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This post brought to you by Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control. All opinions are 100% mine.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always amazed by technology.  There are apps for smartphones that track sleeping cycles, robot vacuums, fingerprint key locks, and voice activated blinds.  And I thought things were getting fancy when you could program your coffee maker to start brewing at a certain time.

You can imagine my mind being blown when I heard about a wi-fi voice activated thermostat.  I know, some of you are probably all “Really, Chelsea? Excitement over a thermostat?”  But now that I’m a home owning, tax paying, bill paying adult I have to think about these things and subsequently I get excited.

Honeywell recently introduced a first-of-its-kind wi-fi voice activated thermostat, which utilizes advanced far-field voice-control technology– breaking through the ambient noise of a busy household and recognizing commands such as “make it warmer” or “make it three degrees cooler”– even from across the room.

 photo HONEYWELL_STRAIGHT_FINAL_zps1dc03c54.jpg

They even have an app you can download onto your smartphone, tablet, or computer, which allows you to program the thermostat whether you’re across the room or around the world.  This will come in extra handy when Brad and I go out of town and forget to turn the temperature up or down (depending on the season) in order to save a little extra money.  And then, when we’re headed home we can program the thermostat to adjust to our ideal temperature so the house will be just right when we arrive.  This also means that when I go out of town and Brad cranks the air conditioning down, I can adjust the temperature from my iPhone.  Muhaha.

And get this, it even has a customized color touchscreen.  You can match it to your wall color so it blends in better, change the color according to the season or holiday, or display your favorite color.  How cool is that?

Like many newer thermostats, you can schedule the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control so it changes temperatures according to the time of day so you don’t waste energy heating or cooling your home when it’s unoccupied.  My parents do this in their home.  In the winter months, they keep the house cooler from about 10PM to 5PM the next day since they’re either sleeping or at work during those hours.  Brad and I don’t use that aspect of our current Honeywell thermostat because my work hours vary from day to day.  But we’ll have to change that this winter, at least setting the day temperature to 68 and nighttime temperature to 58.

Soon Brad and I will be installing one of these thermostats in our house.  I’m excited pretty excited to put it to use.  But for now, I need to decide on the touchscreen color…

Now for some exciting news for you, I’m giving away a $100 Amazon gift card.  To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment with a voice command you wish your thermostat could fulfill (bake me a pie, scratch my back, give me a pedicure, do the laundry, etc.).

You must used the Rafflecopter widget to enter the giveaway.  Giveaway open to those in the US only.

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  1. Clean my toilets!!

  2. I really need a new thermostat! the old one is an ugly silver circle that is messing up my gallery wall!

  3. Give me a foot rub or change the cat litter

  4. Do my hair!

  5. Mary Ann Hubbard says:

    Fold the Laundry!!!!

  6. Make me a cup of tea! :-)

  7. I wish my thermostat could cook dinner for my family.

  8. Kelsey Barstad says:

    Blow dry my hair!

  9. Drive me to work.

  10. Anne Haun says:

    Make dinner!

  11. thermostat please be my family’s personal chef and make all of our meals delicious and healthy! :)

  12. Wash the dishes!

  13. Print me money! (To hire a maid, a cook, a handyman, etc.)
    tammigirl recently posted..Wadsworth Blue-Sky Drive In MoviesMy Profile

  14. Donna Ingalls says:

    I wish the thermostat would Dust my house.

  15. Let my dogs out
    Ashley recently posted..Cabinets, Tile and Stone…Oh My!My Profile

  16. Heather Nowak says:

    Clean my house!!

  17. Definitely doing the laundry…I have way too much of it!

  18. Clean my bathrooms! :)

  19. Put away my laundry!!!

  20. Man, I want a thermostat to completely do my laundry. And keep my clothes picked up for me. That would make my life complete.
    Mary recently posted..Chocolate OatmealMy Profile

  21. Fold laundry!

  22. Change diapers!! I have two still in them!

  23. I’m going with do my laundry!
    Cara recently posted..Easy Pillow TutorialMy Profile

  24. To tell my kids to pick up!

  25. Clean the bathrooms!

  26. Clean my daughters room!

  27. Put away the laundry!

  28. Do my laundry!!!

  29. Make dinner and clean up afterwards! Oh and can you also please rub my shoulders? K Thanks!

  30. Empty the litter boxes.

  31. Make dinner :)

  32. Ha ha ha. If only the thermostat could respond to my every whim! I think my first command would be to change the baby’s diaper!

  33. Bring me a snack. :)

  34. clean house!

  35. Exercise for me!

  36. Kristina G. says:

    That one’s easy for me – please pick up all the toys my kids have scattered throughout the house!!

  37. Cook dinner! Once they make a robot like the one the Jettsons had, I’ll be set. :0)

  38. I would tell my thermostat to do the laundry (and put it away!)

  39. Jennifer M says:

    Fold my laundry!!

  40. Definitely clean the bathroom!
    Samantha recently posted..Fall 2013 TablescapeMy Profile

  41. Make cake pops.

  42. I’ll go with an all-encompassing “please make my entire house spotless”! lol

  43. Let out the dog so he stops whining at 5am!!

  44. Wash the dishes!

  45. Fold my laundry!

  46. Clean the dishes! Hands down my least favorite chore ever!

  47. Fold my laundry and put it away!

  48. Do the dishes!

  49. I can’t decide between Mop the Floor or Clean the Baseboards, so I’ll just go with Make the House Sparkling Clean!

  50. Clean the kitchen!
    Krystle @ Color Transformed Family recently posted..Simple Fall SettingMy Profile

  51. Make me look like Heidi Klum!

  52. I wish it could make me dinner!

  53. Make my bed and bring me breakfast in bed!
    Jennay recently posted..AbsentMy Profile

  54. Mop the floors! Or even… Give me motivation! Lol.
    Talitha recently posted..Cinnamon Sugar Baked DonutsMy Profile

  55. Clean the bathrooms…my least favorite task!!

  56. Get my kids ready for school!

  57. I’d love it if the thermostat could predict my temperature swings…. it seems like one minute I’m cold, the next I’m hot. :)

  58. Clean my house and make dinner!

  59. Either “do the laundry”, “Clean the bathrooms” or Change the cat litter. My least favorite things to do :)

  60. Adrienne N. says:

    empty the dishwasher for me!!

  61. Thermostat, please go do the dishes! :)

  62. Whitney Moberg says:

    Scrub the bathroom!

  63. Make dinner!

  64. Stephanie Farley says:

    Mow the lawn, please!!


  66. Fetch me Channing Tatum! Then vacuum.

  67. Mop the floors!!!

  68. Cheryl M. says:

    Do the dishes for sure! My kitchen is too tiny for one but I covet a dishwasher.

  69. Brittany D says:

    Please have dinner ready when I get home. (Oh, wouldn’t that be nice?!)

  70. Doing my laundry sounds pretty appealing right now!

  71. christine says:

    Make my bed! I hate making the bed and changing the sheets.

  72. Vacuum the house:)

  73. amanda s. says:

    Make me dinner.

  74. How about “Pay the bills”!!

  75. pour me a glass of wine! and make it snappy!
    Trina @ Let’s Just Build a House recently posted..Recipe: RED HOT Slow Cooker ApplesauceMy Profile

  76. Do my laundry!
    Erin recently posted..Traffic Dos and Don’ts: A ChecklistMy Profile

  77. melissa tichy says:

    i would tell it to pick up all the toys……

  78. Pay my bills…..on time!!!
    Brooke recently posted..SIMPLE TYPOGRAPHY PRINT TUTORIALMy Profile

  79. Jessie C. says:

    I wish it could cook dinner for my family :)

  80. I would tell it to mop the floors and bake some cookies – the two things that I always want to be done, but can never find the time to do!

  81. I wish it would do laundry and walk the dog lol

  82. Michelle I says:

    Take the dogs out!

  83. Make dinner!!! The kids always have the hardest time in the hour before dinner, before dad gets home!

  84. Clean the bathroom!

  85. Clear the table!

  86. Shovel The Snow! My nemesis during the winter.
    Tipling recently posted..Welcome!My Profile

  87. tell my kids to stop when they are doing something wrong

  88. Jessica S says:

    Clean my house! Is that too general?

  89. Clean the kitchen.

  90. Bring me food!

  91. Bring me money (please)! :)
    Megan recently posted..Tasty Tuesday: Lemon, Orzo & {Chicken} Meatball Soup.My Profile

  92. Do my laundry! (that would be wonderful)

  93. Rachel brown says:

    Sweep the floor!

  94. Clean the stove! It’s the chore I hate doing most.
    Ericka recently posted..Puppy PicturesMy Profile

  95. “Let the dogs out” would probably be my first choice, that way I could just lay in bed on my days off and not actually have to get up and open the back door. ;)

  96. “Cook and clean!”

  97. Wash the floors!

  98. Jenna Nicholson says:

    Vacuum the floors!!

  99. clean the bathrooms!

  100. Ramon Valdez says:

    Fold the laundry.

  101. Declutter my house.

  102. Clean my dishes!

  103. ellen casper says:

    Vacuum up all the dog fur!

  104. Feed me oreos!

  105. Clean my whole house!

  106. Mary Happymommy says:


  107. Christine Laskowski says:

    Blow-dry my hair!!

  108. Sara Baker says:

    Clean the bathroom, for sure!

  109. Cook dinner, please! ;)

  110. Clean the bathrooms!
    Stephanie @ One Mile Home Style recently posted..Month In Review – SeptemberMy Profile

  111. Clean the house please!

  112. Leslie R. says:

    Thermostat! Change the baby’s diaper!!

  113. Please dust and vacuum for me!

  114. Rachael Williams says:

    Clean my bathroom for shizzle!!!

  115. Ashley sliffe says:

    Wash the dishes!!!!

  116. Lisa Brown says:

    do the dusting

  117. It’s hard not to get overly excited over the small things if you ask me. Saving money is definitely key.
    Yvonne recently posted..Tutorial Tuesday: How to play DreidelMy Profile

  118. TOTALLY understand the excitement. We just got a new thermostat in our rental house that isn’t from 1990, and you can program it. I was squealing with excitement over that haha. I would definitely go for that whole doing the laundry thing. That’s about the worst chore ever.

  119. Clean the bathrooms!
    Bonnie recently posted..How to Shorten a Flat-Weave Rug {Easy Tutorial}My Profile

  120. Clean the house!!!!

  121. Clean the bathtubs!

  122. Let the dogs out! Oh, and “Clean up whatever they’ve destroyed” might come in handy on occasion too. :)
    Faith@The Stirring Place recently posted..Pumpkin Spice Loaf (3 Ways)My Profile

  123. HOLY COW!!! i’d have to say…do the laundry!!!

  124. Do the Laundry!

  125. Put away the piles of laundry on top of my washer and dryer!

  126. I’d be all about a thermostat that could make dinner! Or maybe one that could write a blog post for me!
    Jessi @ Practically Functional recently posted..DIY Harry Potter Sorting HatMy Profile

  127. Open the door to let my 4 lb maltese out to pee 100x a day!

  128. Elizabeth F. says:

    Do the dishes and clean my kitchen each night! :)

  129. Fold laundry! =)

  130. Change any/all of my triplet’s diapers.

  131. Take out the garbage.

  132. Please dust. Where does all that dust come from 5 min. later!!!

  133. Sweep the floor! With a black lab it’s a daily task :)

  134. Washing the darn dishes would be awesome :)

  135. Kathryn Campbell says:

    Clean the house!!! And do it well! ; )

  136. Take out the trash!

  137. Thermostat win me the lottery ;)

  138. To mow the yard!

  139. I’m gonna have to go with cleaning my house… ahh that would be a dream come true :)
    Claire H. recently posted..Simple Sun Candles March Sale!My Profile

  140. Lindsay Lee says:

    Scrub the floors!

  141. My initial thought was “Exercise for me”, but that would only make it sweat and blow out heat.
    How about “make a healthy, delicious meal that everyone will love”…I’ll go with that impossible task!

  142. Kimberly H says:

    Write my dissertation??

  143. Clean the house! Oh, and world peace!

  144. Let the dog out! (please?) I love my horrible hound, but I’m not a huge fan of leaving my comfy warm bed at 6am on a Saturday, especially since we live in an apartment building and we have to take the pooch down 5 floors to get outside…
    Sally G recently posted..Impromptu VacationMy Profile

  145. Change that diaper and clean this house!!

  146. Clean the house

  147. Take out the recycling!

  148. Kathy Auten says:

    walk my dogs

  149. Silvia Fugate says:

    Clean my bathrooms

  150. clean the house

  151. Becky Warner says:

    Mop the floors.

  152. wash the dishes!

  153. I would love to program something to fold the laundry!

  154. do the dishes

  155. Would love for it to clean the diapers! :D

  156. Michelle o says:

    It’s a tie between
    Clean the bathroom and
    Put away the laundry.

  157. Make my morning coffee!

  158. Pick up after my two toddlers!

  159. Take out the trash!

  160. Spit out unlimited money!!!

  161. Water the plants! Oh wait I should really go do that

  162. Wash the dog! Oh wait, I like doing that.
    Wash the dishes!

  163. Clean the toilets.
    Erin @ How to Nest for Less recently posted..Our New Home: The FloorplanMy Profile

  164. I wish I could tell it to vacuum and clean the bathrooms!

  165. Get me a soda!

  166. It would be great it if could clean the dishes.

  167. Make dinner!

  168. clean the house!

  169. Order me a pizza!

  170. Make my bed! :)

  171. D Schmidt says:

    Please bake me a cake!

  172. Make my bed, or put the dishes away, or dust, or fold the laundry.

  173. It would be nice to have the litter boxes cleaned.

  174. I would have the thermostat handle four 15 year old kids!
    Thanks for the chance to win!!!!

  175. Our AC guy was just telling us about these! He said they are way better than a Nest system. I think I would like to be able to tell my system to clean the house.
    Amber @ Wills Casa recently posted..It’s FallMy Profile

  176. I would love my thermostat to make me a sammich!

  177. Oh I would have to say clean the toilet! :)

  178. Definitely clean the house. Seems I am always behind! :-) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  179. Megan Cuy Castellanos says:

    I would love to voice command my dishes to be done! Those are the worst!

  180. Harmony B says:

    Emptying the dishwasher would be helpful

  181. I wish it would clean the bathroom!


  182. Susan Christy says:

    Let the dogs out – AGAIN

  183. Do all the household repairs.

  184. Vacuum the house and clean the bathrooms and kitchen.

  185. clean my bathroom thanks for the giveaway :)

  186. Tabathia B says:

    Give my kids a list of chores and give me a mani/pedi and massage

  187. Babysit my kids while I’m gone!

  188. Do the dusting!

  189. clean the whole house

  190. Courtney Renee says:

    Make me some Chinese food!

  191. Definitely “I need a back rub!” :)
    Nicole J recently posted..In RemembranceMy Profile

  192. I’ve been searching fruitlessly for good pumpkin donuts in Colorado Springs, so I’d ask for the perfect pumpkin donut…and maybe a glass of red wine ;)
    Holly B recently posted..Jet Set WeekendMy Profile

  193. Do the dishes!

  194. Make me dinner!

  195. I’d have it watch my 14 month old while I take a nap!

  196. Clean the bathrooms!!!

  197. Make Dinner for when I am feeling lazy and just want to read a book

  198. Massage!

  199. Make dinner!

  200. Stephanie J says:

    Put the kids to bed ;)

  201. LeeAnn B. says:

    Make dinner and change the sheets while I am eating. Don’t forget to come back and do the dishes!

  202. Brr…it is cold in here, hint, hint :)

  203. rebecca servaites says:

    Clean the house! ;)

  204. Betty Baez says:

    Bring me a masseuse, do the dishes and take the trash out…thats not too much to ask for ;)

  205. Bake me a cake!

  206. rod jackson says:

    clean my house.

  207. Rebecca Parsons says:

    Be my chauffeur so that I don’t have to do all of the carpooling!

  208. Tasnia Mahmud says:

    Make my lunch! ^^

  209. Willy Cuy Castellanos says:

    Change the babies diaper!

  210. Megan Cuy Castellanos says:

    Do the dishes!

  211. Megan Cuy Castellanos says:

    Do the dishes, please. Or at least put them away for me. :)

  212. pay my bills :)
    and pu the kids to bed while you are at it! :)
    melissa@the bix blog recently posted..Happy Birthday Kenzie!My Profile

  213. Turn on the radio.

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