Hi friends!  I wanted to let you know that I’m having my publishing platform switched from Blogger to WordPress today/tonight.  So if the blog goes down or something looks funny, know that it’s only temporary.  

If you subscribe through Feedburner or email via Feedburner you’ll be good to go when it comes to receiving new blog updates.  If you follow via GFC, you may want to subscribe via Feedburner just to be sure that you keep receiving updates (click here).

Something else going along with this switcheroo is my URL.  I’ve decided to say goodbye to the hyphen in the URL and switch to  I would love to be but that would cost me $350 that I don’t have.  If you go to you’ll be redirected to  So no worries in that department, I just thought I’d inform ya.
I’m crossing all my fingers and toes that this switch goes smoothly, and you guys won’t notice a thing.


  1. says

    Good luck with the switch! Are you doing it yourself? I’ve thought about taking a WordPress class so I can switch ’cause I’m really cheap and don’t want to pay someone. 😉 Kind of scary though!

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