Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Organization + Giveaway

This post is brought to you by Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery.  As always, all opinions are my own.

Ah, organization.  Something we all probably need a little more of in our lives.  I’m not gonna lie, I definitely need it in my life.  As many of you know, I have a day job on top of running the blog and my brand ambassadorship with  This requires me to be organized.  Probably more organized than you think.  I have two planners/organizers– one for scheduling clients for my job as a developmental therapist and one for the blog.  I also have to do all of my own bookkeeping (holy paperwork, Batman) because I’m a 100% self-employed.  So today I’m showing how I put some Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery organization products to use in my home office to stay organized and sane.  Well, as sane as possible.

martha stewart home office with avery organization products

Some bloggers call it an “editorial calendar”, I call it a “planner”.  I’m simple like that.  Basically, I need something with a calendar and a pocket folder or two to keep all my blog business straight.

Which brings me to my love of the Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery discbound notebook and all of its awesome add ons.

martha stewart home office with avery planner
The notebook has these cool discs that allow you to add elements by popping them onto the discs.

martha stewart home office with avery discbound notebook

It comes with lined paper so I kept some of it for jotting down ideas this noggin of my mine might cook up.  While I took some of the paper off, I added the calendar, a task pad, 3 folders, and color coding dots.  I plan to use the color coding dots to color code blog posts but someone with kids could assign a color to each kiddo to keep track of each kid’s specific activities.

martha stewart home office with avery discbound task pad and color coding labels
Like I said above, I’m a 100% self-employed, small business owner.  And while self-employment has its pros (hello, I’m basically my own boss), it also has its cons.  One con?  Paperwork and taxes.  Obviously everyone has to pay their taxes, but there’s an extra bookkeeping process that comes with owning and running your own business, let alone two businesses.

To keep all of my blog receipts, contracts, utility bills, DT receipts, etc. organized I put these pretty vertical file folders, file folder labels, and magazine file to work.

martha stewart home office with avery vertical file folders
Now, I’m not going to pretend that I’m the best bookkeeper ever.  I don’t file things right away.  Typically, I let receipts and other paperwork stack up and file them away every couple months or so.  Which is why I love this document storage box.  I write on top of each receipt what it’s for (DT or blog), and then I throw them in the box so I don’t lose them.  And when I get a chance, I file them away.  I understand that this may make some borderline OCD people cringe but it works for me.

martha stewart home office with avery document storage box

Not gonna lie, having functional and pretty organization products makes me feel less stabby about bookkeeping.

martha stewart home office with avery

I’m sure you can think of ways to put some of these products to use in your own life, whether you’re a small business owner or not.  So why not enter to win a $50 Staples gift card so you can get your own Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery products?

You must use the Rafflecopter widget to enter to win.  Giveaway open to US residents.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Stalk away!

This post is brought to you by Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery.  As always, all opinions are my own.


  1. says

    I LOVE her line at Staples!! I already know what all it entails and I still slowly look through the section every time I’m in the store. Is it weird that I’m at Staples that often? I’m gonna have to break down and finally buy one of those disc bound notebooks… It’s calling to me! :)

  2. Rebecca says

    I do a lot of shopping at Staples for work and have loved the Martha Stewart line since it’s debut. I’m hoping to get a disc bound notebook for 2014 to help keep my life organized.

  3. Brandy Ciaccia says

    The planner is great, but I actually really like the box for receipts a idea…I do the same thing and only file things in spurts so it would be nice to have place..that’s pretty…to put things until I have the chance to file them!

  4. Stephanie Y says

    I would love the discbound notebook and all of the matching accessories! It would be hard to pick! It would definitely help make organizing more enjoyable. Thank you for the giveaway!

  5. says

    I love everything Martha at Staples. I just made my own planner with her products but I used a small three ring binder I had at home. I would love to move to her discbound collection, which would be the first thing I did if I won this gift certificate :)

  6. Erin Elliott says

    I adore the drawers and trays, along the wall manager. They would be perfect for my office while I am working as a graduate assistant. I need as much organizational help as possible!

  7. Sarah says

    I love the discbound system. The discbound notebook/ planners are beautiful. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway! :)

  8. Wild Orchid says

    I would love these–

    Entered the rafflecopter as “Wild orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  9. Catrina says

    Love the colors and Martha’s whole line at Staples. Also love your stenciled file cabinet, I desperately need to do that in my office.

  10. Gina W says

    I have those same upright file folders in use in my home office! Love the patterns and colors and how easily it works together. I’ve had to limit myself to the folders, but a gift card would let me go wild!

  11. Beth says

    I pretty much love anything that has the name Martha Stewart attached to it…from the colors and designs to just how well each product works to help keep me better organized is great!

  12. Elisha D. says

    I love the Wall Manager. I definitely need one place to keep all my important information and appointments.

  13. Katherine McKerrow says

    I live by my Martha discbound notebooks! They are perfect for work and school and make it so easy to take things in and out of them.

  14. Becky Warner says

    I have to say that I love shopping at Staples like some women like shopping for shoes! And with that said, how can I possibly pick only one thing as my favorite? I love it all!

  15. Angela L. says

    I love the whole line! I am a sucker for all things office related…I own too many binders, folders, notebooks, etc. I especially love the colors in the collection though.

  16. Breanna says

    I really like the notebook (or planner)! I’m a notebook/planner/calendar/pad kind of gal! I can dig it. A lot! <3

  17. says

    I just bought that exact planner to use for my classroom this year! I have different sheets I want to put inside so the $50 would be perfect to purchase the hole cutter I need to fill it! Fingers crossed!!

  18. says

    I love the whole Martha Stewart line. That aqua color is so beautiful! I would LOVE to get one of the binders. I just started printing pages last night to create my own planner and that is the binder that I have been drooling over for it!

  19. Stephanie says

    This organization stuff is so cute! I’m a teacher and I think this would look great on my desk! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Michelle L. says

    everything really but I’ll say the the file folders because of their awesome color though I do wish they were solids too not just patterned ones

  21. Megan says

    I love Martha Stewart Avery products! I have a few of the fun spiral notebooks, an accordian file, the colored sticky tabs, and several labels :) I would love to expand my collection!

  22. Brie says

    I really like this line too. I use the mini-binder and the various sizes of plastic inserts to hold my coupons.

  23. stace says

    I really love the planner, but my life is very much like Allie Brosh’s (Hyperbole and a Half) post entitled, “This Is Why I’ll Never Be An Adult”. They never work out well for me.

  24. says

    Oh man, I could do so much with a $50 gift card to Staples. I am a small business owner too and I totally believe making your office work for you is so important. I love your receipt organization because I never organize things consistently, more like when I find a few extra minutes. I never thought to put the top tab folders in a magazine holder. Great idea.

  25. Shannon says

    I seriously love everything that she offers for office/ planning organization but if I had to pick one thing it would definitely be the wall manager. That would be such a huge help to keep my schedule on track!

  26. says

    I love your version of the planner. I was actually at Staples today and I almost bought that but I didn’t. I might have to make a trip back up there soon!

  27. Alicia says

    I tried to leave a comment when entering the contest but for some reason I was unable. Here’s what I wanted to say…
    Some women have an obsession with shoes. For me, it’s office supplies. It’s sick, really. I get more excited about a fun new pen or set of cute folders than I do a new outfit. Turquoise and lime green are my logo colors so of course I’m drawn to those colors and see them everywhere. I salivate in the Martha section at Staples because there’s so much of that turquoise-blue color!

  28. Jess says

    I just started setting up a home office, and have been at Staples a few time in the process. There are a few Martha Stewart item I have my eye on.

  29. says

    I love the binders and binder inserts in this line – I have several items already, but with a hubby and a new house purchase going on, I’m going to need a few more items to really get organized!

  30. Stephanie Lindsey says

    I have the Storage Boxes in aqua, and absolutely love them for hiding the stuff people don’t need to see!

  31. Michelle N says

    I’m fairly new to your blog and this is my first time leaving a comment. The Martha file folders look great on top of your filing cabinet. It’s like they were meant to be! BTW, I am so glad you have adopted healthy eating into your life and have awesome results, too! I was pretty much in your situation two years ago and swear that eating lifestyles make all the difference in terms of weight control.

  32. says

    I used Martha’s Avery products to keep my whole wedding in order and now to file all the little mementos and photos from the day. Now that my husband & I are homeowners, I’d love to develop another Martha filing system for our renovation!

  33. Jamie M says

    I love the line at staples. I have a few of the file folders in my classroom, and they make me happy when I see them!

  34. Shawna says

    I love Martha’s stackable organizers at staples. Mostly I just love that beautiful teal blue colour! So handy, and so pretty

  35. Audrey says

    I was just at Staples two days ago gushing over these items! I absolutely love the document storage boxes because I definitely like to organize to file later. Having the boxes helps compartmentalize and keep things sorted.

  36. Katie says

    I love it all, but I especially love all the binder pockets for the half-sized binders!!! I use a half-sized binder for house organization so I can stick it in my purse, but it can be so hard to find cute innards!!!

  37. says

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  38. Betty819 says

    Welcome to my world of hating to file. If I were in a job where I was paid a salary, I would have to tackle it. I love Martha’s colors and when I can get to a Staples, will look for these products of hers. Aqua is one of my favorite colors, so soft and beautiful!

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