon on there, I’ll usually make a trip to get whatever it is. What can I say, I’m an easy sell.

    I’m not sure if my stuff is posted to FB or not (they didn’t have the option to NOT do facebook when I started), so I’m glad you posted how to turn that off. DONE!

  76. Tamar says

    I haven’t installed it since I am a stupidphone, not a smart phone. My husband is the one who needs to install it but he’s not here yet so I hope that’s ok to still enter.

  77. Andrea S. says

    I just found out about this app through your blog, and I can’t believe I didn’t know about it until now. I love Target, and this just gives me an excuse to shop there even more. (; My current favorite offers are all of the Valentine’s coupons, especially the ones for Dove Chocolate, and Valentine’s Day Sprinkles!

  78. Misee Lee says

    I have only been using cartwheel since Dec 2013 and have saved over $83 using this app. I have purchased items such as household, clothing, and groceries that I actually need and not items that I will just have laying around collecting dust.

    My favorite offers right now are the Giada gadgets @ 30 percent discount and maternity apparel @ 40 percent off. Amazing savings!

  79. Terri Herman says

    My sister uses the heck out of her cartwheel app! She is always sharing her deals on fb. I just added the 5% off TVs to my cartwheel.

  80. Claire H. says

    I love the Cartwheel app! I saved 50% on an already-on-sale toy at Christmastime, and 40% off boots in a flash one-day deal.

  81. Erin says

    I love the cartwheel app! I’m also loving the 15% off Threshold comforters, since I’m in the market for guest bedding! :)

  82. Kesha says

    I love the Cartwheel app. I just used it to save 20% off a women’s clothing purchase. Amazing! And I also just used it on several various grocery items (frozen, dairy) and household products. Thanks for this giveaway.

  83. Michelle says

    I love the cartwheel app! I have a 40% off coupon for cookie sheets that I’m really excited to use…if only my Target would have them in stock!!

  84. says

    I recently deleted this app from my phone cause I didn’t really understand how to use. Thank you so much for explaining all that it can do! Will definitely download this app again!

  85. says

    This is one of my most used apps! I am always a fan of the 5% off of milk offer when it is available. My 2 year old can put away some milk. My current favorites are the 20% off of Folgers and Gevalia K-cups.

  86. Jessica Wyatt says

    I love the cartwheel app! There were a few things in the one spot I’d love to get for Valentine’s Day so I would use the 20% off on that for sure. I would also love to use the 40% off on the chefmate cookie sheets!

  87. Anastasia says

    So far, my favorite offer has been %5 off Pepsi! I’m always looking for good deals and coupons on soda, so this is perfect for me :)

  88. kate batchler says

    I’m a huge fan of the Cartwheel app! I love all of the Threshold savings since it’s my favorite Target collection. Just used the 15% Threshold rugs offer – such a great deal!

  89. Sara Brouwer says

    I love using the Cartwheel app for discounts on home decor. When I am saving money I have no excuse to not buy it!

  90. Vicki Austad says

    I love the bedding at Target, and Cartwheel can help me save money on some new colorful spring bedding. I’ll probably save so much I can splurge on some new bathroom goodies too! Also, thoughts of winning your generous $1000 giveaway already has me daydreaming about how I could beautify my home and organize it more efficiently.

  91. Melanie says

    I haven’t used this app before but it looks so handy!

    P.S. I will definitely do a cartwheel if I win… so that gets me bonus points, right? 😉

  92. says

    I love the cartwheel app! I am fairly new to it so am getting much better about selecting my coupons before shopping. I love the they have a 5% off berries, it adds up!

  93. vicki says

    I use the Cartwheel app as well. I didn’t realize you could scan the products to check for a coupon! Great feature as there are so many coupons and I do so much shopping there that just searching would take forever! Thanks for the info

  94. Sonya says

    Love Cartwheel. It gave me an idea for a gift for my Valentine. The Men’s Licensed Tees are 20% off until March 1st. May purchase another.

  95. Leigha says

    I love using the Cartwheel app for makeup and trying new things that I normally wouldn’t buy like a bright Revlon lipstick or stain!

  96. Laura Davis says

    My favorite offers are for home and kitchen items. I am about to get married and we don’t think our full registry will be filled. Currently there are some Rubbermaid items I would like for the kitchen that are on sale.

  97. Chrysta says

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I LOVE Target for their cute and quality products and the opportunity to save in so many ways (Cartwheel, manufacturer coupons + Target coupons, gift card offers).

  98. Erica says

    I always love the 15-20% off of clothing items. They tend to come up pretty often so it’s nice that if i know i need a new sweater or a gift I can wait a week for a deal or plan ahead. I also love the home decor ones – combining it with a nice clearance find is a sweet rush.

  99. says

    I love Cartwheel and have been using it since it came out. My favorite feature is being able to scan things to see if there is a discount available. 5% of milk is the one I use the most.

  100. RICHARD HICKS says

    I don’t have a smartphone yet and have not used it, but hope to find good deals on pet supplies like purina dog chow

  101. Nikki says

    I love all of the deals on groceries that are always in cartwheel! Anytime I’m at Target I always know that there’s a deal for SOMETHING I need!

  102. Christine W says

    I just used Target Cartwheel the other day for the first time…it was easy to use and I love the savings on groceries. I even saved on diet coke that was already on sale…score!

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