Hey Girl Link Up Announcement

You probably live under a rock if you haven’t seen all the Ryan Gosling ‘Hey girl’ photos all over Pinterest and blogland.  Well, in honor of Valentine’s Day and the hey girl mania, some other bloggers and I have banned together to host a fun link party on Thursday, Feb. 7th.

hey_girl_link_party (1)

How it’ll work:  Select your favorite photos of your man and give them some hey girl flavor. It can be something he’s actually said, or something you dream of hearing him say.

Bloggers: Share your hey girl photos on your blog.

Non-bloggers: Create your hey girl photos.  Then upload them to Pinterest, Flickr, etc., and come back here to add them to the party.

All the single people:  This party is for you too!  Use a photo of your celeb crush, pet, candy bar, etc.

Co-hosts: I’m co-hosting with some amazing and hilarious bloggers. You can add your link to any of our pages on Feb. 7th and it’ll be hosted across all five of our sites.

Kelly at View Along the Way
Michelle at Decor and the Dog
Ashley at Domestic Imperfection
Bliss at Bliss Ranch

Need some inspiration?  Visit the Hey Girl Pinterest board to see examples.

The link party opens Thursday, Feb. 7 and closes Wednesday, Feb. 13.

I can’t wait to see you all your hey girl photos!


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