White Christmas Tree {Our Big Christmas Tree 2013}

You guys!  You know how I’ve been talking about wanting a white Christmas tree for a couple years?  Well, my dreams have come true!  Last year after Christmas I scoured the Interwebs looking for one.  When I was about to give up hope, I came across a pre-lit 7 foot white Christmas tree on sale for $100.  Sold.

Brad wasn’t sold on the idea of a white tree.  But since it was on sale I did my usual buy-now-act-clueless-later bit.  As Brad was lugging our Christmas decorations back into the attic back in January he said, “Is this another tree!?”  It was still in the shipping box and didn’t say “THIS IS A CHRISTMAS TREE” on it so I mumbled something and walked away.  It totally worked, and I didn’t hear about it again until Brad dragged it out of the attic last month.

The main reason I wanted a white Christmas tree was because I thought my glass jewel toned ornaments would pop on it.  And do they ever.

Gorgeous white Christmas tree with jewel toned ornaments!

Photos don’t really do it justice– it’s five times prettier in real life.  I’d have you all over but we just shampooed the carpets.

The ornaments are from Target, circa 2007.  I scored 9 boxes (15 ornaments per box) for $2.50 each (originally $9.99) at their day-after-Christmas sale.  Seriously, hit up those December 26th sales, people.  In case you missed it, here are my 10 ways to save money on Christmas decor.

colorful ornaments

Now, I know this tree may not appeal to everyone’s aesthetic but I love it.  Mostly because it is different.  And shiny.  And colorful.

jewel tone ornaments

The tree looks really pretty at night.  Again, the pictures don’t do it justice.

White tree at night

I made the no-sew white fur tree skirt for $15.  I’ll post the tutorial tomorrow.

colorful white christmas tree at night

Every year I make Jack sit in the front of the tree so I can get his picture (here’s 2012 and 2011).  And every year I bribe him with treats to get him to sit and stay.

jack in front of christmas tree 2013

When Jack was done being photographed I told him he could go lay down.  He must have thought I was hiding more treats because he moved closer, sat right in front of the camera (which was on a tripod), and stared at me and my treat-less hands.  Just like this.

jack the creeper

He looks both pitiful and creepy.

I’m already thinking about what I can do with the white tree next year.

White Christmas tree with jewel tone ornaments


  1. says

    Wauw i’m in love with your tree. I also have a white tree, it’s just a smaller version. But have jet to put it up, can’t seem to get in the festive mood for some reason!

  2. says

    Where did you find that white tree for such a great price? I ask because we have a white tree, too, but it’s gone all bleached yellow on one side because we place it against a window (there’s nowhere else in our small condo to place it) and we’re thinking 2013 is its last year, so we’re on the lookout for a replacement.

    Your tree looks beautiful. I love the blue ornaments, especially!

  3. Barb Hesselgrave says

    Wow. That tree is so beautiful and bright. Much needed at this time of darkness as we approach the winter solstice.

  4. says

    The tree is a gorgeous contrast with the jewel tones on the white and I love the tree skirt. I’m at work and actually laughed (loudly) when I saw the picture of Jack staring at the camera. Priceless, I’m glad you included it!! Now go give that poor boy a treat!

  5. Michelle says

    Your tree is fabulous!! I too love the contrast of the ornaments with it. That last photo of Jack doesn’t look creepy. He looks pretty cute! :)

  6. Debbie says

    You’re right—it really does pop. Can’t believe you were able to find a tree like that in late January. I would think they’d all be snatched up before the new year hit!

  7. Nora N says

    GORGEOUS!!! we just purchased a regular green tree last 2 yrs ago, so i still have to wait another one before buying the white tree but This is the exact reason I want one. Green trees just don’t do colored ornaments justice

  8. Pat says

    Beautiful tree Chelsea and adorable Jack. I think you got just a tad bit excited in your explanation of your tree. December 26th is the day after Christmas, not January 26th. You’re forgiven. Be sure to put Santa’s cookies out of Jack’s reach. No Santa cookies means “coal in stocking”.

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