HTC One X+ Smartphone Giveaway

Recently, I was asked to team up with HTC for Troop One X.  I was sent one of their newest smartphones, the HTC One X+.  And I’m a big fan.  It has a ton of awesome features, including Beats Audio, a panoramic camera feature, and 64 GB of internal storage.

htc one x

I have some great news, I have an HTC One X+ to give away to one lucky reader!  Hurry, the contest ends on Feb. 1st!

Winner will receive an HTC One X+ optimized for AT&T (service is not included).
One winner will be selected randomly at the conclusion of the giveaway.

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What would you do with a new HTC One X+?


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  1. take pictures

  2. I would totally enjoy the fact that I had a phone that didn’t randomly shut off! I have an HTC that I absolutely adore, but I got it from a friend who had been using it for a few years before. It’s definitely seen better days! But I still LOVE it!!!
    Kayleigh recently posted..100th Follower GiveawayMy Profile

  3. I’d call people. Oh wait, you don’t use phones for that stuff.
    michelle@decorandthedog recently posted..Favorite Paint Colors of DIY BloggersMy Profile

  4. I just bought this same phone! I love it. If I won I’d give it to my hubby, who could really use a phone upgrade.

  5. I would love to have a “grown up” phone. I would use the awesome camera to takes pictures of my cutie and instantly upload them.

  6. Leanne Haken says:

    I just got a new phone, but my hubby is ready for an upgrade. I’d definitely be giving it to him!

  7. kristen lila says:

    Would give to the hubs….. its a perfect fit for a smartphobe andeoid so he xud use to take pics and vids!

  8. Use it for my business- finally starting my dream of going into real estate. :-)

  9. i really hope i win this i never win anything lol

  10. My husband has an HTC phone right now that desperately needs to be upgraded (he can only make/receive calls if it’s on speakerphone!) and this would be perfect!

  11. I would be taking even more Instagram photos :)
    mandy @ this girl’s life recently posted..{playing dress up}My Profile

  12. WOW!! This phone looks awesome! I had an HTC and dropped it in some water…can you guess where the water was that I dropped it in? It wasn’t the sink or the bathtub…LOL!! Anyway, when I went to get a new phone I wasn’t due for an upgrade yet and they considered the new HTC an upgrade so, I got a phone I really didn’t like. I’m used to it now but would LOVE to have the new HTC!!! If I won, I would use my new phone to organize my life better…(calendar), take tons of pics, play games and probably text a lot of people…it’s sad that we don’t call anyone anymore…lol. I would probably give my phone to my son. I think he’s ready for the responsibility of a new phone now. Anyway, thanks bunches for the chance to win. I really enjoy reading your blog, thanks for the great info!!

  13. I’ve been eyeing this phone for some time. Would love to win! My iPhone broke and I’m currently borrowing my aunts phone. Would love to be able to give it back to her!! :)

  14. Jillian Denmark says:

    I would LOVE this, my phone is literally dying a slow death!!!

  15. Tracie Wyckoff says:

    I would love this phone. It’s horrible that my kids have samrter phones then mom.

  16. Sadie Hahn says:

    I love HTC! I would love to be able to upgrade to a better one!

  17. Krista Hansen says:

    I would love to join the smartphone club!

  18. I would love a new Htc phone for my husband who’s phone is slowly dying! I would also take advantage of taking photos!

  19. I would happily replace my 1995 flip phone! I haven’t broken into the new century yet, but I think it’s about time (:
    Danielle recently posted..Healthy Fettuccine Alfredo with BroccoliMy Profile

  20. Kathryn Campbell says:

    I would love to win a “fancy” phone!
    To me, “fancy” = smartphones : )

  21. My “freebie” phone has no memory…I’m constantly having to delete apps, pics, and text messages. I would LOVE a phone that didn’t require that!!!

  22. This phone would actually take me into the 21st century!

  23. It seems my daughter has my phone more than me, playing games or watching Netflix…so I would LOVE to have another smartphone on hand without having to ask my daughter for mine! :)
    Cheryl Hutcherson recently posted..Oh, Happy Day LayoutMy Profile

  24. I’d love for my fiance to be able to replace his phone that is at the end of it’s life!

  25. wow, there is amazing giveaway. i hope i can get it.

  26. I would use it for talking. I’m pretty cool like that.
    Rachel recently posted..My Answers to Your Crochet QuestionsMy Profile

  27. I’ll give it to my mother
    muklis tri haryanto recently posted..x factor indonesiaMy Profile

  28. I would replace my old smartphone, that I must say is not as smart as it was when I bought it a few years ago. But it has been a great phone.

  29. Woah! This is a pretty kick @$$ giveaway Chelsea! Way to go!
    Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication recently posted..The Black HoleMy Profile

  30. Deborah Rapose says:

    I would throw away my old pay as you go phone…. I would love to finally have a smart phone!!!

  31. Would love to have a phone that actually took decent pictures

  32. I would love one of the phones, mine is on the outs.

  33. phone upgrade, really?! sign me up!

  34. I currently have an older-than-dirt flip-top prepaid cell that is falling apart..I would love to have a contract phone that looks nice! Thanks so much! :)

  35. Would love to have this phone. I need to replace my phone. It keeps freezing up =/
    Kristin @ Little Corbin Hill recently posted..Resolutions in Motion ROUND TWOMy Profile

  36. I’m still living in the dark ages without a data plan… perhaps this could change that?

  37. I would give it to my husband it’s his birthday this weekend and he is in need of a new phone! :)

  38. My husband desperately needs a new phone. This would be a perfect birthday present for him! I hope I win!!!

  39. I would surf the web, make phone calls and take pcitures

  40. Anne Marie says:

    I would do everything – use the internet, make phone calls, use the camera but most of all have fun!!

  41. Would love to surf pinterest and take photos of inspirations!

  42. In desperate need of a new phone, this would be a message from above :)
    Michelle Rotter recently posted..Handmade Towel Bar RackMy Profile

  43. I’d take a lot of photos!

  44. I would give this phone to my mother. She would love a new smart phone.

  45. Pictures pictures pictures…and then I would text them to everyone I know:)

  46. I would give it to my mom. She needs a new phone like yesterday!! : )
    Laura recently posted..Emerald + Pave Giveaway!My Profile

  47. It sounds like the phone would be able to keep me organized with working, keeping up with the house/friends/family, and my toddler!

  48. Carly McCarthy says:

    I’m not positive what I would do with it! I have an AT&T smart phone that’s only a year old, but not as nice as this one. My boyfriend has a pretty crappy AT&T phone. He could definitely use the upgrade! :)

  49. I’d probably use it to surf Pinterest more than anything else, LOL!
    Jennifer recently posted..Once a Month Grocery Shopping (Part 1)My Profile

  50. barbara n says:

    I would love to have a smart phone. My current cell phone is old and out of date!

  51. Stephanie B. says:

    I would probably dance with it because I’d be filled with so much joy that I could get rid of my old, dying phone that is no longer compatible with my phone charger (yes, a problem)!

  52. I would use it to take pictures of my DIY projects and write blog posts from the phone!
    Candice recently posted..Choosing Color {Just say no to white}My Profile

  53. I’d be a picture taking fool :)

  54. would update from my iphone 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Audrey Dawkins recently posted..Last long run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My Profile

  55. I have a DROID X that is in dire need of replacing and my contract is just about up with another provider and I need to switch!
    Alison W recently posted..Desk progression with Annie Sloan Chalk PaintMy Profile

  56. Connect to the web and social media on the go!

  57. Take tons of pictures

  58. Ashlee Wells says:

    We love AT&T but I’m not due for an upgrade until November (?!) and my daughter has destroyed my iphone… I would LOVE to win this HTC!

  59. I would go crazy!!! I have a smartphone that is REDICULOUSLY SLOW!!! It’s so frustrating when trying to get online or take pics. I was considering gettiing an Iphone, but if I won, I’d be like forget that!

  60. HAHA use instagram! I don’t have a smart phone at all but that would be a priority!
    Samantha Horseman recently posted..Guest Post: Veronica @ PP&PMy Profile

  61. I would actually make it into this century. Right now I have a go-phone that is totally embarrasing to my teen kids.

  62. Christian says:

    Give it to my husband who is still using his cell phone from 6 years ago!!

  63. I would use it to take pictures of my grandson and granddaughter

  64. Misty Lay says:

    I would give it to my Mom. She is forever complaining about her (older) AT&T phone.
    This one looks awesome!

    Thank you for the great giveaway!

  65. Give it to my 18 year old son. It is his birthday today and he desperately wants a smart phone.

  66. Listen to music with the Beats audio.

  67. I’d give it to my teenage sister. She needs a new phone but can’t afford one.

  68. Melissa Golliday says:

    I would try out the new panoramic camera! It looks amazing!

  69. Take tons of new pictures!!!

  70. Take tons of pics

  71. Call all my family and friends

  72. Use it!!!

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