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This post brought to you by Ryobi.  As always, all opinions are 100% mine.

Hey, friends!  Today I wanted to share a pretty awesome program and website from my pals at Ryobi.  It’s called Ryobi Nation and it’s the official project sharing community of Ryobi tools.  Membership is free, members save money with exclusive offers, and there’s tons of how-to tutorials from popular DIY bloggers.  They also have fun monthly challenges where 3 winners win over $500 in Ryobi tools.  I’m a member, and I love it.  If you’re interested, sign up here.


And because Ryobi is so awesome, they’re giving one Two Twenty One reader a Ryobi ONE+ 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit.  Hubba hubba.

Brad and I own these two tools and we love them.  A cordless 18-volt drill is an essential tool all homeowners should own, in my opinion.

RYOBI Power Tools P882

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This post brought to you by Ryobi.  As always, all opinions are 100% mine.


  1. Wow nice! Those look great

  2. I would give the set to my husband. His drill died awhile ago and we have yet to replace it, so this would make a great gift!

  3. I would give the set to my husband so he can do more DIY projects around the house.

  4. Would it be wrong to keep these for myself and give my old drill/driver to my hubby? :D
    Lauren H recently posted..3 Reasons To Think Outside the Box {or Bin or Container…}My Profile

  5. I would definitely keep it for myself and finish all those DIY projects I’ve been meaning to start!

  6. I would definitely keep this for myself! I know that sounds selfish, but who doesn’t love a new toy?! LOL!

  7. I’d totes keep it for myself! Show my hubbie what I’m capable of when given a set of tools!
    Jessi M recently posted..Hide and SeekMy Profile

  8. I love Ryobi tools! Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. I would definitely be keeping this for myself… And maybe I’d share with the Hubs!

  10. Carrie Higgins says:

    My first thought was to give it to my hubby but he has a drill so i think i’d keep it ;)

  11. I would keep for myself!

  12. I LOVE my Ryobi nailer. Wouldn’t mind adding some drills to the collection :)

  13. Donna Ingalls says:

    I would give this awesome set to my youngest daughter. She just purchased her 1st townhouse and is doing quite a lot of DIY projects. This set would really come in handy as she currently has my husband’s old tools.

  14. I would give it to my husband – we just moved into our first home and definitely need a good drill to help with all the home improvement projects!

  15. I would keep it and share it with my hubby. Our drill died right before moving into our first house and I’m dying without one!

  16. barbara n says:

    I would gift this to my brother, my go to guy for anything that needs to be built

  17. That’s a tough question. I would be torn between giving away the used tools I was given and keeping the cool, new ones, or being nice and giving these nice, new tools :-)

  18. I would keep it! I have a serious lack of power tools. :)

  19. We actually JUST bought the drill last weekend to help with our subfloor/hardwood floor replacement project. We love it! I’d probably give the drill to my dad and keep the impact driver…hubs loves his powertools!

  20. I would keep it for myself—–I always have to go hunting for tools.

  21. Melissa K says:

    I/We would keepi it. My husband is generally my handyman, but I do know how to use a drill. So we’d have to share. :)

  22. I would give it to the hubby :)

  23. My husbeast is always misplacing his tools so I would keep this for ME. And he would be jealous because his drill isn’t cordless. :)

  24. I would have to be selfish and keep these. The day I received my own toolbox for inside projects was life changing. No more digging around the garage for a hammer or pliers! I would LOVE to have my own indoor power tools!
    Melissa recently posted..Freebie – Craftsy.com classesMy Profile

  25. I would give it to my AMAZING daddy!

  26. Mine Mine all Mine! :) but I would share :)

  27. I would keep the impact and give the drill driver to my church!

  28. For sure I would keep it for myself. Maybe I would give my younger brother our old drill.
    Erin @ Magenta & Lime recently posted..nursery gallery wall + other decorMy Profile

  29. I would love to win these and get my DIY groove on.

  30. Every girl needs good power tools!
    Kelly Reber recently posted..Quick & Easy Halloween CandlesMy Profile

  31. Ohh! That’s a toughie! I would probably keep it for myself. We have a corded one, but I would love something cordless for quick jobs :)
    Andrea @ Project Simple Home recently posted..31 Essential Organizing Tools: Letter SorterMy Profile

  32. This set of Ryobi drills would be lethal to wood in my hands. Yeah, I’d keep it.
    Bliss recently posted..Paranormal PortraitsMy Profile

  33. I would keep it for myself since I do not have any sort of drill in my house.

  34. I’d keep it! I need that set for my list of projects!! Not to be greedy or anything… =)

  35. Great giveaway! I would keep for myself since I don’t have a drill and we have lots of home projects that will require one…or 2!

  36. This would be a great Christmas present for my hubby. He’s been wanting a new drill for a while!

  37. I would love this for myself. Then I dont have to hear groans when I ask to use my husbands.

  38. I think the battery of our cordless drill is dying so it would be great to get a replacement!
    Christine recently posted..Hallway Wrap-UpMy Profile

  39. Would totally keep for myself…just moved into a “fixer upper” and need all the tools I can get!!

  40. I would keep it for myself! I just broke mine last week. Woomp woomp.
    Talitha recently posted..Front Yard UpdateMy Profile

  41. Ooooo…. I would probably keep this for myself for some awesome DIY projects!
    Erin | Sewbon.com recently posted..Tutorial | DIY Floral Fabric Birthday InvitationsMy Profile

  42. Hmmm it’s a toss up. I might keep this kit or give it my Dad or sister…guess it depends what kind of mood I’m in :)
    Ericka recently posted..Tennessee Trip RecapMy Profile

  43. I technically would give this to my husband, but since it would be in the house I would use it too. Is that bad?
    Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication recently posted..Best Camera Bag EverMy Profile

  44. I would give it to my husband. His drill recently broke and we haven’t replaced it.

  45. I just bought my first house and have had to borrow a drill for all my new house projects. Can’t affort to get one yet, so this would be perfect! I have a list of DIY project this would definitely come in handy!!

  46. Great giveaway… and I have a need for new power tools!

  47. I would definitely keep the set for myself. Every lady needs a good set of tools in her arsenal and Ryobi would be my chose for some handy tools. Great Giveaway thanks. :)

  48. I would definitely keep the set for myself. Every lady needs a good set of tools in her arsenal and Ryobi would be my chose for some handy tools. Great Giveaway thanks. :)

  49. This would be an awesome one to win! Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. I would definitely keep these, but will share with the hubs!! Awesome giveaway!! LOVE it!!

  51. Totally keepers!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. This was on my list for Christmas this year.

  53. i would give to my husband…so i guess kinda keeping it?? ;)
    Trina @ Let’s Just Build a House recently posted..DIY Faux Antique Finish: GlobeMy Profile

  54. This baby would be all mine : )

  55. I would “give” it to my husband, but I would “borrow” it all the time.
    Stephanie @ One Mile Home Style recently posted..Painted Halloween BottlesMy Profile

  56. I would keep it. My drill is OLD.
    Stephanie recently posted..Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Unusual Character Names I LoveMy Profile

  57. I would give it to my husband and we could give away our old drill to someone who could use it.

  58. These look great! I’ve been wanting my first drill for a while and this would be perfect!

  59. My boyfriend and I are moving in together soon, and this could really come in handy!

  60. This would definitely be for my for my new woodworking projects

  61. I’d give it to my husband. :)

  62. I would def keep this set of tools at home with my husband and I. We’re just starting out and he doesn’t have anything like this. We have very basic stuff now because we’re renters. Tools like this would be amazing to have tho!

  63. My husband would love this. We have tons of projects on our list to be completed on our house…someday.

  64. Lauren Ashley says:

    I am in desperate need of my own power tools! I’m sick of borrowing my dad’s!

  65. I have no tools of my own at all, so this would be for me!

  66. This would be a perfect start to my tool collection or make a nice gift for the men in my life!

  67. I would probably give it as a gift to someone else!

  68. The drill I gave to my husband as a gift a couple years ago will not hold a charge for anything! This would be fantastic to win for him!

  69. I would be keeping this for myself! Although keeping my fiance’s hands off it will be hard!
    Alyssa recently posted..Blog LovinMy Profile

  70. As much as my husband would love this, I’d keep the set for myself! I’m a hopeless but enthusiastic DIYer and this would help me tackle my endless list of projects!
    Dana Frost recently posted..6 Months Free and ClearMy Profile

  71. I would love to get these for when we finally move into our house! Would come in real handy!

  72. I would so keep it for myself! I love to DIY so it would get some great use!
    Cara @ Craft Dictator recently posted..Black and White TableMy Profile

  73. I would give it to my husband! (Which also means keep it) :)

  74. I’m torn, keep it for myself or give it to my wonderful husband? Thank you for this great giveaway.

  75. I would give them to my husband :)
    Kristen recently posted..Getting SpookyMy Profile

  76. Anne Haun says:

    I would give it to my son – he is the handy one in the family.

  77. My sister recently moved and started anew in a new state. I would give it to her since she is starting from scratch.

  78. I would keep these tools for myself. I’m not afraid to use my power tools and I am a single mom who needs a good set of tools.

  79. I would keep it for myself. I can NEVER find the one my husband uses. I need to get myself a tool kit for the same reason.

  80. Natalie G. says:

    I’d keep it for myself! :)

  81. Keep it!!

  82. I would keep it :)

  83. I’d keep it for myself ;-)

  84. Keep – for my husband! We are always using our drill and sometimes it’s at our office building, sometimes at home. It would be awesome to have one in both locations! Thanks!

  85. Keep it – for my husband! We are always using our drill and sometimes it’s at our office building, sometimes at home. It would be awesome to have one in both locations! Thanks!

  86. Since I’m the person in the house who enjoys power tools and working with them, I would most definitely keep them for myself. Of course I would let me hubby use them if he asked nicely. lol!

  87. Christy B says:

    Give it to my husband definitely!

  88. hubby already has his own ryobi drill so this one would be mine, all mine!

  89. I would keep these for myself! Oh the projects . . . .

  90. These would be all mine! Well I might share them with my boyfriend if he asks really nicely.

  91. Alison Walker says:

    I want these!! Please please ! :)) I will put them to good use!

  92. I would definitely keep it! :)

  93. Love this giveaway! I would keep the tools for myself – still in that first-time-homeowner phase where I”m collecting tools as projects call for them, and these would be a very welcome addition.

  94. I’d keep this set for myself because my hubby already has his own and he doesnt like to share!

  95. I would give to my husband as a Christmas gift!

  96. I would give the gift to my fiance (meaning it will soon become mine again)! It’d be useful for many DIY plans I have…

  97. Samantha Gray says:

    I would give the drill to my husband!

  98. Michelle I says:

    I would totally keep this for myself….my husband is tired of me stealing his tools :)

  99. Keep it for me, my drill is dying, and I love Ryobi tools. My miter saw is a Ryobi and it’s amazing!
    Sarah E recently posted..NaBloPoMo – Day 2!My Profile

  100. i would keep this for myself so i could help with projects…since my better half already has his own drill :)

  101. TOTALLY keeping it for myself…and MAYBE I’ll let my hubby use it too. :)

  102. I would have to keep it for myself, sharing with my husband, of course.

  103. I would definitely give this to my boyfriend! He has been looking at those tools for a while now! I know he would be thrilled to use them since it is usually him helping me with my projects and ideas!

  104. Christina Sweeley says:

    I would keep it for myself!!! :)

  105. Kimberly H says:

    I would probably keep it. As new homeowners, we can always use some more tools!

  106. I would totally be keeping that bad boy!!!
    Brooke recently posted..SIMPLE TYPOGRAPHY PRINT TUTORIALMy Profile

  107. Elizabeth F. says:

    I would surprise my husband with this prize!

  108. I would split the set, one to my dad and one to my hubby. Both their birthdays are in the next couple weeks!

  109. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Ryobi power saw!

  110. OH my gosh, I totally need to win this giveaway! My husband would LOVE it!
    julie recently posted..5 on FridayMy Profile

  111. I would give it to my husband!

  112. I’m greedy. Keepin’ it. I might need to impact drive something soon.
    Sarah recently posted..Printable Monster ArtMy Profile

  113. Our drill is awful, so I’d keep this one for myself!
    Bonnie recently posted..How to Shorten a Flat-Weave Rug {Easy Tutorial}My Profile

  114. My husband’s drill is in the process of dying. It won’t hold a charge. I would love to win this one for him!!

  115. Wow! Just this morning I was online shopping for a combo like this. My current drill is more like a power screwdriver. I need something with more power! ;)

  116. WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE to winn this to start me off on my DIY adventures…. have a sad hammer and screwdriver… need more power!!! LOL.. Thanks for the opportunity!

  117. love this! My hubby has a 14 volt drill now and only 1 battery because the other died and I can’t find replacements anywhere…would love to give him this to replace it all!

  118. My fiance and I have needed a cordless drill for over five years now! Winning that would be an excellent Christmas present for him!

  119. I am soo keeping it to myself.

  120. amanda s. says:

    I would keep it!

  121. Me, me, me! But I would share with my hubby.

  122. I’d keep it! Every time I start a project, my husband comes and helps anyway! ;)

  123. We would most likely give it to our son.
    Tammy Northrup recently posted..End of Summer GiveawayMy Profile

  124. Jill Cote says:

    I would totally keep that for myself :)

  125. Anna Doyle says:

    Love this! I would have to keep it for myself!!

  126. Love me some Ryobi! I was just looking at this in the store yesterday.
    Michele R recently posted..Click, Inspire, Smile Day 25:: The JourneyMy Profile

  127. Dominique Lewis says:

    I would love the Ryobi for myself as I am just beginning my DIY journey!

  128. I would give it to my Hubby. His birthday is right around the corner…and then our anniversary….and then Christmas…. he gets a lot of gifts this time of year :)
    Hannah C. recently posted..Desktop Dry Erase BoardMy Profile

  129. I would probably give to my husband or father-in-law.

  130. My husband killed imine and hasn’t replaced it yet :(. This looks much nicer, would be excited to work with Ryobi tools

  131. Love those power tools. I would surprise my husband. Then my husband could teach me how to use them.

  132. I had no idea they had a community! We just bought our first house, so new tools would be wonderful!!

  133. I would give it to my dad.

  134. Melissa Tichy says:

    I would give to my dad. He’s the handy one.

  135. what?! i would TOTALLY keep this for myself. totally.
    Jessica recently posted..“I see a white door and I want it painted black.”- Painting Our Interior Doors Black!My Profile

  136. Marcy Lendaro says:

    Yay! This could mean no more driving over to the boyfriends’ parents’ house each time I need to drill something, they are great, it’s just that I drill surprisingly often! Ha! :)

  137. I would keep this for myself! I would love to win this to help with projects around the house.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  138. I would definitely keep this for myself! Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful giveaway.

  139. I would definitely keep for myself! I love to build things

  140. I would give it to my brother-in-law.

  141. I would wrap that up and give it to my husband:)

  142. Cynthia Mize says:

    I love power tools! I would love to try this brand!

  143. Terri Smith says:

    Keeping it for myself!

  144. Stephanie J says:

    I would keep it :)

  145. I’d share with my hubby since he always helps with my projects! :)
    Mrs Mike recently posted..Changing DirectionsMy Profile

  146. Yay Ryobi!

  147. This would be for the DIYer in me :)

  148. Megan Cuy Castellanos says:

    I would give it away, but to my husband, so I guess that’s pretty much like keeping it for myself. Win, win!

  149. My husband would love this!

  150. My little sister is getting married in may, so I would give this to her.
    Jessica w recently posted..Pfsense on a 1u d525 server teaserMy Profile

  151. Jessica R says:

    I would give the set to my grandfather. He’s still into building stuff, this would make him very happy !

  152. I’m always borrowing my dad’s tools so I would definitely keep this one for myself. Thanks for the chance.

  153. I would give it to my boyfriend :)

  154. This would be awesome to help me with my current dresser-to-tv-stand project! :)

  155. We would probably keep the combo kit since we are always fighting over the drill! :)
    Katie recently posted..30 Days of Free Wi-Fi Access!My Profile

  156. I think I’d keep this one for myself! ;)
    Anne @ Planting Sequoias recently posted..6 Weird Things I’ve Spotted and Instagrammed (in which I take much delight in the strangeness that is humanityMy Profile

  157. Jonathan Baker says:

    I would use it for myself, lots of house projects that need to be done!

  158. Awesome giveaway! I’d definitely keep and – and return my “borrowed” (2 years ago) one to my dad.

  159. I would gift this to my dad for Christmas!

  160. I would keep it for myself. I could find some many things to use them for.

  161. Sure need she tools of my own!

  162. Jennifer S. says:

    I do love to give gifts, but I think I”ll have to keep this one for myself. I need to start a collection so my husband can’t complain when I use his tools.

  163. I would give it to my son in law.

  164. I would give it to my hubby – which, is kind of like keeping it for me ;)

  165. Oooh that’s tough. I could give it to my dad, but I’d want to keep it for myself. I gotta be selfish every once in a while!

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