Second Blogiversary Next Week

My second blogiversary is next week.  Woot!

Last year, in celebration of my first blogiversary, I invited you guys to ask me any of your burning questions.  I feel like this should be a tradition, so ask away.  Ask anything.  Well, within reason.  Don’t go all creepo on me.

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Leave your question(s) in the comment section.  Or email me (

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  1. says

    What does a typical day look like for you? Meaning your daily schedule and how you manage to blog/have things to blog about along with working and spending times with hubs and puppy. It is my biggest struggle with blogging, because I love it but it often gets pushed to the side.

  2. says

    Chelsea, that cake looks SO good. OMG. It’s making me want to blow my diet. :)

    I’m a new follower, so I’m not really sure what to ask you… How about this: what is your biggest tip for growing your blog and gaining new followers? I’ve been steadily blogging since October and would love any tips on getting noticed! :) Thanks!

  3. says

    Woohoo, I love Q&A posts! My favorite.

    Okay: What are some of your favorite hair/beauty products? (I love trying new-to-me products, especially if they’re the cheapo drugstore kind.) What is your favorite project you’ve ever made? (If it’s too hard to pick just one, go with top 3 or 5.) What are some DIY tips you wish you’d known earlier? (Any DIY-related knowledge you wish to bestow.) What is your dream job? (Unless it’s the one you already have.) Last time I asked for 5 favorite books and you said you didn’t read much . . . have you read anything good in the past year? :-) What is one hobby/skill you’d like to learn? What is one hobby/skill you’ve tried to learn but flopped at? (Because it sure appears, my dear friend, that you are good at everything you do.) What is one thing you bet we don ‘t know or wouldn’t guess about you?

    That’s probably enough, huh? I’ll cool my jets for a while over here.

  4. says

    Dang it! I have a question but it makes me look like a creepo. (I was going to put a smiley face here, but that was even more creepy.) I guess I’ll settle with a normal question. How many blog posts do you read a day? Or how many blogs are on your reader?

    Also what’s your guilty pleasure? That’s not too creepy. I always think of tv when I hear the words guilty pleasure, so Teen Mom would count.

  5. Jess{ly} in Cleveland says

    So, I’m fairly new to your blog so forgive me if you’ve been asked these (or similar) questions before:

    What made you want to start a blog?
    Did you do anything specific to increase your readers or did you just focus on writing & let the readers come?
    What tips do you have for a new blogger?
    I’m sure I could think of a million more but ill just leave it at that for now, haha.

    It seems like most of these questions have to do with blogging tips, so I’m sure many people would love to know more on this topic! Me obviously being one of them :)

  6. Emma P says

    Congratulations on two years!!! I love, love, love to read your blog and have used so many of your tutorials for DIY decor!! What is your favorite place to find great deals for your home? Where do you typically start when decorating a room?

  7. says

    My question is do you ever ‘take a newbiw under your wing’ so to speak, not so much in blogging but in helping them figure out their Grab Me button, or to link to someone new to help them get more traffic?

    My blog seems to be holding it’s own for being rather new, other than not having a lot of content that is ineteresting enough to captivate my audience, but still missing a Grab me Button and havig other to link to me. (My content will be picking up (later today!) )

  8. says

    I just read through the questions already listed and I’m pretty pumped to hear those answers. What’s your fave current decor trend and which do you wish would just go away forevs? Where do you live and when will you not be home so I can come take that card catalog? Wait… that might’ve been creepy.

  9. says

    Okay, I second all the blogging questions people asked — how did you get noticed and start to grow you blog? Everyone seems to say that Pinterest is a huge traffic source, so how do you think you started getting your images pinned on Pinterest? Looking forward to your Q&A! :)

  10. JenW says

    Hey! As a fellow Indianapolisian…Indianapolisite? What do they call us? Anyway, I live in the Indy area too…and I desperately want to know where you thrift shop! You don’t need to worry I’ll steal all your good deals :) Knowing myself ti will probably still take ages for me to get around to checking out any new (to me) shops.

    I discovered you blog a few months ago and have very much enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for sharing with us and congrats on 2 years!

  11. says

    Have you ever straightened your hair? If so, any photo evidence?

    I know you work with children, and I work in education and just started a blog this New Years. I am kind of avoiding telling people at work about my blog (except close friends) because I sort of feel like they might not appreciate my humor or they’ll think I’m less professional. I try to always keep my humor clean and appropriate on my blog so I don’t have to worry about who is reading it, but sometimes I think I worry too much. For instance, when I realized that an administrator knew about my blog, I went back to a post about replacing a boob light and got rid of all the boob references. Do you ever feel this pressure or have similar worries? Any tips for filtering yourself but still being you?

  12. Lily says

    Love your blog! I get so much inspiration for projects from it! I’m thinking about becoming a teacher (I love working with kids, but I don’t know if I want to be in a classroom or not). I have a question about how you got your job, which sounds so interesting. Happy blog anniversary!

  13. Patricia says

    Hi! I have been following you/your blog for a few months now and I absolutely LOVE it! You help bring out my creative genious! lol.. My question is “Do you help out your blog followers with projects they are working on by giving advice?” The reason I ask is because I am working on my new computer/office/work/craft space and would like some input on what I might could do to liven it up a little. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!!!!

  14. says

    Happy Blog Anniversary!!! I love following your blog even though I haven’t commented in quite a while. I do follow you on Instagram too. :)
    I ‘m looking forward to you answering the questions above! I think everyone covered everything so no new questions here. :)

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