HTC One X+ Smartphone Giveaway

Recently, I was asked to team up with HTC for Troop One X.  I was sent one of their newest smartphones, the HTC One X+.  And I’m a big fan.  It has a ton of awesome features, including Beats Audio, a panoramic camera feature, and 64 GB of internal storage.

htc one x

I have some great news, I have an HTC One X+ to give away to one lucky reader!  Hurry, the contest ends on Feb. 1st!

Winner will receive an HTC One X+ optimized for AT&T (service is not included).
One winner will be selected randomly at the conclusion of the giveaway.

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What would you do with a new HTC One X+?


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  1. says

    I would totally enjoy the fact that I had a phone that didn’t randomly shut off! I have an HTC that I absolutely adore, but I got it from a friend who had been using it for a few years before. It’s definitely seen better days! But I still LOVE it!!!

  2. Kara says

    I just bought this same phone! I love it. If I won I’d give it to my hubby, who could really use a phone upgrade.

  3. Robin S. says

    I would love to have a “grown up” phone. I would use the awesome camera to takes pictures of my cutie and instantly upload them.

  4. kristen lila says

    Would give to the hubs….. its a perfect fit for a smartphobe andeoid so he xud use to take pics and vids!

  5. says

    My husband has an HTC phone right now that desperately needs to be upgraded (he can only make/receive calls if it’s on speakerphone!) and this would be perfect!

  6. says

    WOW!! This phone looks awesome! I had an HTC and dropped it in some water…can you guess where the water was that I dropped it in? It wasn’t the sink or the bathtub…LOL!! Anyway, when I went to get a new phone I wasn’t due for an upgrade yet and they considered the new HTC an upgrade so, I got a phone I really didn’t like. I’m used to it now but would LOVE to have the new HTC!!! If I won, I would use my new phone to organize my life better…(calendar), take tons of pics, play games and probably text a lot of people…it’s sad that we don’t call anyone anymore…lol. I would probably give my phone to my son. I think he’s ready for the responsibility of a new phone now. Anyway, thanks bunches for the chance to win. I really enjoy reading your blog, thanks for the great info!!

  7. Casey says

    I’ve been eyeing this phone for some time. Would love to win! My iPhone broke and I’m currently borrowing my aunts phone. Would love to be able to give it back to her!! :)

  8. Jen says

    I would love a new Htc phone for my husband who’s phone is slowly dying! I would also take advantage of taking photos!

  9. Leila says

    My “freebie” phone has no memory…I’m constantly having to delete apps, pics, and text messages. I would LOVE a phone that didn’t require that!!!

  10. Mylissa says

    I would replace my old smartphone, that I must say is not as smart as it was when I bought it a few years ago. But it has been a great phone.

  11. Jen says

    I currently have an older-than-dirt flip-top prepaid cell that is falling apart..I would love to have a contract phone that looks nice! Thanks so much! :)

  12. MeaganS says

    It sounds like the phone would be able to keep me organized with working, keeping up with the house/friends/family, and my toddler!

  13. Carly McCarthy says

    I’m not positive what I would do with it! I have an AT&T smart phone that’s only a year old, but not as nice as this one. My boyfriend has a pretty crappy AT&T phone. He could definitely use the upgrade! :)

  14. Stephanie B. says

    I would probably dance with it because I’d be filled with so much joy that I could get rid of my old, dying phone that is no longer compatible with my phone charger (yes, a problem)!

  15. Ashlee Wells says

    We love AT&T but I’m not due for an upgrade until November (?!) and my daughter has destroyed my iphone… I would LOVE to win this HTC!

  16. says

    I would go crazy!!! I have a smartphone that is REDICULOUSLY SLOW!!! It’s so frustrating when trying to get online or take pics. I was considering gettiing an Iphone, but if I won, I’d be like forget that!

  17. Deb Reed says

    I would actually make it into this century. Right now I have a go-phone that is totally embarrasing to my teen kids.

  18. Misty Lay says

    I would give it to my Mom. She is forever complaining about her (older) AT&T phone.
    This one looks awesome!

    Thank you for the great giveaway!

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